west kingfield cemetery

Kingfield, Maine

Take Rt. # 27 north from Kingfield Village. Cross the bridge and take the 2nd left, the West Kingfield Rd. Follow this road to the first (4) corners and take a right. Cemetery is about 1/2 mile on hill on the left.

Copied August, 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

Book # 7  -  page # 295

   Know All Men By These Presents, that I Gideon Curtis
of  Kingfield  in  the County  of Franklin Esquire,  in
Consideration  of the sum  of five  dollars paid by the
following persons, Benjamin Trask &  others the receipt
whereof I do hereby acknowkedge, do hereby give, grant,
bargain  sell and convey unto  the said Trask  & others
their  heirs and  assigns forever, a  certain piece  of
land  for a burying  yard as now  fenced, bounded on my
North & East  line containing  about  one fourth  of an
acre, lotted & numbered as follows Viz:  Benjamin Trask
No.20  Isaiah W. Hollis No.2  Edward R. Bradbury  No. 3
Charles Trevelian No.4  Joel M. Oliver No. 5  Nathaniel
Durrell No. 6   Reubin B. Durrell  No 7  Ira G. Durrell
No. 8   Noah Durrell  No 9   George W.  Pullen   No. 10
Moses Durrell No. 12  John D. Thompson No. 13  Thistram
G. Norton No. 14  Allen Blanchard No.15 George Peterson
No. 16  Andrew Oliver No. 19  Alonzo Knapp No. 20 Ansel
Lander  a part  of Nos. 22 & 23  to make a lot of equal
size.  Peter W. Govern No.24  Ammon Witham No. 25  John
Hollis No. 29  Jonathan C. Hollis No. 34  the remaining
lots  whose highest  No. 35 to be  public ground  until
disposed of by a majority of the above persons or heirs
reserving lot No. 1  for myself and heirs for the above
use. To have and to hold the aforegranted and bargained
premises  with  all  the  privileges and  appurtenances
thereof - to  the  said Trask &  others their heirs and
and  assigns  that I  am lawfully  seized in fee of the
premises, that  they are  free of all incumbrances that
I  have  good right to sell and convey the same to  the
said Trask & others and that I will warrent and  defend
the same to  the  said Trask &  others their  heirs and
assigns forever against lawful claims of all persons.
In  Witness  Whereof, I  the  said Gideon  Curtis  have
hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day ofDecember
in  the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
forty two.
                                   Gideon Curtis (seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Gideon Curtis, Jr.
Mary A. Curtis
  Franklin, ss  Dec. 10th 1842. Then the above named
Gideon  Curtis  acknowledge  this  instrument  by him
subscribed  to  be  his  free act  and deed before me
John G. Dudley J. of P.

  Franklin, ss Received April 5 at 7 h A.M. 1843 and
entered and compared with the original by
                             Samuel Baker   Register

  Georgia D.  1866 - 1913  (wife of John F. Batchelder -ed)
  Inez L., dau.  1887 - 1938

  Edward R.  d. 2-24-1883 age 75y
  Sarah  d. 9-13-1857 age 12y 5m,
  dau. of Edward R. & Sarah Bradbury

  Eliza J.  3-25-1827 - 1-1-1908  wife of Daniel W. Brooks,
  former wife of Reuben C. Wilder

  Ruby M.  (see Ernest L. Nickerson lot)

  Betsey  d. 5-9-1895  age 56y, wife of Nathan G. Durrell

  Dorothy B.  d. 4-5-1875  age 72y
  True G.  d. 5-7-1860  age 22y 2m son of Reuben B. & Dorothy B.
  Nancy W.  d. 5-3-1862  age 33y (wife Reuben B. Durrell, Jr.-ed)

  H.  (fieldstone) (Hannah R., wife of Moses Durrell,
  d. before 1850 -ed)
  Ruby  d. 12-28-1884  age 67y 10m (wife of Moses Durrell -ed)

  John G.  d. 6-8-1879  age 81y 6m
  Hannah, his wife  d. 12-7-1836  age 34y 7m

  Noah  d. 4-23-1889  age 79y 6m 8d.
  Lurania, his wife  d. 7-29-1873  age 54y 6m

  Rodney C.  d. 1-1-1893  age 51y 8m  (son Noah & Lurania -ed)
  Eliza R., his wife  d. 2-14-1921  age 71y 9m
  John, son  1869 - 1941

  Stillman R.  1-3-1837 - 8-29-1899 (son Noah & Lurania -ed)
  (Civil War)
  Abbie M., his wife  9-20-1836 - 2-23-1917
  Chester L., son  1871 - 1942
  Nellie W. Hutchins, his wife  1875 - 1951

  (John G., Reuben B., Noah, Moses and Nathan G. are
   all sons of Nathaniel & Dorcas (Gould) Durrell -ed)

  Isaiah W.  d. 11-1-1846  age 26y 6m

  Stephen & Arabella Hollis, their dau.
  Mary A.  d. 9-6-1861  age 6y 9d

  Thos. (a military stone)  (Co. L 1st Me. Calv. Civil War)

  Nellie W.  (see Stillman R. Durrell lot)

  Joseph, Esq.  d. 10-31-1832  age 42y
  Deborah, his wife  d. 9-30-1867  age 79y

  Ernest L. Nickerson, his wife
  Ruby M. Clough  8-16-1884 - 3-6-1905

  George W.  d. 8-21-1873  age 78y  (War of 1812 -ed)
  Eunice, his wife  d. 5-17-1886  age 81y 6m
  R.K.  Peterson  1823 - 1912  (Co. D  28 Me. Rgt. Civil War)
  (Rufus King -ed)
  Lewis B. Peterson  1830 - 1898  (Civil War)  (Husband)

  (George Washington & John Adams Pullen are sons of 
   George & Harriet (Gilbert) Pullen -ed)

  George W.  d. 12-1-1873  age 74y 11m
  Dorcas D., his wife  d. 2-22-1878  age 75y
  Julia Ann, their dau. (see Amos F. Wethern lot)
  Geo. W. Pullen, Jr.  d. 2-22-1903  age 77y 8m
  Mary A., his wife  d. 10-30-1893  age 55y 10m

  John A.  d. 8-4-1880  age 82y 7m
  Anna, his wife  d. 8-20-1870  age 69y 8m in Portland

  Lamont  1833 - 1896
  Viola, his wife  1842 - 1890

  John D. 12-27-1782 - 12-14-1872  (no stone)
  Cyrenus H., son  2-25-1821 - 2-21-1859  (no stone)
  (They are believed to be buried on Lot 13 -ed)
  Mary  d.  7-5-1856  age 62y, wife of John D. Thompson
  Rufus R. Thompson, son  d. 8-28-1863  age 28y
  (Co. D 28 Me. Rgt.  Civil War)
  Rufus L. d. 1-28-1865  age 6y 6m, 
  son of Rufus R. & Louisa Thompson

  Charles  d. 4-27-1864  age 66y
  Mary J., his wife  d. 7-1-1882  age 75y 7m

  Amos F. Wethern, his wife
  Julia Ann  d. 12-31-1861  age 40y 10m, she is
  dau. of G.W. & D.D. Pullen

  Eliza J. & Reuben C.  (see Eliza J. Brooks lot)

  Ammon  d. 7-11-1883  age 90y 7m
  Harriet, his wife  d. 10-26-1842  age 36y

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