In the Maine Seine

In the Maine Seine, a publication of the Maine Genealogical Society, there were some lists provided by Ann S Lainhart, who had researched the 1855 and 1865 Census of Massachusetts. Various towns were represented, and in some cases, there were a number of people from the Franklin County area. These are the people I have extracted in case someone has "lost" a family member. Please note that I did not have a complete "set" of books to reference. (I have late 1980s & early 1990s)


Mary A CLARK age 22 Weld Servant

Fredk. I. CLAYTON age 22 Jay Clerk

Wm. E CLAYTON age 43 Farmington Shoe Store

Joseph COULLARD age 38 Phillips Sailmaker

Esther Coullard age 28 Phillips

Thomas DICKEY age 37 Avon Laborer

Mary P Dickey age 34 Phillips

Cyrus AUSTIN age 27 Mercer Carpenter

Ann D BURBANK (Josiah C) age 32 Wilton

Ellen M age 6 Wilton

W S age 4 Wilton


Eli SOPER, age 46 of Livermore marrried Shoemaker


John Q HAMMOND age 44 Phillips married U S Assessor

Syrena T JOHNSON age 40 of Livermore married (F Henry)


Louisa J ATWOOD age 26 of Livermore married

Sarah T BRAND age 25 of New Vineyard widow

Christiana B CHANDLER age 20 of Livermore single

Francis CHASE age 35 of New Sharon married

Abby M Chase age 12 New Sharon

Nehemiah DEAN age 50 of New Portland married Machinist

Sarah Dean of Skowhegan age 38 married

J W DODGE age 32 of Farmington married Clerk

John H FOLLANSBEE age 45 of New Sharon married Carpenter

Joseph HOLBROOK age 46 Plymouth married Carpenter

Adalaide L Holbrook age 36 Byron married

Hiram McLAUGHLIN age 40 of China married Engineer

Rachel McLaughlin age 55 Phillips married

Simon M MERRELL age 40 of Phillips married Merchant

Daniel O MORTON age 45 of Winthrop married Carpenter

Betsey Morton age 42 Industry married

Horrace PRESCOTT age 40 of Phillips married Salesman

Ramson J NORTON age 69 of Livermore widow Gardner

John R Norton age 36 of Livermore married Salesman

Lydia Norton age 33 of Southport married

George N NOYESE age 52 of Jay married Tailor

Alice UNDERWOOD (Benj) age 30 Phillips

Addison Underwood age 4

Hiram WHITNEY age 49 Chesterville Grocer

Susan P Whitney age 50 Orono

Diana S WOODWARD (Geo.) age 30 Livermore


Horace N HAMMOND age 32 Avon Laborer

Florinda S WELLINGTON (Geo. O) age 33 Livermore


Martha CLAFLIN (Wm. B) age 33 Livermore

Erastus THOMPSON age 50 Livermore Manufactory

Joth Whittemore age 57 Livermore Clerk


Martha J MEARS age 29 of Jay married (Solomon P)


Charlotte LYON age 37 of Phillips married Housekeeper (Edwin)

Delia M BRACE age 13 of Wilton Single

Marietta Wood age 27 of Avon married Housekeeper (Leander P)


John C Carlisle age 33 of Farmington married farmer

North Bridgewater (Brockton)

Amanda M WILLIS age 39 of New Vineyard married (Mtichell)


Benjamin BAKER age 43 Weld Soldier

Mary Baker age 40 Housekeeper

Mary E age 19

Benjamin E age 16

Otis Brett age 51 Poland Blacksmith

Caroline S age 46 INDUSTRY housekeeper

Charles G age 22 Holton Blacksmith

Mary A age 19 Holton Shoebinder

Florance A age 16 Ashland

William N COLBURN age 30 Wilton Methodist Clergyman

Joel COOLIDGE age 50 Livermore Farmer

Jennie COTTING age 5 Livermore child of John R & Eveline H

Ellen M DEARBORN (Benj.) age 35 Starks Housekeeper

Sarah A FORBES age 12 Phillips

Martha R Forbes age 9 Phillips children of John S & Persis G Forbes

William LEARY age 73 Livermore

William MOULTON age 25 Phillips Wheel Wright

Lucinda Moulton age 50 Strong Housekeeper

Eliza J Moulton age 21 Phillips Shoe finisher

Elmira A Moulton age 17 Phillips Shoe finisher

George W Moulton age 12 Phillips

Dora E Moulton age 9 Phillips

Edward Moulton age 6 Phillips

Rochester and Mattapoisett

Elias ATWOOD Jr age 19 of Phillips single Machinist

Hannah E ATWOOD age 21 of Phillips Help Single

Loisa ATWOOD age 17 of Phillips Help Single

(children of Elias & Hulda A Atwood)

Jane HAMMOND age 60 of Farmington married (Thomas P)

James L BROWN age 43 of Livermore married Shoe Maker


Mary Elizabeth TWITCHELL age 38 of Starks married Housewife

(Benjamin Tucker)


Calvin R WEAVER age 33 of Belgrade married Engineer


Charles H CAMPBELL age 31 of Mercer

Abby N HEARD age 23 of Norridgwock (George S) Wheelwright

Charles STEARNS age 39 of Mt Vernon Wheelwright

Wilmington 1855

Samuel LOWE age 28 of Mercer RR Repairer on B & M

Harry G SLEEPER age 19 of New Sharon

Aurilla D STAFFORD age 30 of Jay (George)

Wilmington 1865

Fifield LUCE age 41 of Industry married Depot Master

Sarah A age 37 of Strong married Housewife

James G F age 6 Strong single


Abiel ABBOTT age 55 of Temple married

Sarah S age 40 of Farmington married

Sarah E age 18 Farmington single

Samuel P age 15 of Farmington single

Nathan D age 10 of Norridgewock

James BEAN age 46 of Jay married Tailor

Ruth H. age 39 of Jay married

Edgar HILTON age 50 of Starks married Machinist

Mary J age 48 Vassalboro married

Ellen F age 24 Madison single

Charles B age 21 of Madison single Clerk

Mary J age 19 of Madison single

Martha age 17 of Augusta single

Anna L age 15 of Augusta

William E age 13 of Augusta

Benjamin W TUCK age 36 of Temple married Painter

Frances J age 30 of Oxford married

Benjamin age 8 Hallowell


Samuel WILEY age 44 of Jay married Farmer

Maria H age 39 of Waterford married wife