staincem cemetery

Mount Vernon, Maine

Take the Ridge Rd. out of Mount Vernon Village and turn left beside the Town Garage, go until you come to a sharp curve to the left, back up about 50 yards and cemetery is in woods across a brook. It is in very bad condition.

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Copied August 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  Emeline, wife of Henry Farron
  d. 3-23-1862  age 37y 9m

  Amasa  d. 11-20-1847  age 56y 4m 14d
  Ruth, his wife  d. 10-26-1869  age 69y

  Col. Samuel  d. 2-26-1872  age 72y 5m

  Samuel  d. 11-11-1845  age 21y
  Seward D.  d. 2-3-1857  age 16y 6m
  Martha A.  d.2-18-1857  age 19y 7m
  (children of Samuel & Ibby Locke)

  Hannah, wife of James R. Locke
  d. 5-29-1851  age 54y

  Benjamin  d. 12-12-1848  age 49y 9m
  Lois, his wife  d. 8-20-1867  age 70y

  John  d. 11-27-1851  age 59y

  Emerson  d. 3/25/1861  age 84y
  Betsey, his wife  d. 4-7-1856  age 75y
  Their sons:
  Samuel  d. 7-30-1846  age 8y
  Benjamin G.  d. 8-7-1846  age 25y

          (Found three Foot Stones with the following)

		T.R.P.      S.M.P.      H.H.P.

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