Henry Laurens Poor
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Henry Laurens Poor

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When I began my genealogical research in earnest, in July 2000, Henry Laurens Poor's name was lost to us. I could only trace my Poor heritage back to his son Arthur.

I acquired a copy of Arthur's marriage certificate, and that coupled with his birth record listed on Bob Spidell's indispensible Andover, Maine web site, established Arthur's father's name as Henry L. Poor. The problem was that Henry L's birthplace was listed as Island Pond, Vermont. This led to several weeks of searching in Vermont records when all the answers I needed were already known to me.

When I discovered that Cyprian Cole's daughter Lovicy Cole married Sylvanus Poor II, I was once again brought back to the Andover site to research Poors. I was finally rewarded with Henry Laurens' name, and the rest of the Poors emerged out of the genealogical fog.

Ironically, my grandfather, Clifton Buck, recently showed me a picture of this tombstone that he and my grandmother, Florence Irene Poor Buck, took many years ago. How this would have helped me earlier!

Henry Laurens Poor and Annie C. Thomas
Henry L. Poor
his wife Annie C. Thomas
Woodlawn Cemetery
Andover, Maine

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