pierpcem cemetery

Strong, Maine

Take SR-4 north from Farmington, Me. to junction of SR-4 & 149.
Go about 4.5 miles to a very steep hill into valley.
Cemetery is on the right as you come out of the valley
and is bounded by large Pine trees.
Easy to see from road.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied Early 1970's by George & Janet Thompson

  Charles DAVIS
  Mary F., his wife  d. 1-4-1844  age 28y

  Joseph FOSSETT
  Mary, his dau.  (see Mary YOUNG lot)

  Robert  d. 7-13-1871  age 50y 9m 25d
  Elizabeth D., his 1st wife  d. 4-5-1866  age 42y 3m
  Abby S., his 2nd wife  d. 8-1-1911  age 69y 8m 25d
  Children of R. & E. FOSSETT:
  Winfield S.  d. 4-28-1870  age 16y 5m 26d
  S. Lizzie  d. 10-15-1869  age 13y 2m 23d

  Samuel  d. 9-24-1854  age 64y 5m
  Betsey, his wife  d. 9-15-1842  age 47y
  Nancy R., their dau.  d. 6-6-1838  age 20y
  William M., their son  d. 3-5-1840  age 7m

  David  d. 5-7-1871  age 98y
  Eleanor, his wife  d. 9-4-1872  age 94y
  Warren, their son  d. 1-21-1833  age 8y 4m

  Solomon LUCE, Jr.   (see William MC LEERY lot)
  Margaret J., his wife   (see William MC LEERY lot)
  Margaret M., their dau.   (see William MC LEERY lot)

  Justin E.  d. 2-15-1873  age 42y 6m
  Harriet A., his wife and dau. of Louis & Sally VOTER
  d. 7-18-1861  age 25y 9m
  Lewis W., their son  d. 7-6-1861  age 4y 7m
  Inf. son  d. 6-12-1861

  Robert  d. 12-27-1848  age 85y
  Polly, his wife  d. 7-1-1840  age 85y

  William  d. 9-2-1848  age 55y
  Sally, his wife  d. 11-2-1904  age 99y 3m
  Their children:
  Inf. son  d. 3-12-1839  age 7m
  William A.  d. 7-8-1861  age 19y
  Nancy F.  d. 2-26-1860  age 20y
  Margaret J., wife of Solomon LUCE, Jr.
  d. 3-4-1859  age 23y 3m
  Margaret M., her dau.  d. 10-27-1860  age 1y 10m 25d

  Louis & Sally VOTER  (see Justin E. MC CLEARY lot)
  Harriet, their dau.  (see Justin E. MC CLEARY lot)

  Joseph YOUNG of Union, Me.
  Mary, his wife and dau. of Henry FOSSETT of Bristol, Me.
  d. 10-31-1867  age 86y 5m

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