About GEN-MEDIEVAL and soc.genealogy.medieval


GEN-MEDIEVAL and soc.genealogy.medieval are companion groups dedicated to the discussion of medieval genealogy. GEN-MEDIEVAL is an open and unmoderated mailing list hosted and archived by the RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative. soc.genealogy.medieval is an unmoderated USENET newsgroup. A gateway between the mailing list and newsgroup ensures that all posts appear in both. For more details, see the FAQ. Participants cover the broad range of hobbyist and professionals, beginners and veterans, and all relevant posts are welcome.

The concept of a USENET genealogy group specifically dedicated to the discussion of medieval, and royal genealogy was raised in the newsgroup soc.genealogy.computing on 1 January 1995. After extensive discussion and much behind the scenes work by Don Stone and Todd A. Farmerie, a proposal was submitted and the formal procedure for newsgroup creation was initiated. Following additional discussion and a successful vote, the group soc.genealogy.medieval was created 5 June 1995.

Shortly after the establishment of soc.genealogy.medieval, a companion mailing list was established, [email protected], with a gateway connecting the groups. Starting Aug. 1997, the list was moved to [email protected] the mailing list and archives were taken on by RootsWeb, who continue to host our site. Don Stone served as the primary Listowner of the mailing list until the start of 1998, since which time the duties have been shared between Don Stone and Todd A. Farmerie.

The FAQ for the group was prepared by Pat Boren, with contributions from Todd A. Farmerie, Bill Lemay, William Addams Reitwiesner and Don Stone. The FAQ was maintained by Pat Boren through the end of 1996, and after a brief tenure by Don Stone, was taken on by William Addams Reitwiesner. Don Stone has provided some recent updates.

This site created and maintained by Todd A. Farmerie and Don Stone, co-listowners of GEN-MEDIEVAL.