isalocem cemetery

Temple, Maine

In West Farmington take Rt. 43 west to Varnam Pond Rd. Take Varnam Pond Rd. to Orchard Hill Rd. Cemetery is on Orchard Hill Rd. at the top of the hill. The old Finnish name for this Rd. is Isalo Road

Dates after 1989 taken from Franklin Journal
Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August, 1989 by George & Janet Thompson

  Timothy  d. 9-2-1857  age 76y
  Margaret, his wife  d. 12-21-1840  age 51y
  Timothy, Jr., their son  d. 3-12-1838  age 18y 4m
  Mary, their dau.  d. 3-14-1838  age 13y 8m
  Samuel, their son  d. 2-5-1838  age 11y

  Moody K. DASCOMB
  Martha R., his wife  d. 3-14-1869  age 34y 4m
  Susie E., their dau.  d. 7-9-1870  age 4y

  A. W.  d. 11-2-1887  age 59y 9m 22d
  Julia A., wife of H. F. Weymouth & former wife of A. W. FARMER
	d. 7-22-1914  age 76y 2m 14d
  Lizzie Ella, dau. of A. W. & Julia A. FARMER
	d. 8-27-1878  age 7wks 3d

  Isaac FARMER
  Abigail  d. 2-4-1846  age 37y
  A. H. F.  d. 10-28-1889  age 12m 1d

  Abram  d. 4-12-1851  age 52y
  Charity, his wife  d. 3-6-1891  age 87y 4m
  Martin V. B.  d. 12-30-1857  age 23y

  Hartley C.  9-24-1948 - 4-28-1988
	(U.S.Army Vietnam)
  Melanie Jane  8-5-1945 - 

  Isaac, Dea.  d. 7-22-1893  age 92y 4m
  Louisa D., his wife  d. 3-3-1884  age 67y 7m
  Evelyn D., their dau.  d. 9-12-1874  age 23y 11m

  Jacob  d. 5-11-1847  age 40y
  Phirilla, dau of Jacob & Martha J. FARMER
  d. 9-20-1843  age 2y

  John  d. 7-29-1889  age 64y
  Emily, his wife  d. 11-17-1922  age 85y
  Anna A., their dau.  d. 3-11-1865  age 2y 10m
  Their Inf. son  d. 1-21-1857

  Moses, Dea.  d. 2-__-1859   (broken stone)
  Sally, his wife  d. 2-13-1866  age 95y 8m 13d
  Sarah, their dau.  d. 7-21-1852  age 49y 1m 15d

  Vincent Thaxter  7-19-1906 - 2-27-1968
  Ruby E. LUNT, his wife  5-25-1913 - 9-10-1988
  Bert E., their son  12-9-1944 - 5-2-1993

  Jesse  d.__________  age 73y   (broken stone)
  Phebe, his  wife  d. 8-20-1863  age 79y 9m
  Albion K. P.  d. 1-8-1873  age 50y 6m
  Rebecca S.  d. 8-3-1893  age 75y 2m

  Lemuel  d. 12-26-1862  age 85y
  Abigail, his wife  d. 8-26-1874  age 100y 1m 23d
  Sally Moore  d. 7-6-1855  age 60y
  Thankful  d. 8-15-1813  age 1y 8m
  Julia A.  d. 12-16-1813  age 11m

  J______ & Sally Lakin
  Their Inf. dau.  d. 18__   (weathered stone)

  Ruby E.   (see Vincent T. FARMER lot)

  Sally   (see Lemuel HATHAWAY lot)

  Alden P.  d. 10-24-1847  age 26y

  William  d. 9-15-1883  age 81y 3m 14d
  Abigail T., his wife  d. 9-30-1892  age 90y 5m 26d
  Mary B., their dau.  d. 8-27-1834  age 3y 20d
  M. Octavia, their dau.  d. 6-19-1843  age 2y 2m 13d

  Gustavus P.  d. 8-15-1870  age 32y 6m 12d
  Eliza K., his wife  d. 1-2-1877  age 39y 5m
  Lillie E., their dau.  d. 10-7-1887  age 18y 3m 21d
  Willis L.  9-16-1865 - 9-14-1932

  David  d. 11-13-1866  age 70y 9m 16d
  Polly, his wife  d. 4-17-1869  age 76y 2d
  Isaac N., their son  d. 5-20-1838  age 4y 6m 26d
  Nathaniel, their son  d. 2-10-1837  age 9m 1d

  Isaac, Eld.  d. 9-18-1827  age 57y
  Mary, his wife  d. 3-18-1858  age 83y
  Rowena, their dau.  d. 2-27-1866  age 56y
  Susannah, their dau.  d. 2-22-1887  age 87y 1m
  Nancy, their dau.  d. 3-9-1891  age 74y 6m
  Eliza, their dau.  d. 3-14-1891  age 77y 20d

  Julia A.   (see A. W. FARMER lot)

  Betsey   (see Betsey TRIPP lot)

  Timothy TRIPP
  Betsey WILSON, his wife  d. 5-3-1833  age 47y 2m

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