This information comes from an old ledger found in the vault of the

 This information comes from an old ledger found in the vault of the

Farmington Town Office.  This information was extracted as part of

the Vital Records Project in 1992-94.

Ledger Information

June 28 1890 Permission was given Annie W Libby to remove Freddy, Carrie, Leonia, Mattie, her children now buried in Riverside to another lot in same cemetery

Aug 16 1890 Petition of M C Hobbs wishing to erect a steam engine-boiler at his place of business at Hobbs Mill

Oct 18 1889 E S Bragg requested moving remains of Mary E & Fred A Bragg from the burying ground at Fairbanks to the Riverside Cemetery at Farmington - granted

Oct 20 1890 Granted removal of remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Butterfield from the Butterfield Cemetery to the Franklin cemetery by request of A S Butterfield

Aug 8 1891 C E Davis granted permission to remove remains of his son from present lot to another lot in Riverside

Sept 26 1891 James R Butler, Zachariah M Butler and Augusta L Butler moved from the Gay Cemetery to Riverside Cemetery

Oct 24 1891 Permission granted Cyrus Degree to remove his 2 children Lydia A Degree and unnamed infant from Fairbanks Cemetery to Riverside Cemetery

Nov 28 1891 Permission graned to Thomas H Adams to remove the following to Riverside Cemetery
Gustover Hayes
Sarah Blake
Solomon Adams
Daniel Beal
Hannah Adams
Hannah Beal
Benjamin Adams
Daniel B Adams
Margaret Adams
Lucy Adams
J R Adams

July 25 1896 Petition for license to erect, operate and maintain in the Building owned by C Drummond and numbered 35 on south side of Broadway one stationary steam engine of five horse power with a boiler of ten horse power of modern construction with safety valve and fusiable safety plug with smoke stack connected with the chimney
Jonas Lord to Augusta Hospital Mar 23 1889
Eugene Walker to Augusta Hospital Jan 21 1889
May 27 1890 Permission to dig up bodies or remains in the 2 rows of lots nearest the County Building in the old Center Meeting House Cemetery
Hannah L Childs
Pede J Childs
Abigail A W Hathaway
Helen E Titcomb
Apphia S Titcomb
2 children of Joseph & Charlotte Harmon
Samuel G Stanley
Arabella H Stanley
Timothy Currier and three children
Prescilla Ellis
Zebulon Allen & Prudence Allen
Rosamur K Lowell& Abigail S Lowell & three children
Caroline Williams Lothrop
John C Savage
William Williams & Thomas Williams
All to be removed to Franklin or Riverside Cemetery
Permission Granted June 18 1890

EDITOR NOTE: The reason these people were moved to Riverside Cemetery (at one time called Franklin Cemetery) was that the "new" county courthouse was being built on the site of the old Center Meeting House. The footprint of the new court house was larger than the Meeting house, therefore, people buried in the cemetery behind the Meeting house had to be moved to accomodate the erection of the new court house building.

Mrs Mary E Odell to Augusta Hospital Feb 23 1892

License to George W Ranger for a Billard Room Apr 19 1892

Washington T Goodwin to Augusta Hospital Nov 28 1892

Eugene F Goman to Augusta Hospital Aug 12 1893

Edwin P Shear to Augusta Hospital Apr 29 1893

Herbert E Jennings to Augusta Hospital Oct 21 1893

Farmington Creamery Co. requested authorization to operate stationary engine on the property formerly owned by the First Free Will Baptist Church Authorized Apr 7 1894

Selectmen of Farmington grant a license to G B Butler (Auctioneer) to sell a certain number of horses at the stable of A D Horn in Farmington Friday Jan 25 1895 between the hours of 7 in the forenoon and 6 in the afternoon upon the payment of $5 to the town

Nellie M Lincoln To Augusta Hospital May 15 1895

Hiram E Gay to Augusta Hospital Jan 4 1897

Fred A Rich to Augusta Hospital Jan 4 1897

W H Gould petitioned the Town to operate a stationary Steam engine of 12 HP in the building of L G Burton at 44 Broadway

Carrie E Pendexter, wife of Eugene S Pendexter to Augusta Hospital Jan 8 1898

Walter J Small to Augusta Hospital Apr 9 1898

New England Telephone and Telegraph petitioned the town to install poles and wires on all streets and highways of Farmington. Request refused by selectmen because of the value and efficiency of existing system Sept 30 1899

This ledger also contained:
Juror Lists Requests for Auctioneer's Licenses, Billard Room licenses, Licenses to operate Taverns and Inns, Pauper notices, Constable appointments, Board of Health appointments, Ballot clerk appointments, Sealers of Weights and Measures and various other appointments.