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Gloucester MA References

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Gloucester MA References

Map of Gloucester -- Coming Soon

Gloucester Town Records -- Records of our Gloucester Ancestors.

Rockport Deeds & Probate Records -- Records of our Rockport Ancestors.

  • Rowe Deeds of Gloucester, MA families for land in New Gloucester/Auburn, ME
  • James Tarr Probate Record of Gloucester, MA

    ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/me/cumberland/deeds/tarr.txt Rockport Census Records -- Records of State and Federal Census.

    Gloucester Roll Call -- List of descendants researching their Gloucester Ancestors.

    ALLENBrent M. Corrow
    ALLENLin Wright
    BRANDT Judy Lanphear
    BRAYBrent M. Corrow
    BURNS Lin Wright
    CLARK Lin Wright
    COFFINSusan J. Martin
    DANFORDBrent M. Corrow
    DANFORTHBrent M. Corrow
    DAVIS Lin Wright
    DAYBrent M. Corrow
    DEARINGBrent M. Corrow
    DOWNINGPhilip C. Ellsworth
    575 N.E. 4th St
    Cedaredge, CO 81413

    Brent M. Corrow
    DUNCAN Lin Wright
    DUTCH Lin Wright
    EVELETHSherry Sabol
    FIRTHBrent M. Corrow
    GEELin Wright
    GOODALE Lin Wright
    GOULD.Brent M. Corrow
    HERRICK Susan J. Martin
    HEYWOOD Lin Wright
    HODGKINS Lin Wright
    HOOPERBrent M. Corrow
    HUBBARD Susan J. Martin
    LEEBrent M. Corrow
    Susan J. Martin
    LUFKINJudy Lanphear
    LUFKIN Susan J. Martin
    MARSHALLBrent M. Corrow
    MATCHETTBrent M. Corrow
    MERCER Lin Wright
    NICKERSONBrent M. Corrow
    Family Page
    Richard Norwood
    PARSONS Lin Wright
    Susan J. Martin
    PARSONSBrent M. Corrow
    PILKINGTON Lin Wright
    POOLEDavid C. Young
    RENEWBrent M. Corrow
    RENOUGHBrent M. Corrow
    ROBERTSBrent M. Corrow
    ROBERTS Philip C. Ellsworth
    575 N.E. 4th St
    Cedaredge, CO 81413
    ROWEDavid C. Young
    Sharon Rowe
    Elizabeth Liscomb MacTaggart
    Stewart Rowe
    SARGENT Lin Wright
    SAYWARD Lin Wright
    SOMESBrent M. Corrow
    STANWOOD Lin Wright
    STONE Lin Wright
    STOVER Lin Wright
    TARRDavid C. Young
    Diana Nelson
    Charles G. Tarr
    WAINWRIGHTCharlie Wainwright
    WILDEBrent M. Corrow
    WOODShannon Barton
    YOUNGLOVELin Wright

    Millett & Rawlins Page

    Early Gloucester History -- Narrative on the lives of our Gloucester Ancestors.

    Early Gloucester Families -- Ancestors living in Gloucester before 1700 -- Individual Narratives.

    Gloucester Lookup Volunteers

    If you have any reference material on Gloucester and would like to volunteer to do lookup's, please let me know. David Colby Young When requesting a lookup, please follow these guidelines:
    1. On the subject line enter Gloucester Lookup
    2. Put name of book or CD you are requesting in the first line of the message as many of these wonderful people have volunteered to look up several things.
    3. Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names on separate lines.
    4. Don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time and effort.

    Gloucester Links

    If you know of a Gloucester link that would be appropriate to add to this page,
    please e-mail David Colby Young

    Gloucester Queries

    Please feel free to post a short query for your surname in Gloucester on thesites.rootsweb.com/~maessex/query.htm Page however, if your lines are not in Essex County, please do not enter a query here. View Current and Archived Queries along with information on how to Post your own sites.rootsweb.com/~maessex/query.htm.