New Sharon, Maine

This cemetery is located on the Cape Cod Hill Road off Rt. 139. It is located behind the school on a path that is marked as a Nature Trail. The children in the school had taken on the project of cleaning up this cemetery. They did a marvelous job. They have even planted a few flowers and some are artificial but everyone has a flower, they also strung a rope around the granite posts that were along the outside of the cemetery.
There is a flat stone with a plaque in the center of the graveyard that says: “Repaired in the Memory of those known and unknown who lie on this hill by the Cape Cod School 1997".

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August, 1998 by Frederick W. & Phyllis E. Hardy

  Gideon  d. 12-11-1848  age 79y 19d  father    (FLAG)
  Nancy BOWLEY  d. 7-18-1836  age 55y 6m 6d

  Benj. M., Paulina E. & Jonny O.   (see George W. DYER lot)

  John  d. 10-12-1872  age 68y
  Dea. Jno. CROWELL  d. 3-28-1899  age 66y
  Remember, his wife  d. 8-19-1852  age 83y

  Moses  d. Mar. 24, 1847 age 40

  Nathan  d. 12-26-1878  age 69y 9m
  Hannah, his wife  d. 1-21-1864  age 45y 3m 19d

  George W.  1863 - 1932
  Lucinda G. MORSE, his wife  1854 - 1930
  Jonny O., son of Benj. M. & Paulina E. CARR
  d. 12-28-1872  age 10m 18d

  Jeramiah  d. in New Sharon  5-23-1875  age 60y  (FLAG)
  Nancy B., his wife  1819 - 1884
  Abby Ann, their dau.  d. 4-30-1847  age 3y 7m 15d
  Augusta FOLSOM  1856 - 1881

  Joseph  d. 12-20-1856  age 70y    (FLAG)

  Samuel & Almira FOLSOM
  Francis L., their son  d. 2-17-1858  age 10y 7m 4d

  ????, son of Lyman & Elizabeth P. L.
  d. Sept. 9, 1825 age 5m 11d

  Solano D.  d. 6-30-1886  age 66y
  Margaret A., his wife  d. 5-28-1867  age 53y
  Charles LONGLEY  (1869? - 1923 or 1925)    (FLAG)

  Harry  6-1-1901 - 9-16-1987
    he ran a good race

  Susan P.   (see George L. MORSE lot)

  Eben  d. 4-24-1887  age 75y
  Lois, his wife  d. 8-27-1883  age 83y 5m
  Otis E., their son  d. 4-21-1866  age 21y 4m  (Flag)

  Joseph & Nancy MORRILL
  Francena C., their dau.  d. 10-16-1857  age 10y 2m

  George L.  d. Aug. 10, 1903 age 85y 9m 20d
  Susan P. MANLEY, his wife  d. 8-3-1882  age 53y 9m 13d
  George L., Jr.  d. 10-23-1873  age 2y 9m 4d

  Lucinda G.   (see George W. DYER lot)

  Nathaniel  d. 1-18-1865  age 63y 4m 16d
  Abigail B., his 1st wife  d. 10-21-1843  age 34y
  Emily H., his 2nd wife  d. 9-30-1865  age 40y 5m 18d
  Jessie PRESCOTT  d. 1-15-1846  age 83y 3m
  Mary PRESCOTT  d. 8-7-1841  age 78y 6m
  Benj. W. PRESCOTT  d. 11-21-1877  age 80y 7m 10d
  Hannah, his wife  d. 1863  age 71y
  two infant sons & daug. of of Benj. W. & Hannah PRESCOTT
  (one stone with no dates)
  Joshia B., their son  d. 5-29-1848  age 11y 9m
  L.H.P.  1825  (small stone)
  Mary, their dau.  d. 8-14-1858

  Jere F.  d. 9-7-1869  age 69y 3m 14d
  Nancy, his wife  d. 3-15-1882  age 74y 3m 16d

  Levi & Mary WHITTIER
  Levi, Jr., their son  d. 7-17-1825  age 4y 6m

  Several fieldstones (unreadable)

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