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My Maine Heritage: A Genealogy Web

This site traces my New England heritage back 400 years through an ever-increasing number of surnames.

Please understand that this is my best understanding of my ancestry. There are errors of research and undoubtedly of transcription; moreover, some errors intentionally silently serve as place-holders until I can find better information. Further, research continues to bring new information to light that corrects long-standing errors in well-known sources.

Use this information freely as a baseline for your own research, but this site should be viewed as a collection of leads, *not* as definitive, professional genealogical research.

I do what I call "extended genealogy": I work to connect my major lines--and particularly the women, who have so often been overlooked--to the other families who settled primarily in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts in the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Along the way I have linked hundreds of famous people, including many famous Mainers to my genealogical "web," so you can find folks like Sarah Orne Jewett, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Stephen King, to name a few, if you poke around enough (or use these links: SOJ, HWL, SEK). Indeed, we're all, somehow, connected.

Each of the major surname links below will take you to a page where you can access genealogical information, resources, and tombstone and other photographs related to that line. "Affiliated lines" will connect you directly to a genealogical index page in a new window.

As always and again, genealogical information found on-line should be treated as a secondary source until independently verified by documentary evidence.

Cole Buck Webster Poor Andrews Melanson

Affiliated lines: Aydelott, Bowden, Burdin, Farnham, Hanson, Holman, Perham, Shurtleff, Spofford, St. Pierre, Tufts, Wentworth, Wing, Wright.

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The April 2022 update adds more than 3000 new names, bringing the database total up to over 227,000 individuals, and, as always, works to correct earlier information.

Since the November update, I'm happy to report that my genealogical work has been accepted (and affirmed), and I've been admitted as a member to both the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) for my descent from Eleazer Cole, as well as to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants for my descent from Isaac Allerton.

Other recent efforts have consisted of extending treetops and re-evaluating earlier work, through which I have corrected several long-standing errors.

For example, in the November 2021 update, in reviewing some early work, I discovered a long-standing problem with my Hanson, line. Correcting Caroline F. Hanson's parentage, and tracing her line back from Fairfield, ME, to Kingston, NH, to Epping, NH, to Dover, NH, also revealed that the Hansons were enslavers in the 1700s. Indeed, there is a long history of slavery in early New Hampshire that is often overlooked or forgotten. Please correct your own work if you based your research on mine. And please see the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire for more information about the lives of both free and enslaved Black people in early New Hampshire. I have also added Hanson to the list of Affiliated Lines.

I continue to standardize place names and to include county names in the place fields (I'm still working on this--please be patient!), and I continue to standardize my Julian/Gregorian calendar dates: for split dates (e.g. 1714/15) I am entering the later date (e.g. 1715) reasoning that an individual would be born *by* that date regardless of calendar used. Sorry if this bothers professionals and other purists. I'm always amazed when I find dates fields that need changing from the year 2000 or thereabouts.

I do collect names rather addictively. The cluster genealogy and crowdsourced collective-intelligence gathering originated years ago with my Andrews research, and it continues. I do try to be careful and look not only for consensus but for corrections and new information.

If you have information that supports, adds to, or refutes information found here, I would be happy to hear from you! I update the website at least once a year.



My site has wildly outgrown the free search service provided by the fine folks at FreeFind, to the point that it isn't reasonable to include their search box on my site any longer.

Copy and paste the following search string, adding your own search terms without the brackets, into Google or your favorite search engine for optimal searching:

site: [surname] [firstname]

There's a space after the ~megen/ and spaces between search terms. Good luck!


I currently have over 227,000 names in my database, and on any given day well over 50% of those individuals are directly related to me in some way. Most pertain to the above surnames as these families resided in New England broadly, or Maine specifically, from the 17th century to the present.

I do *not* have documentation for individuals outside of my Main/e surnames. Please see the surname Resources pages for sources I've used that you might find helpful in your own research.

Information provided by
Kathrine Cole Aydelott, MLIS, PhD

Genealogy Award


This site was created April 18, 2001. I try to update the site once a year (more if the addiction is very bad). Last updated April 2022.