nile cemetery

Rangeley, Maine

Cemetery located on Route 4 South of Rangeley
just beyond The Saddleback Mountain Road on
the Right.

Dates after 1981 taken from Franklin Journal
Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August, 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  Belle P.  see Luther Nile lot

  Richard W.  d. 05-27-1851  age 61y

  Joseph  d. 09-11-1859  age 71y
  Catherine  his wife  d. 05-02-1872  age 83y

  Georgia  see Eunice Crosby lot

  James L.  d. 03-06-1868  age 58y 2d
  Nancy T.  his wife  d. 04-17-1893  age 72y 7m 11d
  Joseph J.  12-12-1830 - 05-16-1919
  James N.  07-10-1853 - 09-18-1905

  Eunice A.  d. 07-13-1874  age 19y 10m 8d
  wife of Robert R. Crosby
  Georgia  d. 07-29-1879  age 29y 11m 18d  wife of
  Robert R. Crosby & dau. of Nelson & Abigail Bowley
  Their infant dau.  d. 07-17-1879

  A. Newell  1864 - 1924
  Abbie M.  his wife   1852 - 1911
  Aura E.  their dau.  d. 11-08-1879  age 6y 8m 21d
  Omer D.  their son  d. 07-28-1889  age 11m 12d

  Elvenah  see William A. Haley lot

  Cornelius  d. 05-04-1887  age 72y 4m
  Catherine  his wife  d. 11-22-1890  age 72y 18d

  Jerry B.  d. 11-10-1892  age 70y
  Dolly  his wife  d. 04-23-1881  age 51y

  Eliza O.  d. 10-15-1869  age 19y 6m 13d  
  wife of  David T. Haines
  Jennie S.  d. 04-02-1875  age 28y 6m 24d  
  wife of  D.T. Haines
  Eliza J.  her infant dau.  d.__-__-____ (unreadable)
  E. Winona  their dau.  d. 10-31-1881  age 2y 8m 15d

  Lyman  d. 01-30-1887  age 73y
  Sally C. James  his wife  d. 10-01-1885  age 69y
  Betsey D.  his dau.  d. 07-17-1854  age 17y 8d
  Betsey W.  his mother  d. 02-28-1855  age 83y

  Dau's. of Wm. & Eunice B. Haley:
  Alice  d. 01-09-1865  age 2y 5m 12d
  Lois E.  d. 08-19-1877

  Mary E.  d. 12-17-1865  age 28y 5m  
  wife of Jacob Haley

  Tryphena  d. 10-28-1857  age 18y 9m 
  wife of Elias Haley

  William Alvin  1853 - 1926
  Elvenah Dunham  his wife  1858 - 1943

  John  d. 09-27-1856  age 58y 9m 22d
  Polly  his wife  d. 09-28-1883  age 77y 5m 1d

  Hiram  d. 07-17-1875  age 67y
  Dianna   his wife  d. 01-18-1900  age 89y 6m

  Ida M.  d. 03-08-1861  age 1y 2m 27d  
  dau. of Margaret A. Hinkley

  Infant  d. 04-25-1881  age 4wks 1d 
  son of Clarence A. & Nancy E. Hinkley

  John  d. 02-13-1857  age 52y
  Lois  his wife  d. 06-13-1847  age 45y 6m
  Hannah  their dau.  d. 10-21-1852  age 16y 8m 11d

  Luther  d. 12-25-1843  age 72y
  Eunice  his wife  d. 08-21-1846  age 70y 5m 11d

  Mary E.  see Luther Nile lot

  Sally C.  see Lyman Haines lot

  William  1817 - 1883
  Delia Stetson  his wife  1821 - 1871

  John S.  d. 03-18-1873  age 67y 1m 23d
  Prudence  his wife  d. 03-29-1890  age 83y 1m 12d
  Their children:
  Margaret  d. 10-10-1852  age 5y 3m
  Lucy  d. 12-10-1868  age 37y 1m 26d
  Mary E.  d. 05-31-1869  age 24y 6m 2d
  Charles  d. 06-30-1873 age 21y 7m
  Sons of Dexter & Alma  Lamb:
  Clarence E.  d. 02-06-1865  age 3y 2m
  Charles E.  d. 09-11-1879  age 5y 3m 5d
  William J.  d. 09-04-1879  age 13y 6m 4d
  Son of John & Eunice Lamb
  Infant  d. 03-14-1871  at birth
  Son of William & Melissa Lamb 

  William  d. 05-10-1840  age 68y 20d
  Lucy  his wife  d. 07-1854  age 78y
  Elias  d. 05-30-1870  age 62y 3m 20d    (flag)
  William L.  d. 04-21-1887  age 77y 8m
  John W.  d. 06-07-1887  age 63y 7m
  Mary  his wife  d. 11-04-1904  age 75y
  Their children:
  Franklin W.   d. 06-15-1857  age 7y 3m 16d
  John H.  d. 02-25-1916  age 64y 1m 21d
  Elias H.  d. 11-30-1864  age 9y 7m 2d
  William E.  d. 06-23-1857  age 1y 2m 11d
  Charles E.  d. 11-27-1864  age 2y 10m
  Hannah  d. 08-07-1879  age 9y 8m 17d
  James R.  d. 09-__-1867  age __ __ __
  Stephen W.  d. 12-__-1864  age __ __ __
  Bertha V.  d. 07-31-1879  age 3y 10m 11d

  Nehemiah  d. 04-16-1882  age 81y
  Betsey E.  his wife  d. 02-18-1889  age 81y
  Elizabeth  d. 07-09-1873  age 20y
  Milton L.  d. 03-31-1871  age 3wks
  son of Calvin & Lois E. Moore

  Joseph  d. 07-24-1881  age 78y 11m 23d
  Hannah B.  his wife  d. 06-18-1880  age 80y 3m 25d

  Children of James B. & Samantha Nile:
  Sarah E.  d. 05-07-1863  age 2m 14d
  Robert  d. 02-05-1859  age 1y 1m 3d

  James O.  d. 02-20-1899  age 44y 9d
  Lizzie M.  his wife  d. 09-02-1902  age 42y 5m 29d
  Rosie A.  thier dau.  d. 09-26-1892  age 4y 9m 2d
  Infant son  d. 06-22-1892  age 16d
  Infant son  d. 05-07-1881  age 13d

  Luther  d. 04-18-1897  age 59y 4m 14d
  Belle P. Abbott  his wife  d. 09-13-1888  
  age 39y 5m 18d
  Joseph Abbott, M.D.  d. 12-30-1964  age 91y 4m 5d
  Mary E. Howe  his wife  d. 11-04-1968 
  age 92y 11m 17d
  Victor  d. 01-01-1897  age 25y 5m 24d
  Infant son  d. 02-04-1868  at birth
  Infant dau.  d. 10-13-1880  at birth
  Harold L.  d. 04-04-1897  age 3y 7m
  son of Martin L. & Minervia E. Nile
  Sandy B., M.D.  d. 12-02-1905  age 30y 6m 8d
  Vinton I.  d. 05-22-1905  age 21y 5m 26d

  John W.  d. 08-02-1881  age 47y 9m 23d
  Hannah C. his wife  d. 10-14-1869  age 30y 9m 6d
  Sewell  their son  d. 02-13-1874  age 10y 7m 11d

  Allen  d. 07-01-1864  age 30y 10m       (flag)
  died in Brazier City, La. in Civil War
  Martha  his wife  d. 07-22-1863  age 20y 10m

  Silas  d. 11-15-1867  age 59y 6m 11d

  Delia  see William Kempton lot

  Sons of Andrew J. & Lucy P. Thompson:
  Fred  d. 12-04-1874  age 19y 6m 14d
  Nathan M.  d. 10-30-1856  age 1y 5m 6d

  Ezra  d. 04-11-1874  age 67y 2m 11d
  Mary  his wife  d. 12-15-1845  age 30y 8m 19d

  Hannibal  d. 06-30-1873  age 23y 4m 21d

  Children of Luther H. & Clarinda Tibbetts:
  Infant son  d. 02-11-1862  age 16d
  Milton  d. 08-19-1867  age 1y 11m 23d

  Sons of Luther H. & Sophia D. Toothaker:
  Theodore H.  d. 04-11-1864  age 11y
  Dennis W.  adopted   d. 01-10-1860  age 13m

  ---- Flag beside a field stone marker ----

Names of persons appearing on stones but not buried here:

BOWLEY          Nelson & Abigail       

CROSBY          Robert R.              

HAINES          David T.               

HALEY           Elias                  

HALEY           Jacob                  

HALEY           Wm. & Eunice B.        

HINKLEY         Clarence A. & Nancy E. 

HINKLEY         Margaret A.            

LAMB            Dexter & Alma          

LAMB            John & Eunice          

LAMB            William & Melissa      

MOORE           Calvin & Lois E.       

NILE            James B. & Smantha     

NILE            Martin L. & Minervia E.

THOMPSON        Andrew J. & Lucy P.    

TIBBETTS        Luther H. & Clarinda   

TOOTHAKER       Luther H. & Sophia D.

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