How to access the GEN-MEDIEVAL/soc.genealogy.medieval Archives


To search the GEN-MEDIEVAL Archive, go to

and enter the list name, GEN-MEDIEVAL, if using Advanced Search.

Searches can then be made by words in the subject or body, etc. Keyword searches are also available.

Alternatively, starting with May 1999 posts, the archives exist in a browsable threaded format, available at

The archives of GEN-MEDIEVAL contain a record of every post which appeared on that mailing list (just under 25,000 in June 1998). Unfortunately, technical difficulties with the gateway between the newsgroup and mailing list resulted in some contributions to soc.genealogy.medieval not appearing in GEN-MEDIEVAL. (This problem reached it's nadir in late 1997 but was largely fixed by 24 January 1998.) While the root problem has been solved, there have since been several temporary lapses completely disabling the gateway, and again resulting in soc.genealogy.medieval posts failing to cross to GEN-MEDIEVAL, and hence failing to appear in the archive. Posts made to soc.genealogy.medieval were archived by, which became, and was then bought out by Google. This archive is available at

The initial display includes current messages. To search the archives, enter the desired target words or phrases in the search box near the top of the page. (Click on the small triangle near the right side of the search box to get a drop-down menu for advanced search.)

As with the GEN-MEDIEVAL archive, in cases of gateway failure, some posts to GEN-MEDIEVAL did not get to soc.genealogy.medieval, and will not appear in the Google archive - searchers must consult both for complete coverage. Unfortunately, the soc.genealogy.medieval archive at became corrupted, losing essentially all posts to soc.genealogy.medieval prior to Jan. 1996. Those posts also absent from the GEN-MEDIEVAL archives for this period appear to be gone forever.

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