My Maine Heritage - Oct 2020 - Person Sheet
My Maine Heritage - Oct 2020 - Person Sheet
NameKezia Keziah Caswell
Birth Date14 Apr 1775
Birth PlaceMiddleborough, Plymouth Co., MA
Death Dateabt 1825 Age: 49
Death PlacePlt #2, Oxford Co., ME
MotherTabitha Keith (1748-1792)
Misc. Notes
Keziah Caswell of Middleborough, MA, m. Darius Andrews 24 Dec 1793. Marriage record is easy to Google. Date works with Peres’ birth date of 1797.

Keziah has a brother named Solomon Caswell; named one of her sons Salmon/Solomon.

Update 27 Sept. 2014:
Bk. 4 pg. 275 of Oxford County Deeds records a sale of land between Darius Andrews and Simeon Walton that is witnessed by Keziah Andrews, the first record of Darius and Keziah being together in Paris, Maine. The date recorded was 19 Jun 1809. See picture in Multimedia. This confirms that this is the same family from the Mass. marriage record.

It is generally understood that Keziah is the mother of Darius’ youngest son Almon, born in 1816.

Keziah must have died between 1816 and 1826 if we accept Darius’s next marriage is to Betsey Latherby/Larrabee in 1826/1827.

I have found no record of her death in the Paris or Greenwood records, nor have I found any burial record or tombstone. According to land deeds, Keziah should have been living in Plantation No. 2 after 1817.

It’s possible she was buried in a family cemetery or in the Redding cemetery, perhaps with a fieldstone marker that has now disappeared.
Birth Dateabt 1771
Birth PlaceTaunton, Bristol Co., MA
Death Datebef 1847 Age: 76
Death PlaceSumner, Oxford Co., ME
Memoalt loc: Franklin Plt., Oxford Co., ME
FatherEbenezer Andrews Jr. (~1750-)
Misc. Notes
There is a record of Darius Andrews m. Keziah Caswell 24 Dec 1793 in Middleboro, MA. This would fit with Peres Andrews’s (2) birthdate of 1797.

1800 USC: There’s an possible Darius sighting in Sharon, Norfolk Co., MA (25 miles from Middleborough and 25 miles from Boston). Household would work if Darius and Keziah had two male children before Peres:

White males under 10 = 3 — this would be Peres (b. 1797) and two unknown male children
While males 26-44 = 1 — this would be Darius (b. 1771) ae 29
White females 16-25 = 1 — this would be Keziah (b. 1775) ae 25
Household members under 16 = 3
Houseshold members over 25 = 1
Household total = 5

Peres lists his father (and mother) as being born in Mass on both 1860 and 1880 USC.

Keziah Caswell has a brother Salmon, and Darius and Keziah named a son Salmon/Salomon.

Bk 48, pg 261 of Cumberland County Deeds records a sale dated 18 Feb 1806 between Jacob Gurney of Hebron, Cumberland Co., selling for $100 to Darius Andrews of Paris, Cumberland Co. the easterly half of the 100 acre lot no. 22 in the 9th range in Paris.

Bk 4 pg. 123 of Oxford County Deeds records a mortgage between Darius Andrews and Abiezer Andrews: Know all men by these presents, that I, Darius Andrews of Paris, in the county of Oxford vis. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Yeoman, in consideration of the sum of sixty-seven dollars and eighty-eight cents paid by Abiezer Andrews of said Paris, Yeoman, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, do hereby give, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Abiezer Andrews his heirs and assigns forever a certain piece or parcel of land situated in said Paris, it being the easterly half of lot numbered twenty-two in the ninth range of lots in said town, containing fifty acres, be the same more or less....etc. 3 Feb 1809; paid 22 Jun 1809.

Bk. 4 pg. 275 of Oxford County Deeds records a sale of land between Darius Andrews and Simeon Walton that is witnessed by Keziah Andrews, the first record of Darius and Keziah being together in Paris, Maine. The date recorded was 19 Jun 1809. See picture in Multimedia. This confirms that this is the same family from the Mass. marriage record. Also confirms that Keziah was living and in Paris through Jun 1809.

USC for Paris for 1810 is lost.

[Note: A Darius Andrews is listed on the 1810 USC for Scarborough, ME, and it would seem that this should be a different person; however, there are a number of Larrabee and Briggs families in Scarborough, which seem to have connections to the Andrews line.
Darius Andrews on the 1810 Scarborough census=
1 male 10-15
2 males 16-25
1 female 16-25
1 female 45 and older
This would imply that Darius is 25 (b. 1785) or younger and head of the household; for my Darius, he would be nearly 40.]

Not taxed in Paris in 1798, as David, Edward, and Abiezer Andrews were.

From old Paris records in 1812: “Voted to abate the following persons’ taxes in the list of taxes committed to Benjamin Chesley to collect for the year 1810”: Darius Andrews abated by $2.65.

In Lapham’s History of Paris, ME, the tax list for 1816 is given in full and lists the following pertinent people:

John Andrews
Darius Andrews
David Andrews
Abiezer Andrews
Edward Andrews

So documents seem to support that Darius was in Paris between 1805 and 1816.

In the “old Greenwood records,” part of the Woodstock vital records CD, which I purchased from Picton Press, a document lists the following:

Darius Andrews son of _____________ m. ______________
Came to No. 2
s(ettled) on L(ot) 13....before 1817

Perez  b   m
Filena b m. 1st Oliver Canwell, 2nd John Redding
Almon b m. Mary J Lord
2nd Widow Damon
Mercy  b   m. Stephen P Wing

This document lists Darius as Perez's father. This also links the other Andrews children here to both Perez/Peres and to Darius--again, this was long assumed but there was no documentation. Note: according to a note from the town clerk in the records, the Greenwood records burned in the early years of the 20th century and these “records” are reconstructed. But why are these people listed in the Greenwood records? Are there [also] Plantation No. 2 records somewhere? Were these given over to Greenwood and were they subsequently lost in the early 20th-century fire?

How much to trust this “record”? No dates?

Note that the list of Darius’ children does not include Freeland Q Andrews, who was born in 1844 [or presumptive daughter Harriet, born 1832]. Undoubtedly these lists were being reconstructed from memory (but where did the lot information come from? The old deeds?).

Bk 14 pg 275-6
Ezekiel Thompson of Lisbon sells to Darius Andrews of No. 2 in Oxford Co. for $133 a parcel of land in No. 2, Oxford Co. as indicated: Beginning on a course north eighty degrees east & four hundred rods from the Gorham Academy lands & on a course North [two? ten?] degrees west & one hundred and sixty rods from the line of the Town of Sumner. Thence running north [two? ten?] degrees west one hundred and sixty rods. Thence north eighty degrees east one hundred rods. Thence south ten degrees west one hundred sixty rods. Thence south eighty degrees west one hundred rods to the first mentioned bounds it being lot called No. thirteen the same to contain one hundred acres more or less. 27 Dec 1817.

This seems to be the deed for the land mentioned in the old Greenwood records. Note that Darius is already listed as being from No. 2.

Bk. 14 pg 283 appears that Darius sells this land back to Ezekiel Thompson for the same $133.

In old Paris records for 1818, “voted to abate the following taxes presented by Benjamin Chesley: Darius Andrews tax $5.73.” These tax abatements might represent pro-rations for partial year residence in the town. This would suggest an arrival around 1809 and departure in 1817.

From Biographical Review: This Volume Contains Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Oxford and Franklin Counties, Maine. Biographical Review Publishing Company: Boston, 1897, 546.

“Thomas Jefferson Andrews, one of the largest fruit-growers in Sumner, Oxford County, was born on his farm, August 12, 1836, son of Peres and Abigail (Keen) Andrews. Peres, who was born in Boston, Mass., son of Darius Andrews, settled on this farm about the year
1810.“ This date is probably more like 1817 according to the land deeds, but if this was written when Jeff Andrews was alive, it’s no surprise he may have been off a bit with his grandfather’s dates.

Peres Andrews (2) m. Abigail Keen(e) in March 1820. Peres is listed as being from “No. 2 or Usher’s Grant.”

Darius Andrews is listed on the 1820 USC in “No. II (2) South of Rumford”:
Free white males under 10 = 1 (Almon[d]=6); free white males 16-25=2 (Salmon & Peres); white males 45+=1 (Darius); females 10-15=2 (Philena and who? Serena would be 20 as would Peres’ wife Abigail); females 45+=1 (Keziah) total = 7.

Keziah died abt 1825. I have found no record of her death, nor have I found any burial record or tombstone, but it seems that she should have died in No. 2.

Note: Old maps of Oxford County list No. 2, which was ultimately split into Milton Plantation and Franklin Plantation. The southwest corner of No. 2, which became Franklin Plantation, corresponds exactly to the area of Sumner we recognize today as the Redding area. Franklin Plantation was organized in 1840. lists:
Darius Andrews m. 25 Nov 1826 Betsey Lartherby in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.
Darius Andrews m. 24 Mar 1827 Betsey Lathesby in Windsor, Kennebec, ME.
These are both supposedly from the “Maine, Marriages, 1771-1907” file. Surname could have been Larrabee; there are no Larrabees, Latherbys or Lathesbys in Windsor or Gardiner in 1820 or 1830.

Gardiner Marriages, p. 196 (from NEHGS)
“Darius, of Sumner and Betsey Lartherby, int. 25 Nov. 1826.” Interesting that he’s actually listed as being “of Sumner.” This lends some credence to the marriage.

I haven’t been able to confirm this marriage to Betsey. I didn’t find it listed in the Sumner vital records, but some of the scans are pretty poor. [Again: where are the old No. 2 records?]

I have not found Darius Andrews anywhere on the 1830 USC. Perhaps he was living with relatives at this time, or otherwise was not counted. Peres (listed as Perez Andrews, Jr.) and Salmon are listed in No. 2 but Darius is not counted among their families according to age ranges.

[Note: there are several Caswell families in nearby Livermore at the time of the 1830 USC, but it is unlikely that Darius would have been with them if Keziah was deceased and Darius remarried by 1830. Could he have been somewhere with the Larrabees?]

In Rumford town records, Derius [sic] Andrews records intention to marry “Miss” Dolly Dammon 14 Sep 1832; Dolly is the mother of Darius’ youngest daughter Mercy, who was born 1833/1835. This is also the “Widow Damon” listed in the “old Greenwood records” that has been misread as Almon Andrews’ second wife (Almon Andrews m. Mary J Lord and died 1886; Mary died 1906).

Darius is listed on the 1837 census for Township No. 2 as living in the next house to "Paris" and other related Andrewses; there is a young child in the household, who could/should be Mercy. [Note that Perez and Darius did not share a house.]

This is the last known record for Darius. I have not found Darius on the 1840 census. His last child, Freeland Q Andrews, was born in 1844.

I have not been able to find a death record, burial record or tombstone for Darius. Could he be buried (perhaps with a fieldstone marker) in the Redding Rd. cemetery? Are there any church/burial records for Sumner, Franklin Plantation, or No. 2?

Could Darius be a brother of Perez 1 of Poland/Buckfield/Minot?

Note: Naomi Briggs, David’s wife and possible connection to Darius, had a brother named Peres/Paris Briggs b. 27 Feb 1737.

NOTE: I found a death certificate on for a woman named Harriet A Andrews Demeritt (5 Jul 1832 - 15 Sep 1912) who lists her parents as John Andrews of “Maine” and Dolly Moore of Buckfield, ME. This leads to further discussion of whether John Andrews and Darius Andrews may have been the same person, or whether Darius also went by the name John. This name could also be a simple error of memory (see below).

Per Greg Childs, via email, 15 June 2014:

“Dear Kathrine,

I'm doing genealogical research on my family and have been spending a bit of time looking at the work you've done on the Andrews family in Oxford County, ME. I've been trying to correctly identify and source the parents of Mercy Andrews who married Stephen Prescott Wing in Franklin Plantation in 1851, and your page on the family has been extremely helpful.

I just wanted to add a few elements to your excellent research which I hope might be helpful/interesting to you: I'm going through the Oxford County court records available at in a very long and tedious quest for some of my brick walls, and I came across the divorce case of Samuel and Dolly (Moore) Dammon. The divorce was granted to Samuel Dammon on the grounds of adultery: Dolly Dammon had apparently committed adultery in December 1828 with an unnamed man "at a place called Number Two". This makes me wonder if her relationship with Darius Andrews hadn't already begun before her marriage to Samuel Dammon ended... The case is at page 296 of the Oxford County Supreme Judicial Court records, vol. 1 (Sep 1821-May 1836):,174554702,175204801

At any rate, I think it's very possible that the Harriet A. (Andrews) Demeritt who died in 1912 could have been a daughter of Darius and Dorothy (Moore) (Dammon) Andrews, who were married in 1832 and didn't have Mercy B. (Andrews) Wing until 15 May 1835. The name "John Andrews", instead of "Darius Andrews" on her death certificate could simply have been an error; Darius had been dead for over 60 years after all, so the memory of the person giving the information to the clerk might have been blurred.

Update 29 Sep 2014:
Found a family record online that posits that Darius was the son of Josiah Andrews, Jr. and Mary Padelford Carpenter: . He is noted as being “of Sharon, Mass., and Paris, Maine.” Tantalizing. Can I verify??

Update 30 Sep 2014:
This would seem to be proof that Josiah Andrews (b. 1746 d. 1778) & Mary Padelford (1749-1836) were NOT parents of Darius: 

Guardianship papers for 4 minors under the age of 14 years, children “of Josiah Andrews Late of sd Taunton”–Otis, Hannah, Josiah, and Hiram–appoint Mary Andrews of Taunton as their guardian (Bristol Co., Mass., Prob. Rec. 129:325-328, FHL m/fm 0461902). On (but might not be able to be found again…)

Otis Andrews (1770 - 1844)
Hannah (1771-1853)
Josiah (1775-1858)
Hiram (1773 -  )
[Infant 1778 - 1778]

This doc only mentions Otis, but one presumes that the other docs are somewhere. No mention of Darius…

An Andrews family is listed in a court record (Plymouth Court Records, 1686-1859) from NEHGS:

“Constable Israel Perry received warrant from selectmen Nathaniel Sylvester, Lemuel Curtis, and Joseph Cushing to warn Samuel Clay, “who came last from Boston in September last,” Samuel Bates, his wife Mercy and their children Mercy, Lemuel, and Eunice, “who came last from Pembroke in April last,” Ebenezer Andrews, his wife Faith and Ebenezer Andrews, Jr., and his wife Sarah and their children Darius, Joshua, and Seth, “who came last from the town of Taunton....April last,” Sarah Waterman and her children James and Calvin, “who came last from Scituate or Halifax...about August last,” Calvin Curtis and his apprentice Benjamin Collamer, “who came last from Scituate in August last or much about the time and reside in the house that was Gideon Stetson’s,” Nehemiah Palmer, his wife Abigail and their chidlren Marlborough and Elijah, “who came last from Scituate in January last and reside in the hosue which belongs to Lemuel Curtis,” John Chapman, his wife Ruth and their children Ruth, John, and Sarah, “who came last from Pembroke in March last,” to depart. Perry reported he warned all of the above persons to depart, “except Jacob Gurney and Elizabeth his wife who I did not see nor warn out,” 1 July 1773.

Could this be my Darius Andrews? This would make him a nephew to David Andrews who married Naomi Briggs. He’d be pretty young, though; esp. if this is the same Darius who married Keziah Caswell in 1793.

Since this is the first record I have seen of a Darius Andrews with a father in the correct timeframe, I am going to connect them at least as a placeholder.

Possible theory: considering the date spread of Ebenezer Jr.’s children, perhaps he had a wife before Sarah Eliot (m. 1770) who would have been the mother of other children (perhaps including Perez (2) b. abt 1769).

In Harold C. Perhams’s Maine Families, Book Three: Hopkins, Faunce, Murch, Canwell, Swift, Watson, Slattery (self published, 1974), Philena Andrews, 2nd wife to John Reading, is listed as the daughter of “John Andrews,” although it is well evidenced that Peres and Philena were siblings.

“John Andrews” is also referenced in the article “The Passing of Redding, Maine,” but the author must instead mean either Darius or Peres Andrews as the person who planted the apple orchards. If research was done, where does the name “John Andrews” come from?

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lucille Hodsdon <>
Subject: Re: Andrews burials in Minot
Date: June 23, 2014 at 4:55:30 PM EDT
To: "Kathrine C. Aydelott" <>

Hi Kathrine:
These are the Andrews that I have in the Minot Death & Cemeteries Book.
Also attach what little I have on the Andrews Family.
Almon Andrews        1801-1808    s/o Persis [Perez] & Sarah Andrews    (no cem)

first item about Almon Andrews is of some interest and leads in other, tantalizing directions. Almon is the son of Perez Andrews (b. 1769). I didn’t have his death date: 1808 is early, and he died at only 7 yrs old.  Perez’s (b. 1769) son Marshall (of the lawsuit/land sale) named a son Almon in 1835. 

But importantly, for our purposes, Darius Andrews named a son Almon, b. 1816, the next son he had after Almon’s 1808 death. And Darius’s son Salmon/Salomon named a son Almon, also in 1835. Sure makes you wonder…

From Maine Register or State Year-book and Legislative Manual, 1887 (Google Books):
“Franklin Plantation: Fourteen miles N. of Paris. Formerly No. 2. Composed of Buxton, Milton Academy, and Bartlett grants. First clearing made in 1816. First settlement, 1820; general settlement 1830. Early settlers were from Sumner, Wayne, and Livermore. Plantation organized in 1841.”

From A Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1881 (Google Books):
“Franklin Plantation, in Oxford County, lies 14 miles north of Paris. Its size is about 5 miles long by 2 1/2 wide. There is a considerable mountain in the southern part, and three in the north-western. In the extreme north-western angle is Mount Zircon, somewhat noted for the mineral spring situated on its western slope in Milton Plantation. A stream in the southern part affords several small water-powers, upon which are a shingle-mill and a saw-mill for long and short lumber. There are said to be valuable deposits of gold and silver about the mountains.

“This plantation was formerly No. 2, and was composed of the Buxton, Milton Academy and Bartlett grants…The only church is that of the Advents. The number of public schoolhouses is three, having a value of $300.”

No death notice found in Oxford Democrat in 1844-1847 (July 2017).

Families listed in 1820 USC for “No. II South of Rumford” (enumerated 7 Aug 1820)
Andrews, Darius
Cochran, Robert
Cob[b], Ebenezer
Doe, Stephen
Door, Silas
Door, Ebenezer
Hall, Lot
Harmon, Samuel
Lovejoy, Hezekiah

Marriage record in Middleborough, Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988; image 465/2504,, noted as being Book 4, page 183. This listing is right above that of Jedediah Andrews and Philena Farrington, listed as being in Book 4, page 182. Other Andrewses on this list: Gideon m. Olive Hooper, 29 Aug 1794 and Nathaniel Andrews, Jr. m. Ruth Holmes, 3 Sep 1795. Further down this list, Abial Andrews m. Sarah Cain, 8 Jul 1813; Nathaniel Andrews m. Polly Gage, 29 Oct 1807.
Marr Date24 Dec 1793
Marr PlaceMiddleborough, Plymouth Co., MA
Marr Memoint. 3 Nov 1793; pub. by Cyrus Keith
Misc. Notes
Intentions date from Middleboro VR, vol. 2, pg 121. NEHGS. “…also Mr. Darias [sic] Andrews of Taunton, & Miss Keziah Caswell of Middleboro.”

Marriage published in same, pg. 160.
ChildrenPeres Perez (~1797-1889)
 Salmon Salamon Solomon (~1804->1870)
 Serena x (~1810-<1830)
 Almon (1816-1886)
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