Farmington Marriages

                                           Farmington Marriages

When the marriages were extracted from the Vital Record Books, there were several

dates.  One date was an intention, one a date when the certificate was issued, and one is

the actual marriage date.  In some cases, intention dates were the same as marriage dates.

Many of the old books were very difficult to read; some had tattered edges, and faded ink.

Intentions were file in books separate from the marriages.  And in some cases, there were

marriages sandwiched in between family data.  We tried to "organize" all the data into one

database so we wouldn't miss any pertinent dates. 

When I tried to upload the data to the internet, I had to split the database into several files

just to manage the information.  Please be aware that the data was originally sorted by

FEMALE LAST NAME.  Sorting either way would have made searching for information


If there's a question about anything feel free to contact me, as I have the whole database in book


                                 Nancy Porter, Page Host