Avon, Maine

Going North on Route #4 Take Left at Town House
Go 1.8 Miles Up The Hill. Cemetery On Left in Good Condition
Some Stones Broken & Several Graves Without Stones

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August 24, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  Nathan  03-22-1807 - 03-27-1882
  Zilpha K.  his wife  02-16-1815 - 01-02-1895

  Wm. W.  d. 11-10-1889  age 43y 1m
  Cora M.  his wife  d. 01-05-189_  age 37y 8m _d
	(broken stone)

  Abigail  see Abigail Russell monument

  Joshua  d. 05-06-1883  age 78y 8m 7d
  Eliza  his wife  d. 12-21-1895  age 81y 8m 4d
  Fanny S.  their dau.  d. 04-30-1859 age 21y 10m 24d
  Clara E.  their dau.  d. 03-21-1865

  Benj.  d. 11-06-1842  age 60y
  Jemima Ridley  his wife  d. 06-14-1871  age 84y

  Dau's of Benj. R. & Sally Haines
  Ellen  d. 02-06-1851  age 4y 8m
  S. Emma  d. 07-28-1857  age 5y 5m

  Sarah R.  wife of Sidney Haley  d. __-__-1875
  		(broken stone)

  Esther  see Micah Phillips lot

  Rev. Nehemiah  d. 12-30-1860  age 90y    (flag)
  Joanna  his wife  d. 01-09-1856  age 83y

  Noah J.  d. 04-06-1871  age 75y
  Mary  his wife  d. 09-10-1865  age 63y
  Their children:
  Betsey  d. 03-28-1834  age 4y
  Joanna  d. 03-21-1834  age 1y
  Salva  d. 07-31-1857  age 2y 5m
  Isabel  d. 05-09-1863  age 1y
  Noah  d. 05-22-1812  age 4y 5m
  Esther  d. 05-19-1812  age 1y 1m 22d

  James C.  d. 03-29-1878  age 94y 3m
  Lovisa  his wife  d. 03-15-1873  age 87y

  Charles M.  d. 08-15-1903  age 44y 5m
  son of Warren & Locata Kannady

  William  d. 03-25-1871  age 83y 6m 25d  (flag)
  Susannah  his wife  d. 12-25-1843  age 50y 5m 20d

  William  08-19-1814 - 09-12-1892
  Hannah  his wife  03-02-1824 - 12-27-1912

  Charles S.  1843 - 1910
  Laura J.  his wife  1840 - 1901
  Frances Naomi  their dau.  d. 12-03-1879 age 1y 4m 16d
  Albert L.  their son  08-31-1880 - 02-20-1911

  Charles S., Jr.  1874 - 1930
  Grace C.  his wife  1882 - 1905
  Their children:
  Rosie C. & Laura E.  1903 - 1903
  John S.  1904 - 1905

  Micah  d. 06-23-1882  age 74y 10m 20d
  Esther Hunt  his wife  d. 07-08-1886 age 81y 8m 21d
  Baby       (no name)

  Jemima  see Benj. Haines lot		

  Abigail C. Combs  wife of Sumner Russell
  1818 - 1861
  Their children:
  Cyrus P.  1839 - 1843
  Phebe J.  1842 - 1856
  Melvina  1849 - 1849

  Isaiah H.  d. 07-13-1900  age 84y 2m    (flag)
  Eliza P.  his wife  d. 01-26-1890  age 67y 4m
  Edmund  their son  d. 07-09-1872  age 26y 1m
  Nelson  their son  d. 11-09-1869  age 16y 6m

  Herbert  son of Jabez & Harriet E. Sawyer
  d. 01-14-1861  age 1y 7m 11d

  Maj. John  d. 01-23-1872 age 80y 5m
  Esther  his wife  d. 09-28-1868  age 72y 7m
  Their children:
  Lydia  d. 03-25-1821  age 4y 2m
  Esther  d. 06-08-1853  age 33y 7m 
  Benjamin  d. 07-09-1836  age 1y 2m
  Benjamin F.  d. 09-15-1839  age 1y 11m

  Melville M.  son of William W. & Irene Taylor
  d. 03-09-1870  age 22y 2m

  Sampson  d. 12-14-1859  age 71y 8m    (flag)
  Hannah  his wife  d. 11-06-1858  age 68y 3m 25d
  Clarence Leroy  son of Rosannah Thurston
  d. 08-20-1852  age 5y 21d

  David  son of Israel & Elvira Vining
  d. 10-10-1857  age 3y 10m 21d

  Frank W.  son of Seward P. & Martha C. Vining
  d. 12-01-1862  age 15y 9m 2d

  John  d. 03-13-1889  age 78y
  Mary  his wife  d. 10-04-1869  age 53y 3m
  Elsa Dana  their dau.  d. 11-12-1869  age 18y 4m
  Wm. B.  d. 02-06-1870  age 21y 4m

  Leavens B.  son of Benj. F. & Harriet E. Vining
  d. 11-19-1862  age 6y 27d

  Stella M.  dau. of Thos. & Relief S. Vining
  d. 03-05-1867  age 1y 2d

  Thomas  d. 08-14-1877  age 77y 4m
  Jemima  his wife  d. 03-10-1874  age 65y 8m

  Amos V.  d. 08-05-1863  age 52y 4m 17d
  Pheby W.  his wife  d. 06-20-1879  age 67y
	(stone broken)

Names of persons appearing
on stones but not buried here:
HAINES Benj. R. & Sally HALEY H___ HUNT Noah J. & Mary RUSSELL Sumner SAWYER Jabes & Harriet E, TAYLOR William W. & Irene THURSTON Rosannah VINING Benj. F. & Harriet E. VINING Israel & Elvira VINING Seward P. & Martha C. VINING Thos & Relief S.

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