Temple, Maine

From Farmington, take SR-43 to Temple Village.
Ask directions to Temple Flat Road
Cemetery is about .5 miles from Village.

Dates after 1981 taken from Franklin Journal
Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August 23, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  Richard L.  1945 - 1984
  Gregory L.  9-19-1964 - 7-10-1967

  Josiah W.  d. 8-15-1871  age 66y
  Susan M. his wife  d. 9-19-1892  age 81y 6m
  George Weston, their son  d. 8-10-1854  age 22y
  Elbridge C., their son  d. 6-22-1881  age 43y 5m 21d
  Mary B., his wife  d. 2-4-1862  age 21y 11m

  Salome   (see David MITCHELL lot)

  Hattie A.   (see Henry Hancock MITCHELL lot)

  Albert S.  11-25-1875 - 11-2-1954
  Mary E. RANGER, his 1st wife  1-25-1876 - 3-17-1927
  Myrtie A. STEVENS, his 2nd wife  11-23-1878 - 2-20-1948

  David  d. 8-5-1866  age 64y 11m 25d
  Sally H., his 1st wife  d. 10-12-1851  age 52y
  Salome DAVIS, his 2nd wife  b. 5-15-1837 in Phillips, Me.,
  d. 5-3-1899 in Medfield, Mass.
  David N., son of D. & S. H. MITCHELL  d. 7-27-1867  age 28y 3m 23d
  Arthur, son of D. & S. D. MITCHELL  b. 3-16-1864 in Temple, Me.
  d. 7-24-1934
  Jack, a faithful friend & companion of Arthur MITCHELL
  d. 8-1899 in Medfield, Mass.
  In sunshine & storm alike he was ever on guard.

  Henry Hancock  8-3-1848 - 2-27-1920
  Hattie A. KENNISON, his wife  4-12-1860 - 2-23-1920

  Howard  d. 9-14-1981
  Wilena, his wife  4-28-1910 - 11-24-1996

  Jonas  b. 3-1-1803 in Luninburg, Mass. - d. 3-23-1870
  Myra C., his wife  b. 4-7-1811 in Haverhill, NH  d. 1-5-1891
  Marcus M., their son  1-10-1839 - 6-26-1863 in Newburn, NC  (flag)

  Melvin  11-26-1848 - 7-30-1925
  Eldora M. YORK, his wife  8-28-1855 - 2-2-1935

  Mary E.   (see Albert S. MITCHELL lot)

  Myrtie A.  (see Albert S. MITCHELL lot)

  Eldora M.  (see Melvin MITCHELL lot)

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