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GEN-MEDIEVAL Topics of Interest


These pages were created to provide a forum for the presentation of scholarly analysis of popular topics. GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval takes no formal position on any question, and the material appearing here represents the opinions of the individual authors. The positions presented should not be considered "correct", but should be evaluated based on the strength of arguments and references cited.

All material continues to be the intellectual property of the authors. Permission of the authors should be sought before publishing this material in any format. When citing any material from these pages, in addition to the author's name be sure to include the date of the compilation, since subsequent revisions may differ significantly. (Criteria for inclusion.)

Index of Topics
  British Isles
      Pre-Conquest (Anglo-Saxon pedigrees)
      Post-Conquest Nobility (Anglo-Norman Kings & Earls)
      Post-Conquest Gentry (Local families)
      Colonial Ancestry
    Wales (including pre-Anglo-Saxon British)
      Post-Gaelic (Balliol and after)
    Scandinavian (Man, Hebrides, York, Dublin, etc.)

    Viking era (including Viking activity abroad)
    Post-Viking era


    Carolingian (including the origin of the Capetian Nobility)
    Norman (pre- and immediately post-Conquest)




  Slavic (Poland, Bohemia, etc.)


  Other Regions (China, Asia, Native American)

  Unusual descents
    Descents From Antiquities
    Muslim and Jewish descents
    Maternal lineages and X lines

  Methods and Principles
    Degree of Relationship