Poor Photographs
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Poor Photographs

My mother's Poor family was quite a mystery last year. Her great-grandfather's name was lost to us, and with it, the rest of her Poor lineage. With the generous help of Bob Spidell, as well as his indispensible Andover, Maine web site, this lineage has been restored.

In August 2001, Mom and I traveled to Andover for Olde Home Days, where we were able not only to meet Mr. Spidell, along with his wife and brother, but to visit the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Will Chandler, who now own the Merrill/Poor house, and that of Steve and Becky Hudspeth, who own the Poor/Ellis Homestead. In addition, we stopped at Woodlawn Cemetery in Andover, and documented dozens of no-longer misplaced Poor relations. Thanks again to all those who helped us reclaim our heritage.

Click here for a page of pictures of the beautiful Poor-Merrill house.

Where more than one photo in a family exists, names in bold represent my direct line.

Click on a name to take you to a page of photographs.

Daniel Poor
Daniel Poor
Samuel Poor

Ebenezer Poor Benjamin Poor

Ebenezer x PoorBetsey PoorSusan x PoorLydia x PoorSusannah PoorDr. Ebenezer PoorSylvanus PoorWilliam x PoorDolly PoorPersis PoorWilliam PoorPhebe Varnum Poor

Laura PoorSylvanus PoorJohn Alfred PoorElbridge PoorHenry Varnum PoorMary Palmer x PoorMartha Laurens Poor

Hellen Maria PoorElbridge Scott PoorFrederick Gay x PoorHenry Laurens PoorAlfred James Poor

Susan A. PoorEstella C. PoorArthur PoorMyra L. Poor

Florence Irene PoorInfant xStanley Henry PoorJohn PoorDoris "Dot" PoorMargery Poor

Nancy Elaine Buck
Steven Frank Buck

Kathrine Ann Cole
Charles Douglas Cole

There are so many Poors, Merrills, and other interesting stones in Andover's Woodlawn Cemetery, that I thought I would add a page of other significant photos. Click here for a page of Merrill tombstone photographs, as well as a picture of the tombstone of Mollyocket, the Native American who was instrumental in helping the white settlers of Andover.