From the History of Monmouth

From the History of Monmouth & Wales…

This book was published in two volumes and has a very good genealogical section in the back. Sometimes, a reference like this is just what someone might need to aid in their research. I’ve included the page numbers so anyone can go back to this History and find some additional information on the family.

GENEALOGY SECTION in the back part of Volume 2:

p. 2: Joshua Adams Jr. b. 4-16-1801, son of Joshua Adams & Sarah Plummer ma: Abigail Mosher of Farmington Oct 13, 1825. She was "Of Gorham". (more info here)

p. 3: Eliza Jane Adams b. 5-4-1830, dau of Benjamin Adams & Elizabeth Varney, ma: Isaac R Adams of Wilton, who was a Lt. in the 1st Maine Cavalry. He d. of wounds in the Civil War. She later ma: Silas Mitchell of Buckfield.

p. 7: Daniel Allen, b. Nov 14, 1754, son of Edmund Allen, who came from Martha’s Vineyard to Hallowell about 1776. Daniel ma: Sarah Currier Delano of New Sharon, widow of Dr. Delano of Winthrop. They settled in East Monmouth. 11 Ch.

p. 22: Samuel Paine Blake, b. Monmouth 12-31-1803 ma: Sarah W. McDonald. Their 4th child, Elizabeth McDonald, was born in Industry 2-20-1833. She ma: William T Dunn of North Yarmouth. Mr. Blake was a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church Conference, moved around a lot so no child (9) was born in the same town.

p. 23: Elizabeth Blake b. 7-1-1810, dau of Dearborn Blake Jr. b. in Epping NH. She ma: Eli Greenleaf of New Sharon. 6 children.

p. 23: Mary C Knowlton of North Chesterville ma: Augustus Leverett Blake. (he was born 4-1-1848 in Benton)

p. 27: Moses Boynton ma: Ruth Elden of Saco. Their daughter, Eliza, b. 4-21-1805 ma: Hendrick Judkins. Their dau, Mary F b. 5-7-2834 ma: George Riley Darborn 1-11-1869 and moved to Solon.

p. 31: Josiah Brown ma: Ruth Blake, dau. of Phineas. Their son, Josiah H Brown b. 6-21-1788 ma: Deborah Heath of Strong 6-21-1820. She d. in Winthrop 1838 and he d. in Norridgewock 1876.

p. 55: Pairnal Fiarbanks, dau of David Faribanks & Lydia York ma: Gilman Dudley of Mt. Vernon Sept 5 1830.

p. 56: Sylvanus Fairbanks b. 1808 ma: Betsey Swift, dau of Elnathan Swift, in 1831.

Sylvanus d. in Mt. Vernon 1888. 9 Ch.

p. 56: Seth Fogg, b. 4-26-1818 ma: Elizabeth M Foss of Wintrhop; resides at New Vineyard. 3rd Child Elmer b. 9-13-1850 resides in New Vineyard.

p. 60-61: George W Fogg b. 3-8-1833 ma: 3) Minerva E McLane of Temple. 1 child, Helen L b. 12-3-1875. He d. 6-2-1894

p. 61: Benjamin Fogg, son of Benjamin Fogg & Susan Farrar ma: Ida Hall and resides in Livermore Falls, Maine

p. 64: Betsey Frost b. 6-18-1795 ma: 1816 Dr. Francis Caldwell of Augusta. He practiced in Skowhegan, Anson & New Portland. Their 4th child, Mary Harriet b. 2-22-1822 ma: Luke Dinsmore of New Portland. Betsey Frost Caldwell b. 10-22-1823 ma: William Stevens of New Portland.

p. 65: Augustus Caldwell, dau of Dr. Francis Caldwell & Rachel, sister of Betsey frost b. 2-7-1840 ma: Benjamin Manter and resides in New Sharon.

p. 72: Matilda, dau of Joel Moulton of Green & Elizabeth Given, b. March 1844, ma: Augustus Wilkins. Resides in Livermore Falls.

p. 73-74: Rebecca Hall, dau of Francis Hall & Martha Getchell b. 11-29-1828 ma: Ezra Crosby of Embden. 2 Ch.

p. 78: Asa Heath, b. 9-7-1804 ma: Margaret Boynton. Their son Flavius A.A. b. 6-21-1827 ma: Slyvinia A Lane of Fayette ma: 2) Abbie R Marden of Malden Mass.

p. 80: Benjamin Hinkley, so of Judge Aaron Hinkley ma: Esther Sargeant. Their son John (b. 2-17-1779) d. in Dixfield.

p. 92: Joseph Kelly b. 9-19-1790 in Meredith NH ma: Catharine A Cushing and moved to Winthrop and on to Phillips in 1829. He d. in Chicago in 1871. Son Martin Cushing Kelley b. 2-18-1818 ma: Betsey F Dow of Phillips. Joseph Kelley son of Joseph and a twin to John Adams Kelley ma: 4-11-1848 Mary E Jacobs. He d. in Phillips 8-24-1848.

p. 96: Amos D King, son of Benjamin, b. 10-15-1790 ma: Abigail Folsom. They removed to Phillips and subsequently to Readfield and later Mt. Vernon.

p. 101: Eva A Leach, dau. of Henry T & Ruth (Richards) Leach b. 8-25-1859 ma: Rev. C A Brooks of Bryants Pond in Jan. 1878. He was pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Livermore. 4 ch:

p. 103: Ethan Little b. 4-23-1849 ma: Albina L Fellows of Fayette.

p. 106: Luville G Lord ma: Emma Allen of Readfield.


p. 118: Dudley Moody b. 11-26-1789 ma: in 1817 ma: Mary, dau. of Joseph & Mary Richardson of Baldwin. They removed to Kents Hill. 4 ch: 3 resided in Kents Hill

p. 121: Nichols Family of Monmouth moved to Madison. Some members moved on to Solon.

p. 133: Benjamin F Pease, son of Ebenezer & Lydia (Kelly) Pease b. 5-9-1821 ma: Sarah J Haines of East Livermore.

p. 134: John Pettingill ma: Alice Allen of Greene. Their son John A b. 12-26-1813 ma: Mary Billings of Chesterville in 1837.

p. 138: Lydia Plummer b. 1778, dau of Aaron Plumber and Lydia Libby, ma: Samuel Haskell and later resided in Wilton.

p. 147: Mary B Prescott b. 201901836 ma: a Kenniston and resides in Phillips.

p. 150: William Rice, son of Joseph & Olive (Allen) Rice was b. 4-27-1794. He ma: Lovina Allen of Farmington in July 1815. His sister Betsey b. 1800 ma: a Pinkham from Mercer in 1826.

p. 156: Daniel Cromwell Ricker, son of Elias & Mary (Witherell) Ricker b. 2-27-1808 ma: 7-4-1836 Caroline Higgins of Avon. 9 Ch. 2 daughters who stayed in the Phillips area: Sabrina b. 1855 ma: J E Pratt and Xarissa b. 1857 ma: Raymond Ross

p. 164: Leonard Shaw, son of John & Elizabeth (Smith) Shaw was b. abt 1790 and ma: Philina Fuller of Livermore. Resided in Livermore. His sister Sophronia ma: Charles Ware of Livermore.

p. 183: Nancy Titus ma: Eben Delano and resided in Livermore. Hezekiah R Titus b. 1822 ma: Adelaide Fassett of Industry.

p. 184: Maria May Titus b. 1868 ma: Wellington H Paine of Jay.

p. 203: Oliver C Gordon b. 1825 ma: 3-27-1852 Clara H Baker of Weld. 7 ch.

p. 216: Benjamin F Roberts ma: Mary S Nason of Avon. 4 ch.

In Text of Book:

p. 807: Ethan, son of Joshua Little ma: Sally Johnson of Wayne. Their 4th child was born in Vienna.

p. 821: Elizabeth Wyman of New Sharon a: Richard C Dodd.

p. 822: Hiram K Wheeler b. Phillips 2-26-1834, son of Ezra H Wheeler, ma: Hannah Webster Sept 1859 and moved to Monmouth in 1872. His brother, Rev. Edgar V Wheeler lived in Weld.

p. 600 Seth Fogg, son of Royal & Ruth (Blake) Fogg ma: Elizabeth M Foss & lives in New Vineyard

p. 610 Lt. James Norris was part of the Monmouth artillery this was officered by his son and two sons-in-law  Lt. James Norris Jr.,
Lt. Jacob Miller & Capt Samuel Runlet; Jacob Miller ma: Nancy Norris and subsequently moved to New Sharon where she d. in 1817.

p. 638  Joseph Richardson ma: Mary Pierce Leach of Jay.  Josiah b. in W. Cambridge Mass.  She was born in South Bridgeport Mass They married in 1811

p. 685  Charles McLaughlin Cumston was schoolmaster of the North Phillips School in Salem.  He was the son of Henry V & Catherine (McLaughlin) Cumston

p. 710  John A Pettingill, son of Joseph, was b. in Leeds in 1813.  After his marriage to Mary Billings of Chesterville he took up a farm in Livermore. Later he resided in Fayette, but returned to Monmouth were he resided until he died in 1867.

p. 718  Anna Whittemore age 14 and dau of Otis Whittemore of New Sharon drowned May 3 1838

p. 722  Braddock Hathaway, a native of Middleboro, Mass was b. Dec 9 1794  When a young man he removed to Wilton, Me. then to Hallowell.  He ma: Susan French who was born at Southhampton NH

p. 784  Elbridge G Bent became a citizen of No. Monmouth in 1852.  He was a native of New Sharon and was b. Feb 11 1832.  His brother, John H Bent preceded him to this town and married in 1856 Susanna, dau of Ira Towle.  She d. in 1860 and he ma: 2) Louise Sanborn of Vienna.  In 1867 he moved to Vienna and remained there til he d. in 1884.  Elbridge ma: Mary Sanborn.  One son Horace

p. 821  Richard C Dodd b. in Brighton Engl Feb 28 1801 came to US with his father.  He was bound out to learn a trade with Aaron Stanton.  When Mr. Stanton moved to Monmouth, Mr. Dodd came with him.  Richard Dodd ma: Elizabeth Wyman of New Sharon who he outlived 10 years.  He died in Westbrook while visiting friends May 8 1888.

p. 822  Hiram K Wheeler of Phillips b. there Feb 26 1834, son of Ezra H Wheeler.  Hiram ma: Sept 1859 Hannah Webster of Weld.  They came to Monmouth in 1872.  He d. in Monmouth Mar 14 1891, leaving one son Albert A Wheeler, on of the town's young townsmen.  Albert ma: Alice F Hall.