hinkley cemetery

Livermore, Maine

From Route 4 in Jay by McDonalds, take #4 South about a 1/2 mile. Go right, cross the bridge over the river. The road swings right. Take the next left, crossing the RR tracks and up the hill. (This is the Crash Road) Drive to nearly the end of the Crash Road. The town office is on the right. Back up the Crash Road about 1/4 mile. This cemetery is located just off the road behind a green house with a porch on the right. Some broken stones. Many stones down. A lot of moss on stones making them difficult to read. Old vault door read A. HINKLEY 1860

Copied in April 2000 by Nancy Porter
and Dorothy Beisaw

 Alphrus, son of Abner S & Boadicca Aldrich
  d. 9-26-1835 @6m 20d
 Samuel d. 6-20-1816 
 Hannah, wife of Samuel Atwood d. 8-31-1854 @84y
 Britania, dau of Samuel & Hannah Atwood d. 2-2(?6)[email protected]

 Jonas D  d. 12-17-1857 @72y
 Catherine his wife  d. 11-5-1841 @47y

 Horace W  son of Tilson & Elizabeth D d. 3-27-1850 @10m 21d

 John  d. 7-31-1838 @28y
 Clarinda d. 7-_-1836 @22y

 Edwin    11-26-1847  12-2-1926
 Mary his wife  2-23-1839  5-23-1922

 George Jr  d. 4-19-1874 @53y 11m
 Ann his wife  d. 8-5-1875 @55y
 Deborah Ann dau  d. 9-21-1862 @13y 2m
 Hannah L dau  d. 12-4-1867  @15y 5m

 Mrs Miriam, wife of Abel Delano  d. 3-6-1825 @40y

 Mary (A/R?) only dau of Cornelius M & Mary A Duke/Dyke
  d. 8-19-1854 @ ??y 10m 25d
 Oliver  d. 1-19-1814 @59y
 Marcy, his widow d. 2-24-1821 @72y

 Mary  d. 4-14-1812 @ (8y?)
 Elisha B  d. 2-11-1812 @23y

 Marena, wife of Bela Field d. 7-28-1863 @72y 10m
 Sarah A, infant d. 5-11-1823 @1y
 Adelphia wife of John Goding d. 1-22-1854 @37y
 Mrs Miriam his wife  d. 2-24-1842 @61y
  (No John Goding)
 Ira d. 2-18-1874 @65y 9m 4d
 Esther Dinsmore his wife  d. 8-29-1892 @76y 6m 14d
 Charlotte C  dau  d. 7-2-1861 @18y 11m
 Margaret E, wife of George C Haines, and dau of Ira & Esther Goding
  d.  6-17-1825 @27y 2m 14d
 Zebulon d. 2-3-1875 @76y
 Mary A his wife d. 10-5-1849 @38y
 Syrena his wife d. 5-13-1882 @72y 7m
 Stella, dau of Zebulaon & Syrenea d. 11-16-1858 @2y 6m
 John D d. 8-22-1848 @60y 10  11d  War of 1812
 Nancy his wife d. 2-28-1834 @45y 10m

 Dea Nathaniel  b. sept 1750  d. Nov 1833 @89y
 Mrs Sarah his wife b. july 1774  d. Feb 1840 @91y

 Alanson  1795-1887
 Salome E his wife 1802-1872
 Ebenezer H  1833-1836
 (other side of stone)
 Capt David 1766-1868 (Rev War Flag)
 Sarah 1800-1831
 Charles  1824-1859

 Cyntha d. 5-24-1828 @28y
 Hartson d. 11-8-1830 @25y
 Hulda, wife of David Hinkley d. 5-4-1839 @73y

 Eben H 1837-1912
 Costella M 1845-1895
 (other side of stone)
 Charles E  1876-1880
 Edward L  1881-1902
 (other side of stone)
 Ernest E 1872-1940
 Mary Lothrop his wife  1882-1965
 Footstones: MLH  EEH Ehh CMH CEH ELH
 Roger Ernest son of Ernest Jr & Ruth Grant Hinkley 10-16-1946  10-17-1946

 Ebenezer H, son of Hanson & Salome  d. 2-26-1836 @3y

 Abner  d. 9-5-1867 @75y 6m
 Judith B his wife  d. 12-18-1855 @59y
 Daniel  d. 11-16-1812 @69y  Revolution
 Elizabeth Pitts, his wife  d. 2-28-1834 @75y

 Samuel P d. 11-12-1865 @67y
 Sarah  d. 2-6-1873 @83y 10m

 Nath'l A  d. 2-15-1848 @32y

 Mr Thomas  Jr d. 10-20-1844 @36y
 Deborah, wife of C H Baker, Formerly wife of Harvey Reed
   Also wife of Thomas McCollister and dau of Elisha & Rebecca Pratt
   b.  5-22-1810  d. 4-10-1887
 John T, son of Thomas & Deborah  d. 2-3-1844 @2y 11m 
 Lewes M, son of Thomas & Deborah d. 3-12-1848 @5y 10m

 Ann Eliza, dau of Rev Charles & Susan D Miller  d. 3-21-1812 @2y 11d

 Abby Vesta, dau of Ransom & Achsahs d. 8-11-1842 @11y

 Deborah E dau of Rev Ransom & Susannah Norton d. 5-20-1825 @17y
 Susanna dau of Ransom & Susannah d. 7-5-1808
 (stone badly broken)
 Mary, dau of Ransom & Susannah d. 5-19-180(8?) @5y

 Florida N  79y
 Mary         78y
 Charles      82y

 George Dana "Father" b. 10-14-1820  d. 11-8-1866 @46y
 Lucinda J his wife b. 5-19-1824  d. 1-3-1912 @88y

 Hebron   d. 6-29-1851 @58y 7m  GAR
 Nancy his wife  d. 5-16-1821 @30y
 Maria his wife d. 8-10-1854 @52y 8m 13d

 Rev Ransom  d. 10-25-1834 @72y
 Susannah his wife d. 3-2-1830 @58y
 Sylvester d. 8-8-1821 @85y (FLAG)
 Lydia his wife d. 6-12-1816 @77y
 Dora, wife of Virgil Williams 1829-1915

 Sewall M 1817-1899
 Dorcas his wife 1817-1852
 Jane C his wife 1823-1896
 (other side of the stone)
 Jennie D 1866-1915
 Dorance W 1853-1918

Footstones leaning up against the stone wall:
 Mrs. Hannah Norton

 Zebulon b. in Chlmark Martha's Vineyard 10-11-1777  d. 10-12-1865 @88y
 Mary D Merritt his wife b. Machias Maine 11-27-1794  d. 8-18-1886 @91y 9m
 Mrs. Hannah, his wife d. 5-2-1816 @32y
 Adaline, dau of Zebulon & Hannah d. 3-22-1842 @33y 11m

 Amos d. 10-18-1837 @58y Vet Flag
 Sarah S, dau of Amos & Joanna Perley d. 4-14-1816 @5m 14(d?)

 Capt Philip  d. 7-10-1828 @46y
 Dinah, relict of Capt Philip Pitts d. 6-16-1884 @80y
 Philip, son d. 7-21-1821 @10m 11d
 David Jr d. 4-12-1816 @30y
 Louise O  d. 11-26-1833 @28y
 David   d. 4-15-1870 @94y
 Prudence his wife  d. 2-18-1846 @67y

 Harvey  d. 10-24-1857 @46y 4m
 Adeline his wife d. 9-21-1816 @34y
 Charles H son d. 9-17-1816 @15m

 Stillman  d. 10-26-1875 @67y
 (same stone) 
 George E  Co G 1st Me Cav  Killed at the battle of Reams
   Station  VA  8-25-1864 @21y 7m
 Martha wife of Stillman d. 5-10-1897 @83y
 Clara, dau of Stillman & Martha  d. 5-5-1851 @10y 8m

 In Memory of Prudence, wife of Thomas Rich  d. 1-11-1813 @34y

 Betsey R, dau of Alvin & Julia A d. 6-30-1861 @7y 10d
 Alvin, formerly of Canton Maine d. in Halifax Nova Scotia 11-22-(1877?) GAR
  from the effects of sunstroke while on duty in the late war @54y 8m
 Julia A his wife d. 9-2-1906 @78y 8m 25d

 Lincoln, son of West & Abby B d. 3-14-1866 @5y 11d
 West d. 3-24-1845 @59y
 Betsey, relict of Dea West Robinson d. [email protected]

 Jackson M  d. 6-22-1849 @28y
 Arno Willie, son of Abraham J & Nancy J Sawin d. 10-28-1865 @1y 3m
 Olive  b. Carver Mass 2-13-1794  d. 7-15-1875
 Samuel  b. Livermore 11-8-1794  d. 7-27-1824

 Capt. Henry G  d. 9-12-1855 
 Mathew M d. 2-22-1884 @75y  (Vet Flag)
 Martha, wife of Mathew M d. (Nov?)-24-1832 @21y
 Jesse d. 2-28-1857 @91y
 Polly his wife d. 1-28-1828
 Infant dau of Jesse & Polly  d. 2-3-1810 @1d

 Ezra Drew  1858-1889
 Myra Coolidge his wife  1861-1940
 Charlie  1855-1872

 Job Drew  3-30-1820  11-8-1918
 Ruth Winslow his wife 2-4-1825  3-12-1904

 Dea Ira  b. Middleboro Mass 8-3-1780  d. 2-13-1857 @76y
 Mrs Sophia his wife by Kingston Mass 10-15-1782  d. 1-29-1856 @73y

 Ira, oldest son of Deacon I. & S Thompson  d. 1-11-1883 @79y 3m
 Lyida T his wife and dau of G & L Hathaway d. 1-21-1869 @61y 8m

 Catharine relict of James G Walker d. 2-20-1852 @82y
 James G d. 9-11-1832 @88y one of the first settlers of this town

 Cyrus H, son of Walter & Patty d. 7-3-1841 @24y
 Ransom N  b. 6-23-1818  d. 10-16-1868
 Frances E his wife b. 9-23-1818  d. 2-26-1900
 Walter Jr  d. 1-19-1864 @72y 6m
 Francis M, son of Walter & Patty d. 7-21-1837 @2y 6m
 Patty, wife of Walter d. 3-19-1880 @87y 6m
 Lucy, wife of Walter d. 11-10-1847 @86y
 (no evidence of Walter)

 Reuben 1771-1862
 Lucy Weld, his wife  1778-1871
 Reuben Jr 1813-1837
 Susan S  1823-1837
 Charles C 18199-1838
 Peleg B  1817-1839
 Mary A 1826-1840
 Louis M 1828-1909
 (other side of stone)
 Louis M 1828-1909
 Lucretia A Foss his wife 1836-1888
 Ellen F Lyford his wife  1838-1914

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