scholcem cemetery

Rangeley, Maine

Take SR-4 out of Rangeley toward Oquossoc
Look to the right at top of 2nd Hill.
Cemetery is behind House. Several unmarked Graves.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August - 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  Moses P. & P. T. ABBOTT
  Eva F., their dau.  d. 5-9-1861  age 4m 15d

  Isaac E. & Mary Jane BOWLEY
  Their children:
  Lorin  d. 9-29-1852  age 2y 5m 11d
  Orin  d. 10-2-1852  age 2y 5m 14d
  Nancy J.  d. 10-11-1852  age 10m 11d

  Lloyd N. & Abigail K. BOWLEY
  Their sons:
  Infant  d. 6-22-1842  age 1d
  John Nelson  d. 9-22-1852  age 6y 2m 12d

  Edwin  8-10-1819 - 9-10-1819

  Wesley N. HOAR
  Dora H., his wife  d. 7-5-1886  age 33y 11m

  William  d. 7-14-1893  age 84y 6m
  Rhoda A., his wife  d. 6-10-1905  age 90y 7m
  Sophiah B., their dau.  d. 11-18-1854  age 18y

  Henry T. & Sarah T. KIMBALL
  Their children:
  Inf. dau.  d. 11-19-1857
  Charles F.  d. 11-1-1864  age 8y 6m 3d
  Cora E.  d. 10-26-1864  age 5y 7m 10d
  Willie H.  d. 1-19-1867  age 10m

  Nicholas  d. 8-11-1880  age 66y 1m 10d
  Children of Nicholas & Almira B. KIMBALL
  Frank L.  d. 3-11-1854  age 6y 3m 1w
  Elverna  d. 10-10-1852  age 4y 6m 10d
  Charles H.  d. 9-29-1852  age 1y 5m 6d

  Stephen, Jr.,  6-4-1830 - 12-14-1894
  Harriet A., his wife  d. 12-30-1864  age 27y 23d
  Paulena W., their dau.  d. 3-16-1864  age 1y 11m 16d

  Deborah T. & David P. PEARY
  Florence E., their dau.  d. 4-15-1864  age 9y 10m 8d

  Abner T.  d. 3-16-1855  age 21y 8m 24d

  Dan R.  d. 7-7-1866  age 65y 1m 5d
  Abigail, his wife  d. 10-8-1886  age 78y 1m 23d

  David  d. 4-6-1877  age 78y
  Happy, his wife  d. 5-6-1889  age 80y 10m

  Abraham  d. 5-7-1838  age 42y
  Abigail, his wife  d. 9-25-1861  age 61y
  Daniel, their son  d. 3-25-1898  age 68y 3m 1d

  George W. & Clara ROSS
  Their children:
  Thiel E.  d. 11-2-1889  age 1y 6m
  Matilda M.  d. 9-13-1898  age 3m

  Jesse  d. 9-10-1892  age 69y 5m 10d
  Julia, his wife  d. 7-12-1879  age 54y 11m 12d
  Their children:
  J. Warren  d. 6-7-1872  age 24y 14d
  Martha A.  d. 2-4-1864  age 13y
  Julia Ella  d. 1-28-1864  age 8y 4m
  Nellie  d. 2-3-1871  age 7y 11m 22d

  Samuel A. & Hannah W. ROSS
  Their sons:
  Joel E.  d. 12-29-1863  age 7y 10m
  Samuel F.  d. 1-7-1864  age 3y 5m

  Sedgley & Minnie ROSS
  John S., their son  d. 12-23-1886  age 4m

  Asaph W.  d. 3-1-1865  age 57y 1m
  Judith, his wife  d. 1-13-1850  age 40y 5m

  John R. & Esther M. TOOTHAKER
  Their dau's.:
  Bertie E.  d. 5-30-1867  age 3m 20d
  Lois Elsie  d. 12-28-1874  age 6m

  Alpha  1841 - 1925   (flag)
  Co. F 2nd Me. Cav.  Civil War
  Millie F., his wife  1850 - 1896
  Their children:
  Everett L.  1877 - 1878
  Cora A.  1878 - 1898
  Inza A.  1885 - 1896
  Zelva N.  1895 - 1896

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