Chester Greenwood

 CHESTER GREENWOOD of Farmington Maine



Chester Greenwood, born in Farmington Dec 4 1858, son of Zina Hyde Greenwood, was a major player in the town of Farmington for many years.  He did invent the ear protectors at the age of 15.  He did later manufacture them - for nearly 60 years.  But he did so much more.  He invented.  He was a machinist and a very good one.  He produced a number of items which he later patented.  His ear protectors were his first (1877).  The steel tooth rake was his last (1936).  But research has found that although he was reputed to have had over 100 patents, the US Patent Office had only 5 on record.  He did, however, apply for a sixth patent, although he never completed the process.

Chester married Isabel Whittier of Chesterville.  Isabel was influential in her own right.  She was very active in the Suffrage Movement, holding meetings at her home, and speaking at Suffrage meetings at the State Level. 

Chester & Isabel had four children - Lester, Donald, Vodisa and Clinton.  The children were provided with many opportunities - music, education, and family support. 

Chester and Isabel build a beautiful Victorian Home on a hill in Farmington, overlooking the Sandy River.  The home still stands. 


Chester's story is now available in a book written by Nancy Porter of West Farmington.

It is now for sale from the author, or from local book stores in the Farmington Area.

You may contact the author at (207) 778-3779.  The book sells for $12 plus shipping - $2.50.