wlburcem cemetery

Rangeley, Maine

Take Pleasent St. in Rangeley for about a mile
to a house on the right with a Stone Wishing Well
in the front yard. Cemetery is to right of the house
about 200 yds. from the road.
Good condition with several unmarked graves.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August - 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  Silas Z.  d. 11-10-1905  age 50y 5m 11d
  Roscoe Z., son of Silas Z. & Rose ADAMS
  d. 1-10-1884  age 2y 5m

  R. & Agnes BRACKETT
  Their Children:
  Otis Egon  d. 8-10-1896  age 7m 14d
  Inf. dau.  d. 12-12-1896

  Alfred & Jeley BUBIER
  Lorana, their dau.  d. 11-22-1878  age 4y 10m

  Harland  8-26-1890
  Margaret WILBUR, his wife  6-22-1887 - 10-4-1956

  Zelia  (see Walter V. WILBUR lot)

  Philbrick GILE
  Abbie M., his wife  d. 3-24-1882  age 37y 21d
  Their children:
  Lilla E.  d. 7-14-1879  age 16y 10m 23d
  William H.  d. 7-14-1894  age 22y 3m 3d
  Inf. dau.  d. 3-14-1881

  William  d. 12-20-1883  age 76y 4m 3d
  Sarah, his wife  d. 11-9-1877  age 56y 3m 13d
  William H., their son  d. 4-12-1862  age 16y 4m 13d

  Lelia V., his wife   d. 1-9-1874  age 20y 4m
  Their children:
  Inf son  d. at birth 1873
  Ella P.  d. 1-2-1874  age 1y 8m
  Chandler H., son of Frank H. & Rosa E. PHILBRICK
  d. 4-14-1877  age 1y 3m 14d

  Stephen  d. 11-8-1859  age 73y   (flag)
  Vet. War of 1812

  Abraham & Myra E. ROSS
  Owen L., their son  d. 1-13-1897  age 4m 29d

  Elbridge G.  1820 - 1894
  Sarah W., his wife  1824 - 1921
  Their children:
  George R.  d. 8-29-1857  age 7y 9m
  Thankful A.  d. 8-23-1869  age 17y 5m 28d
  Matilda  d. 8-13-1862  age 5y 5m 21d
  Mary A.  d. 7-13-1862  age 2y 11m
  Inf. son Jodie  d. 11-8-1861

  Josie Wilber  1859 - 1901

  Reubin W.  Co. F 2nd Me. Cav.   (flag)
  Melissa, his wife  d. 11-5-1880  age 36y 9m
  Their Infants  d. 11-26 & 12-10-1880

  Joseph STEWART
  Martha J., his wife  d. 12-25-1880  age 34y 10m

  Dennis b.  1807 - 1890
  Joanna M., his wife  1815 - 1878
  Their sons:
  Alvah  d. 4-14-1873  age 32y
  Stillman  d. 6/2/1873  age 22y

  Dennis  1871 - 1963

  Isaiah  1847 - 1930
  Dora WILBER, his wife  1852 - 1916
  Stillman, their son  d. 1-3-1871  age 7m

  Rufus M.  d. 8-17-1877  age 34y 4m 14d   (flag)
  Co. E 8th Me. Inf.
  Laura A., his wife  5-9-1846 - 12-27-1919

  Dora  (see Isaiah TAYLOR lot)

  Elbridge Gerry  d. 6-18-1921  age 77y 1m 2d
  Rhoda N., his 1st wife  d. 5-16-1874  age 23y 2m 2d
  Delena, his 2nd wife  d. 10-20-1921  age 64y 4m 11d
  Abby R., dau. of E. S. & Rhoda N. WILBER
  d. 1-24-1873  age 1y 3m

  John J.  12-6-1842 - 9-3-1921
  Susan, his wife  1-1-1848 - 4-27-1875

  John W.  d. 5-2-1912  age 94y 10m
  Abigail, his wife  d. 10-7-1891  age 74y
  Their children:
  Abby A.  d. 3-22-1864  age 15y 8m
  Samuel P.  1855 - 1901
  Sarah, Infant  d. age 5d

  R. & Sarah WILBER
  Reuben, Jr., their son  d. 5-14-1846  age 21y 8m

  Reuben W.  1853 - 1937
  Fred E., son of R. W. & Josie WILBER
  d. 7-31-1897  age 16y 6m 22d
  Josie  (see Josie ROSS lot)

  Allan R.  12-16-1889 - 5-29-1919   (flag)
  Pvt. Btry. F. 20 FA 5 Div.
  Vet WW-I at Walferdange, Luxembourg
  Margaret  (see Harland CURTIS lot)

  Walter Vance  3-21-1897 - 2-27-1950   (flag)
  Pvt. 44 Co. 151 Depot Brig.  WW-I
  Zelia Dubois  1908 - 

  Warren  3-1-1895 - 4-7-1970   (flag)
  Pvt. Co. D. 301 Engineers  WW-I
  Verma A., his wife  1905 - 

  Warren S.  4-24-1851 - 2-7-1934
  Clara E., his wife  3-22-1856 - 6-27-1915
  Their children:
  Sarah C.  d. 2-26-1878  age 11m 20d
  C. Della  3-27-1880 - 2-11-1968
  Warren C.  d. 1-31-1883  age 7m 15d
  Georgie I.  3-10-1884 - 2-17-1961
  Florence E.  d. 11-23-1907  age 30y

Small wooden Cross    (weathered)

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