Zebediah Buck III
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Zedediah Buck III

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Many Bucks came to Maine from Massachusetts, including those who founded Buckfield and Bucksport. These Bucks are related to me as well, but more distantly. Zebediah Buck III was the first of my direct line to come to Maine, settling in Fairfield, Somerset County, in time for the 1830 USC. A farmer, and veteran of the War of 1812, Zebediah died at the age of 74 in 1845.

Mom found Zebediah's tombstone in the Emery Hill Cemetery, Fairfield, after quite a search. The cemetery is rather stealthily placed down what appears to be a private driveway. The stone is in the front of the cemetery, and is sinking into the ground. Zebediah's wife, Sarah (Salley) Dutton Marshall, died after him, in 1861. It is uncertain whether she is buried near Zebediah, or whether she's buried near one of her children (she was living with her son Abner at the time of the 1850 USC). No other Buck tombstones are nearby.

Zebediah Buck III
Zebediah Buck III
Emery Hill Cemetery,
Fairfield, Maine

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