nfreecm cemetery

Freeman, Maine

Located on RT 145 about .25 miles South of
the junction of 142 and 145 in

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied Early 1970'S by George & Janet Thompson

  Allen  12-10-1802 - 07-08-1893
  Jane  his wife  09-05-1804 - 08-02-1887
  Emeline  their dau.  d. 10-29-1857  age 26y
  Olen A.  04-09-1860 - 07-22-1863  son of Allen,
  Jr. & Ruth S. Blanchhard

  Nicholas  d. 03-02-1849  age 83y
  Ruth  his wife  d. 10-17-1870  age 88y 7m

  Mrs. Sarah Dudley  d. 02-20-1839  age 42y
  wife of Capt. Alex. Blanchard

  Elias  d. 04-02-1865  age 42y 9m
  Emeline S.  his wife  d. 12-12-1890  age 65y
  Albert H.  their son  d. 11-02-1851  age 6y 4m 24d
  Eddie  their son  d. 12-11-1853  age 1m 11d
  Alice  their dau.  d. 02-02-1862  age 4y 1m

  Sarah J.  d. 08-03-1894  age 48y 9m
  wife of Almon Brackley
  Emma A.  their dau.  d. 08-10-1871  age 1y 6m

  William  d. 11-13-1869  age 83y
  Anna  his wife  d. 05-08-1870  age 81y 6m

  Emerson  d. 06-27-1900  age 72y 6m 16d
  Hannah C. Ellsworth  his 1st wife
  d. 02-16-1857  age 25y
  Amada S. Vose  his 2nd wife
  d. 05-16-1910  age 72y 10m 1d

  Lucy E.   1850 - 1879  wife of Charles E.
  Harry  their son  1873 - 1875
  Lilliane  their dau.  1874 - 1875
  Harry  their son  1877 - 1889

  Melissa  d. 09-27-1853  age 13m
  dau. of S. J. & M. T. Brewster

  Laura E.  see Nelson N. Peabody lot

  Sarah  see Sarah Blanchard lot

  Vivian P.  10-19-1893 - 12-29-1897
  dau. of Harlam P. & Alice F. Durrell

  Hannah C.  see Emerson Bradbury lot

  Susan F.  d. 06-11-1877  age 39y
  wife of Cyrus J. Ellsworth
  Vaeilette E. D.  d. 03-19-1861  age 48y 7m
  wife of Jeremiah Ellsworth

  William  d. 02-08-1863  age 35y
  Eunice K.  his wife  
  d. 04-19-1856  age 25y 1m 10d
  Infant  (no dates)

  Abner H., Dr.  d. 12-19-1892  age 70y 3m
  Civil War Vet.                  (flag)
  Mary J.  his wife  d. 02-25-1909  age 81y 4m
  Nancy  their dau.  d. 09-18-1847  age 1y 9m
  Edwin H.  their son  d. 01-21-1893    (flag)
  age 42y 10m 19d

  Henry  H.  d. 07-21-1878  age 81y 3m
  Sally  his wife  d. 07-01-1878  age 82y 5m

  Mary J.  d. 11-04-1854  age 22y
  dau. of Geo. & Polly Foster

  Mary S.  d. 10-08-1841  age 27y
  wife of John C. French

  Mary Vaeilett  d. 12-22-1859  age 15y 7m 19d
  dau. of Charles & Sarah Gilkey

  Benjamin  d. 09-18-1852  age 37y 6m
  Sons of Benj. & Marta W. Grant:
  David E.  d. 03-17-1853  age 6m 10d
  Alfred W.  d. 04-14-1849  age 11m 11d
  Benjamin F.   d. 09-10-1847  age 2y 24d
  Nelson  d. 04-02-1847  age 2m 6d

  Samuel  d. 04-17-1852  age 73y
  Sarah  his wife  d. 04-12-1844  age 65y
  David  their son  d. 04-27-1837  age 32y

  Christopher H.  d. 11-08-1853  age 39y 8m 18d
  Eliza  his wife  d. 11-16-1887  age 72y
  Their Sons:
  Florlan L.  d. 05-17-1850  age 1y 1m 14d
  Lyman A.  d. 09-03-1859  age 19y 11m 4d

  Sons of Aaron & Eliza Lane:
  Nathan  d. 05-18-1853  age 26y 11m
  Rufus K.  d. 03-22-1853  age 16y 8m

  Grace R.  see Charles Oliver lot

  Sarah B.  see John Thompson lot

  Andrew M.  d. 04-07-1887  age 76y 4m 13d
  Thais B.  his 1st wife  d. 04-27-1849  
  age 29y 11m
  Rachel H.  his 2nd wife  d. 07-06-1860
  age 27y 7m 15d

  Charles  1859 - 1916
  Luna E.  his wife  1865 - 1903
  Grace R. Larson  their dau.  1887 - 1931
  Grover C.  their son  03-27-1893 - 12-28-1956
  Vet. Bty. D 55th C.A.C.    WW-I         (flag)
  Frank J.  1901 - 1972   Vet. WW-I       (flag)
  Clarice H.  his wife  1907- 

  Edmund H.  d. 11-11-1883  age 72y
  Mary P.  his wife  d. 01-20-1891  age 70y 5m
  Mary  their dau.  d. 03-23-1857  age 9m 19d
  John S.  their son  d. 05-17-1848  age 2y 2m 2d
  Infant dau.  d. 10-22-1843

  James B.  1857 - 1916

  Charles  d. 05-02-1882  age 43y 10m
  Mary J.  his wife  d. 10-18-1883  age 58y
  Will L.  their son  d. 03-03-1892  age 27y 10m
  Fred S.  their son  d. 09-25-1885  age 19y 2m

  Nathan, Dea.  d. 12-12-1862  age 61y 2m
  Betsey  his wife d. 02-04-1877  age 68y 10m

  Nelson N.  12-02-1832 - 03-28-1918
  Laura E. Bryant  his wife
  03-25-1834 - 11-04-1911
  Guy S.  their son  08-03-1867 - 01-10-1952

  Wilma E.  d. 03-07-1885  age 14wks
  dau. of Bert & Ella Pinkham

  George  d. 09-13-1846  age 36y 10m
  Rosilla R.  wife of Jacob Barker and former wife
  of George Powers  d. 04-22-1885  age 72y
  (erected by her son B.C.P.)

  Miss Nancy Powers  10-14-1816 - 05-17-1902

  Hiram H.  d. 12-25-1881  age 87y        (flag)
  Vet.  War of 1812
  Celia P.  his wife  d. 07-18-1873  age 79y

  Hiram L.  b. 08-15-1829 in Freeman, Maine
  d. 07-02-1904 in Lowell, Mass.
  Nancy D.  his wife  11-11-1835 - 11-26-1911
  Carlton  their son  d. 02-06-1865  age 3y 4m
  Russell  their son  d. 08-31-1874  age 10y 8m

  Celestia  d.  05-20-1850  age 43y
  wife of Asa C. Randall

  Dora  d. 09-05-1869  age 19y 11m
  dau. of Hamilton & Phebe Record

  Cynthia P.  d. 02-18-1878  age 29y
  wife of Seth C. Sawyer

  Flora A.  d. __-_9-1858  age 2y 4m (unreadable)
  dau. of Moses & Elvira G. Starbird

  John of Freeman  d. 10-30-1862  age 74y 10m
  (stone a present from his son Edward R. Thompson)
  Prudence  his wife  d. 07-15-1856  age 74y 10m
  Their children:
  Edward R. of Freeman  d. 05-07-1873  age 53y 10m
  Sarah B. Mayo  08-25-1813 - 07-06-1893

  Beulah Augusta  d. 04-04-1833  age10y 8m
  dau. of William & Susan Trask

  Amada S.  see Emerson Bradbury lot

  Eld. John  d. 08-19-1851  age 65y

  Frances A.  his wife  d. 01-11-1871  age 85y
  Mattie  d. 01-28-1857  age 2m  
  dau. of John & Martha A. Wallace

  J. Parker  d. 11-01-1847  age 18y 27d
  son of Mark D. & Eunice Wellcome

  John  d. 05-06-1863  age 71y 1m
  Martha  his wife  d. 04-10-1838  age 40y 1m

  Sewall, Capt.  d. 08-21-1867  age 69y 5m 2d (flag)
  Vet. War of 1812
  Anna  his wife  d. 09-01-1876  age 76y 10m 18d
  Their dau's.
  Sylvina  d. 06-03-1841  age 24y 20d
  Lurinda  d. 03-24-1840  age 19y 8m 2d
  Sophila A.  d. 10-03-1851  age 17y 1m 8d

  Thomas B.  d. 09-13-1858  age 40y
  Stella  his dau.  d. 02-05-1861  age 3y 9m

Names of persons appearing on stones but not buried here:
BARKER Jacob BLANCHARD Capt. Alex. BLANCHARD Allen, Jr. & Ruth S. BRACKLEY Almon BRADBURY Charles E. BREWSTER S. J. & M. T. DURRELL Harlam P. & Alice F. ELLSWORTH Cyrus J. ELLSWORTH Jeremiah FOSTER Geo. & Polly FRENCH John C. GILKEY Charles & Sarah GRANT Martha W. LANE Aaron & Eliza PINKHAM Berrt & Ella RANDALL Asa C. RECORD Hamilton & Phebe SAWYER Seth C. STARBIRD Moses & Elvira G. TRASK William & Susan WALLACE John & Martha A. WELLCOME Mark D. & Eunice

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