Thomas Southard of Duxbury, Mass & Fayette, Readfield, Wayne, Maine
Thomas Southworth
Duxbury, Massachusetts
Fayette, Readfield and Wayne, Maine

The following information was contributed  by Peter Michael Smith:

THOMAS SOUTHWORTH, son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Delano) Southworth, was born April 1, 1722, Duxbury, Massachusetts. (Source: Duxbury, MA Vital Records, p. 168; Mayflower Descendant, vol. 12, p. 161) Thomas descends from Mayflower ancestors, John Alden, Myles Standish, and William Mullins through his parents.

He married ANNA HATCH, daughter of Israel and Bethia (Thomas) Hatch, November 26, 1761, Scituate, Massachusetts. (Source: Scituate, MA Vital Records, vol. 2, p. 263; Duxbury, MA Vital Records, p. 314; Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 1, p 167) She was born November 27, 1734, Scituate, Massachusetts. (Source: Scituate, MA Vital Records, vol. 1, p. 171)

Thomas served during the American Revolution as a soldier from Duxbury. He was a private in Captain Thomas Turnerís Company, Colonel Anthony Thomasí regiment, who marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 with service of three days. At the close of the war, he did not have enough land to give all of his sons in Duxbury. He negotiated a piece of land in Maine for his services during the War. He sold all his land in Duxbury receiving Continental money. He then suffered a long illness with Rheumatic Fever. The money depreciated in value and he was forced to use much of the money during his illness so that when he recovered he did not have enough money to pay for the goods and items needed as well the expense of moving his family to Maine. He did not settle in Maine until after 1777.

The following is from the History of Fayette, Maine, by Joseph Underwood, 1956, p. 36 of Thomasí settlement in that town:

ďThomas Southard (Southworth) of Duxbury, Massachusetts was one of the earliest settlers in the gore. Probably he came in the latter 1770ís - about the time when Perkins Allen and Isaac Ford arrived, locating on the southern shore of the east branch of Crotched Pond. It is thought his cellar hole is still visible where John Bodge made potash years later. A fine stoned up spring at this location is now (1956) in use. On the east side of Southardís land, which comprised 100 acres, was lot No. 206 as designated on the Pondtown Plantation map, a proprietorís lot owned by James Pitts and later by luther Sampson. The Southard property was a narrow strip between said lot and the pond, with Mount Vernonís south line as its north bounds; its south buttal extended ninety-six rods along the Plymouth range line from the southwest corner of lot 206, ending in the east line of the 200 acre parcel deeded to Isaac Ford by Jedediah Prescott in 1786.Ē

The next paragraph lists the names and birth dates of his children.

He appears on the 1790 census as Thomas Southword in New Sandwich, Maine which is now Wayne, Maine. His household contained 2 males and 2 females. On the 1800 census, he appears as Thomas Southward as does his son, Constant. He had one male over 55 and one female over 55. In 1809, the east side of the gore in Fayette was annexed to Readfield, Maine, which at that time, Thomasí land then became part of that town.

Thomas died January 12, 1805, Readfield, Maine. (Source: Southworth/Southard Genealogy, Samuel G. Webber, 1907, p. 45) His widow moved to Corinna, Maine to live with their son, Constant where she it is assumed that she died. The C. Southworth Cemetery in Corinna contains several unmarked rocks which one could be that of his mother, Anna. No grave for Thomas has been found.

Children of Thomas and Anna Southworth all births are recorded in the Duxbury, MA Vital Records and Southworth/Southard Genealogy, mentioned above.

i. William b. February 18, 1763, Duxbury, Massachusetts

ii. Constant b. August 20, 1764, Duxbury, Massachusetts

iii. Lydia b. November 8, 1766, Duxbury, Massachusetts

iv. Hannah b. January 8, 1769, Duxbury, Massachusetts; d. October 21, 1790, Fayette, Maine

v. Elizabeth b. April 24, 1773, Duxbury, Massachusetts

vi. Anne b. December 23, 1774, Duxbury, Massachusetts

vii. Thomas b. May 24, 1776, Duxbury, Massachusetts

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