Information comes from a small ledger in the possession of Farmington

Information comes from a small ledger in the possession of Farmington

of Farmington Historical Society.

Location of Soldiers Graves In Riverside Cemetery, Farmington

Charles P Corbett Range 1 North Lot 3

Private 16th Reg Co. G d. Smoketown MD Oct 24 1862

Warren F Thompson Range 1 North Lot 15 Lieut 8th Reg. Co. A d. Sept 3 1866 Mustered Sept 7 1861 Resigned Feb 1864

Isaac P Corbett Range 1 North Lot 4 Private 28th Reg Co. B d. in Memphis Tenn Aug 12 1863

Jacob Miller Range 1 North Lot 24

Elias Miller Range 1 North Lot 24

Eben’r Childs Range 2 North Lot 8 War of 1812

Eben’r Davis Range 2 South Lot 5 war of 1812

Joseph L Whitten Range 3 South Lot 3 Private 4th Mass Reg Co. C d. New Orleans Aug 10 1863

Frank Ames Range 3 South Lot 7 Private 12th Me Reg Co. E d. New Orleans Sept 23 1863

J A Hamlin Range 4 Lot 14 Private 17th ME Reg Co. G d. in Farmington Aug 23 1865

Jacob Purrington Range 4 Lot 14 Private 17th Me Reg Co. G d. in Strong Mar 27 1880

Silas G Hovey Range 6 North Lot 2 Private 1st Calvry Co. L d. Farmington May 12 1864 Mustered Sept 4 1862 died in service

George R Smith Range 6 North Lot 5 Private 13th Infantry Co. E d. Farmington Apr 19 1864 Muster Dec 10 Discharged for disability the day after death

Joseph Jennings Range 6 North Lot 7 War of 1812

Frank W Whitney Range 6 South Lot 6 Private 192 Calry Co. E d. Apr 20 1862 Bur Washington Soldiers Home Muster Oct 19 1861

J W Wade Range 7 North Lot 4 D. Oct 13 1869

M Leroy Weathern Range 7 North Lot 8 Private 28th Infantry Co. B Apr 18 1863 Bur. New Orleans (there must be a stone in Riverside to honor him)

Marshman W Marville Range 7 South Lot 6 d. May 5 1866

Frank C Davis Range 8 North Lot 1 Lieut. 3rd PA Cav. D. Mar 25 1870

R B Winter Range 8 North Lot 6 d. Mar 18 1875

Elipahlet Jennings Range 8 South Lot 6 War of 1812 d. Aug 17 1853

James Ridgeway Range 8 South Lot 15 war of 1812

Byron A Gordon Range 9 North Lot 9 Private 2nd US Sharp Shooters Co. D d. Nov 1 1864

Charles Packard Range 9 North Lot 13

Daniel M Prescott Range 1 North Lot 3 Capt 15th Infanty Co. C Mar 17 1870 Served 18 mos

Samuel F Stoddard Jr. Range 1 South Lot 10 D. in Minnesota Remains brought to Riverside. Musician in 8th Me Band, 1st Sgt 2nd Cavlry Co. F 1st Lieut Coast Guard Co. D D. Dec 16 1875

Andrew J Voter Range 2 North Lot 2 Substitute Private 1st Vol Infantry Co. G d. June 10 1865 bur. Washington DC

Lafayette Perkins Range 1 South lot 13 War of 1812

Albert G N Bailey Range 3 North Lot 1 Sgt 3rd Infantry Co. I

John F Bailey Range 3 North Lot 1 Private 4th Battery D. Sept 16 1862 in Alexandria VA

Belcher S Stewart Range 3 North Lot 15 12th Me Infantry Co. G d. Oct 16 1872

David C Stewart Range 3 North Lot 15Private 18th Mass. Co. I d. June 21 1862 New Bridge VA

John D Perry Range 3 North Lot 20 Private 28th Me Infatnry Co. B

George W Phillips Range 3 North Lot 27 Corp. 17th Infantry Co. G. D. Oct 18 1862 Fort Carroll VA Across East Branch

David Bump Range 3 South 28 War of 1812

Daniel Graves Range 1 North Lot 27 Navy

George D Merrill Range 1 South Lot 27 Band 8th ME Band d. May 14 1867 Farmington Served 1 year

J. Birney Blake Range 1 South Lot 26 Private 24th Infantry Co. E d. Apr 1 1863

Farmington Falls Cemetery

Hiram R Dyer Lieut Co. G 17th ME Infantry. Shot at Gettysburg while in command of his company July 3 1863 Body not found. Stone near center of yard

John F Avery Private Co. H. 8th Infantry d. at Beaufort SC Aug 1 1862

Charles C Avery Private Co. L 1st Cav. Discharged for disability Mar 12 1862

Corp. Co. B 28th Infantry - Left sick at Warrenton Fla Mar 22

1863 Died before reaching home at Boston Oct 21 1863

One stone for both – North of Dyers – near center of yard

North Chesterville Cemetery

Jophanus J Lowell – Private Co. G 17th Me Vols. Died near Falmouth VA Feb 11 1863 Buried under the Pine Tree on the Bluff at Camp Pitcher VA. Removed to No. Cemetery Fredericksburg VA Grave No. 1634 Stone No. East section of yard No. Chesterville

Charles B Ross Private Co. B 28th Me Infantry

Fairbanks Mills - Now Bragg Cemetery

Sumner Gleason Private Co. G 16th Me Infantry Transfered to Invalid Corps Nov 18 1863 Died at Augusta ME

Charles D Smith Private 15th Mass. Infantry wounded at Antitam Sept 17 1862 Died at Smoketowne MD Sept 27 1862 son of Patience D.

(entry says "Davis") but not sure where "Davis" is

Solomon H Odell Priv Co. L 1st Me Cav.

West Farmington Ground

Wilson J Mace Private Co. G 16th Me Infantry Stone in rear of yard

Gay Cemetery

Luman J Bangs Private Co. A 5th Me Infantry served 33 months