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brackley cemetery

Freeman, Maine

Take the West Freeman Rd. out of Strong Village
and go .75 miles beyond the Tory Hill Rd.
to brook. Cross brook and find cemetery
on the left on a hill.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied by George & Janet Thompson

  John  11-20-1818 - 04-27-1897
  Lois  his wife  06-28-1817 - 03-07-1900
  Julia E.  their dau.  10-05-1847 - 01-27-1849
  Orren  12-02-1845 - 07-03-1921    (flag)
  Civil War 1st Reg. 2nd Me. Battery Lt. Art.
  Elmira Carville  his wife  01-01-1849 - 08-19-1935
  Freddie E.  their son  d. 05-18-1874  age 2y 8m 19d
  Fannie N.  their dau.  d. 05-22-1891  age 16y 10m

  Jonathan, Esq.  d. 12-26-1854  age 67y 2m 4d
  Dorcas  his wife  d. 07-11-1870  age 75y 9m 25d
  Clarissa A.  their dau.  d. 07-23-1849  age 20y
  Jonathan  their son  d. 02-09-1860  age 27y

  Elmira  see Brackley lot

  Capt. Barnabas  d. 10-22-1840  age 71y
  Jane  his wife  d. 10-31-1865  age 86y 4m 13d

  Benjamin  d. 09-09-1847  agge 83y     (flag)
  War of 1812
  Polly  his wife  d. 05-06-1848  age 83y
  Samuel  d. 08-28-1875  age 70y 5m
  Mary Ann T.  his 1st wife  d. 02-16-1841  age 52y
  Eunice G.  his 2nd wife  d. 07-21-1850  age 33y
  Dorcas A.  his 3rd wife  d. 07-28-1901  age 75y 5m
  Martha A.  dau of S. & E. Dodge
  d. 08-12-1859  age 17y

  John N.  d. 05-02-1853  age 74y
  Susanna  his wife  d. 04-04-1841  age 72y
  Capt. John  d. 04-18-1879  age 70y
  Louisa  his wife  d. 01-26-1844  age 31y
  Selemana A.S.  their dau.  d. 04-10-1856  age 21y
  Looman H.  their son  d. 08-09-1862    (flag)
  Fell in the battle of Cedar Mountain.
  Orlando H.  their son  d. 04-01-1878
  Azor  1812 - 1891
  Mary  his wife  1810 - 1896
  Infant dau.  1840
  Roscoe A.  1852 - 1904
  Clara M.  his wife  1858 - 1936

  Sears  d. 03-11-1834  age 66y
  Anna  his wife  d. 02-23-1849  age 80y
  Sears, Jr.  d. 06-29-1858  age 60y 11m
  Sarah  his wife  d. 12-01-1877  age 74y 8m
  Dennis E.  d. 11-23-1898  age 66y 11m
  Lewis W.  d. 04-25-1898  age 61y 5m 11d

  Sons of William & Charlotte Patterson:
  John W.  d. 09-25-1848  age 20y
  Warran H.  d. 11-22-1857  age 24y 8m 9d

  Freedom  d. 05-12-1898  age 80y 4m 12d
  Sarah  his wife  d. 07-10-1889  age 68y 6m
  Their children:
  Melvin G.  d. 01-07-1862  age 14y 8m
  Llewellyn  d. 05-27-1862  age 6y 8m
  Vilda  d. 09-14-1860  age 10m 16d

  Eliza  d. 07-23-1843  age 66y  wife of Zadoc Trask  
  Letitia A.  1856 - 1900  wife of O.P. Walker

  Arletta D.  d. 02-19-1869  age 30y  wife of 
  Wm. W. Welch

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