burbank-nile cemetery

Freeman, Maine

Take SR-27 from Farmington toward Kingfield. Go to
junction of SR27 and SR-234. Continue on SR-27 for 3.25
miles to a dirt road on the left. Follow this to a
brook at end of Rd. Walk up hill, Cemetery is on the
right. Overgrown with brush & trees.
Very Poor Condition.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied by George & Janet Thompson

  Dorcas  d. 11-24-1852  age 86y
  wife of John Burbank
  Capt. Jesse S.  d. 11-01-1861  age 69y 2m
  Hannah  his wife  d. 03-14-1876  age 83y 10m
  John   09-24-1822 - 03-26-1896
  Susannah S.  his wife  10-23-1844 - 04-14-1877
  Nathan  d. 10-06-1891  age 91y
  Martha  his wife   d. 05-_______ (broken stone)
  Jeremiah M.  04-02-1830 - 11-11-1914
  Sarah A. Cottle  his wife  11-30-1842 - 09-27-1923
  Marshall N.  10-13-1841 - 12-09-1915
  Sarah B.  his wife  01-11-1852 - 12-25-1933
  Eva  their dau.  d. 11-16-1879  age 5y
  Henry T.  d. 12-29-1902  age 57y

  John  (see Dorcas Burbank lot)

  Harriet M.  d. 02-11-1863  age 46y 1m                        
  wife of Henry Carvill, Jr.                                 
  Hiram  their son  d. 04-01-1861  age 20y 11m               
  Henry E.  d. 05-09-1915  age 73y 1m                        
  Louisa L.  his wife  d. 03-04-1897  age 56y 11m 
  Nellie X.  their dau.  d. 05-13-1891  age 18y 6m
  Mary L.  their dau.  d. 11-10-1888  age 19y 5m  

  Henry, Jr.  (see Harriet Carville lot)

  Sarah  see Burbank lot
  Charles J.  d. 12-26-1853  age 13y 10m 20d

  Elvira  his 1st wife  d. 10-31-1867  age 36y 10m 20d
  Emeline S.  his 2nd wife  d. 05-20-1870  age 40y
  (Wives of John Luce)
  Cordelia  dau. of John & Elvira Luce
  d. 06-17-1861  age 6y 2m 17d

  John  (see Elvira Luce lot)

  Alfred W.  d. 01-25-1932  age 78y 8m
  Hattie M.  his wife  d. 11-11-1890  age 24y 1m

  Samuel  d. 03-23-____  age 49y (broken stone)
  Martha  his wife  d. 06-08-1853  age 70y
  Silas  their son  d. 03-19-1852  age 36y
  Roselinda  their dau.  d. 09-25-1843  age 22y
  Amasa  d. 03-08-1893  age 75y 18d
  Elmira L.  his wife  d. 11-06-1901  age 76y 1m 27d

  Hiram B.  1834 - 1895
  Emily E.  his wife  1842 - 1889

  Cliff E.  (see Lottie P. Wing lot)

  Lottie P.  12-23-1870 - 01-26-1916
  wife of Cliff E. Wing
  Editha L.  their dau.  11-11-1900 - 09-16-1901

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