Roll of Honor

                               Roll of Honor

The following information came from a small ledger that at one time was prepared by and

was in the possession of the John F Appleton Post #25 Sons of Veterans Organization that

appeared to be very active in the Farmington Area from the mid-1880s to sometime in the

1940's, perhaps 1950's.  The Post's holdings were donated to the Farmington Historical

Society by Fay Corbett, in part, and by Lucille Fronk.


John F Avery – Private, Co H, 8th ME Vols Buried at Beufort SC Aug 1 1862

Served 1l months Married. 20 yrs old son of Enoch


Charles C Avery – Corporal Co. B 28th ME Vols Left sick at Warrenton Fla.

March 22, 1863 Died in Boston on way home Oct 4 1863 Also

Served four months in Co. L 1st ME Cav. Ending March 12 1862

Single, 20 yrs old, son of Enoch

Edgar W Arnold – Private Co. B 17th ME Vols. Wounded at Gettysburg, Prisoner

June 2 1864 near Cold Harbor VA. Died in the Hell at

Andersonville GA Aug 27, 1864 Grave No. 7024 Single 18 yrs old


John F Bailey – Private. 4th ME Battery Died at Alexandria VA Sept 16 1862

Buried in VA Cemetery Grave No. 498 Single 20 yrs old


J Sylvester Brown – Private Co. B 28th ME Vols Died at Donalsonville LA

June 16, 1863 Married 31 yrs old


William Bell – Private Co. E 12th ME Vols Drowned at New Orleans Aug 9 1862

Single 39 yrs old


Charles A Barker – Private Co. E 5th ME Vols Accidently shot at Centerville VA

July 17, 1861 Single 24 yrs old


David A Blake – Pirvate CO. L 1st Cav. Died at Augusta ME Feb 13, 1862 Served

In State 3 months. Nephew of Increase Blake Single 20 yrs old


J Birney Blake – Private Co. E ME Vols Served nine months in the 28th. Enlisted in

1st DC Cav. Transferred to 1st ME Cav. Corporal Co. C. Taken

prisoner Died in Salisbury NC Prison Nov 17 1864 Single 21 yrs


Isaac P Corbett – Private Co. B 28th Infantry Left sick at Memphis when Reg’t

Came home. Died Aug 13, 1862 Single 41 yrs old


Charles P Corbett – Private Co. G 16th ME Vols. Died at Smoketown MD

Oct 24, 1862 Son of Peter Corbett Buried Smoketown Stone in

Riverside Single 19 yrs old


Edmund B Clayton – Corporal Co. L 1st Cav. Taken Prisoner June 24, 1864 near

Dunkirk White House VA. Died in Rebel Prison Oct 6 1864 Son of


Bartholomew Clayton Single 28 yrs old


Hiram R Dyer – Lieut Co. G 17th ME Vols Shot while in command of his company

At Gettysburg July 2 1863 Body not recovered. Single 19 yrs old


Charles S Dudley – Third Asst Engineer (Navy) U S Seminole Died Farmington

Nov 26 1863 Step-son of AB Caswell Single 21 yrs old


Israel F Dyer – Private Col G 16th ME Vols. Wounded at Fredericksburg Dec 13.

Died Dec 18 1862 son of Micah Dyer Single 19 yrs old


Joseph Dobbins – Private Co. A – 1st Cav. Died at Judiciary Square Hospital

Oct 19, 1864. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Transferred

From K 1st DC Cav. Married 35 yrs

Dana M Dowst – Corporal Co. E 24th ME Vols Died at Bonest Lane LA March 28

                              21 yrs old

William F Davis – Musician Co. E 12th Infantry Taken prisoner at Cedar Creek VA

Oct 19 1864 Died in Saulisbury NC Jan 23 1865 Brother of Hiram

S. Davis Single 21 yrs


Frank M Davis – Brother to William F (above) Private 33 rd Ill Infantry Died at St.

Louis Mo. Single 23 years old

Furbush in pencil...


Sumner A Gleason – Private Co. G 16th ME Vols. Transferred to Invalid Corps

Nov. 18 1863 Died at Augusta ME Jan 13, 1864 Single 18 yrs old


John B Gilman – Private Co. A 8th ME Infantry Died at Washington from wounds

July 4 1864 Married 36 yrs old Served 1 yr 9 mo – son of John


Byron A Gordon – Private Co. D 2nd US Sharp Shooters Died at Farmington

Nov 21 1864 Single 19 yrs old


Albion Getchell – Private Co. E 5th ME Vols Wounded at Spotsylvania May 8.

Died May 10, 1864 Single 21 yrs old


George Grounder – Private Co. K 29th ME Vols Died at Alexandria VA Oct 18 1864

Buried in National Cemetery Alexandria Grave No 2824

Married 44 yrs old


Charles B Goodwin – Corporal Co. F 14th ME Vols. Killed at Battle of Baton

Rouge Aug 5 1862 Married 25 yrs old


Andrew J Hannaford – Private Co. B 28th Infantry Died at New Orleans LA

August 7 1863 Single 33 yrs old


Silas G Hovey – Private Co. L 1st Cav Died at Farmington May 12 1864 Served

18 months Single 28 yrs old


Thomas W Luce – Corporal Co. G 16th ME Infantry Died at Washington DC

Nov 17 1862 Buried at Soldiers Home Married 34 yrs old


William G Lewis – Private Co. A 8th ME Vols. Shot on picket line near Peters-

Burg VA July 21, 1864 Bur Near Avery’s House Served 1 yr

Married 34 yrs old


Jophanus J Lowell – Private Co. G 17th ME Vols Died at Falmouth VA Feb 11 1863

Buried under the "Old Pine Tree" at Camp Pitcher VA Single

18 yrs old Remains removed to VA cemetery Frdericksburg VA

Grave No. 1634 Son of Joshua B     Stone at No Chesterville Single

18 yrs old


Alsbury Luce – Private Co. F 3rd Infantry Served two years one month Single 18

Yrs old Shot at Gettysburg July 2 1863 while serving as Volunteer

Color Sergeant


James G B Lufkin – Enlisted as Private Co. E 13th ME Vols. Died at Farmington

Mustered into US Service single 22 yrs


Andrew C Mace – Private Co. A 11th ME Vols Killed in Action at Lee’s Mills, VA

April 29 1862 Single 22 yrs old


Dennis Moore – Private Co. I 3rd ME Vols Died Aug 23, 1861 Single 22 yrs. Son of S

P Moore


Dehan F Norton – Private B 28th ME Vols Died at Donalsville, LA May 1863

Single 19 yrs.


Joseph D Norcross – Private Co. I 9th ME vols Wounded at Deep Bottom VA Died Aug 16 1864 Single 38 yrs. Residence Bangor till reinlisted


The following entry was crossed out)

George W Phillips Corporal Co. G 17th ME Vols. Died at Fort Carroll DC Oct 18 1862 Singel 18 yrs


Oliver P Pratt – Private Co. L 1st Cav Died near Frederick MD Nov 17 1862 Single 21 yrs Date of muster not known


Charles D Smith – Private 15th Mass. Infantry – Wounded at Antietam Sept 17 Died Sept 27 1862 at Smoketown MD Son of Patience B Smith


Charles W Stowers – Private Co. D 15th Infantry Died at New Orleans Aug 17 1862 Single 22 yrs


Samuel H Sweet – Private Co. A 8th ME Vols. Died at Hilton Head SC Nov 12 1863 Son of Loring Sweet Single 27 yrs Served 13 mo’s


George R Smith – Private E 13th ME Infantry Serve 2 yrs 4 mo’s Disch’d Apr 20 1864 but Died the Day before – Apr 19 1864 at Farmington. Son of Elijah Smith Single 23 yrs Buried Riverside


David C Stewart – Private Co. I 18th Mass Infantry Died near Bridge VA June 21 1862, son of John C Stewart Single age 23yrs


Thaddeus Tuttle – Private Co. E 24th Infantry Died at Bonest Carre LA May 20 1863 @ 43 yrs Single


John Todd – Musician Co. E 24th Infantry died at new Orleans May 16 1863 Stepson of John Clayton married 24 yrs


Lemuel Tobey – Private3 Co. E 24th Infantry died at New Orleans Feb 2 1863 Single 18 yrs


William H Tibbetts – Private Co. K 8th Me Vols. Killed in action Cold Harbor VA June 3 1864 Served 21 mos married 38 yrs


The following entry was crossed out:

Mark Thompson – Private Co. H 22nd Me Vols D. at Fortress Munroe Feb 5 1863 Single 21 yrs


Andrew J Voter – Private Co. G 1st Veteran Vols Died at Washingotn DC June 10 1865 son of Warren Voter . Single 32 yrs. Substitute served 22 mo'’ Buried at Arlington


M Laroy Weathern – Corporal Co. B 28th Me Vols. Died at New Orleans Apr 18 1863 Single 22 yrs.


Frank W Whitney – Private Co. E 1st Calvry D. at Douglass Hospital Washington DC apr 20 1862 Bur at Soldiers Home DC son of Geo . W served 6 mo’s Single 21 yrs


Gardner B Wade – Corporal Co. G 16th Me Vols Wounded – Battle of Wilderness May 8 d. May 12 1864 Singled 18 yrs. Served 1 yr 9 mo’s Bro of Mrs S B Church


Joseph L Whitten – Private 4th Mass Infantry D. at New Orleans Aug 10 1863 Single 26 yrs. Son of Issacher


William N Yeaton – Corporal Co. C 16th Me Vols. Killed in action Gettysburg July 1 1863