huff cemetery

Freeman, Maine

Take SR-145 north out of Strong, Me. about 3.7 miles to the Cemetery on the right just before the Cook Hill Rd. Cemetery in poor condition.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied 1970's by George & Janet Thompson

  Harrison L. D.  12-03-1841 - 06-16-1915
  age 73y 6m 13d
  Lizzie H.  his wife  d. 05-18-1888  age  44y
  H. Elmer  their son  d.  07-07-1871  age 5y 8m

  Jonathan B.  d. 12-02-1872  age 72y
  Nancy  his wife  d. 02-22-1878  age 62y 3m 22d

  Charles W.  1836 - 1913    (flag)
  118th Reg. Co. B. N.Y.   Civil war

  Georgie E.  d. 05-27-1873  age 3y  dau. of
  Lyman & Estella Harmon

  Daniel  d. 01-13-1881  age 90y 10m
  Eunice  his 1st wife  d. 04-09-1845  age 50y
  Betsey  his 2nd wife  d. 03-24-1898  age 92y 7m 8d
  Betsey Melvina  dau. of D. & B. Huff  d. 02-28-1855
  age 4y 4m 7d
  William P.  d. 03-07-1879  age 61y 6m    (flag)
  (Civil War)
  Wm. B.  d. 04-26-1886  age 39y 9m
  Elva A.   his wife  d. 11-10-1881  age 34y
  Charlie H.  their son  d. 10-12-1888  age 17y 4m
  Carl V.  their son  d. 08-22-1873  age 7wks
  Lillian L.  their dau.  d. 07-20-1884  age 9y
  Daisy G.  their dau.  d. 09-08-1881  age 8m
  Charles W.  d. 02-16-1917  age 85y 21d    (flag)
  Civil War
  Susan M.  his 1st wife  d. 10-23-1869  age 29y 7d
  Ella L.  his 2nd wife  d. 04-16-1910  age 60y 4m
  Delbert Ray  their son  d. 08-26-1883  age 6m 27d
  C. Riley  1867 - 1942
  Tena  his wife  1871 - 1897
  Alice L.  their  dau.  05-18-1888 -
  Melvin W.  1890 - 1965
  Genie E.  his wife  1890 -
  Edna H.  their dau.  1907 - 1928
  Richard A.  their son  1911 - 1919
  Shepard L.  05-28-1848 - 03-10-1923
  Sophia  C.  his wife  10-03-1847 - 11-13-1925
  Elmer E.  their son  04-09-1888 - 10-08-1950
  Fred E.  1876 - 1958
  Ida M.  his wife   1881 - 1947
  Hattie M.  wife of George L. Huff
  09-08-1868 - 02-26-1899

  Bertha M.  d. 08-10-1879  age 3y 2m
  dau. of Simon W. & Maria N. Lambert

  Hiram  09-03-1806 - 04-25-1880    (flag)
  Hannah  his 1st wife  d. 04-25-1869  age 66y
  Elvira  his 2nd wife  d. 03-07-1881  age 37y  10m

  Ostin V.  1863 - 1943
  Helen L.  his wife  1869 - 1904
  Ethel M.  their dau.  d. 11-01-1894  age 2m 26d

  Susie K.  05-07-1888 - 09-26-1888
  dau. of H.C. & H.M. Young

Names of person appearing on stones but not buried here.

HARMON		Lyman & Estella
HUFF		George L.
LAMBERT		Simon W. & Maria N.
YOUNG		H. C. & H. M.

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