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Some old Readfield storekeepers.

F. I. Brown  circa1892 (dmc photo)
Mr. Brown referred to himself as "the old reliable grocer".

pictured circa1892 (dmc photo)
F.I. Brown store & home on present Old Kents Hill Road.
F.I. began his merchantile business in 1879, and by 1890 he needed larger
capacity so the store pictured above was built.  He also had a wagon on the
road five days a week selling his wares. The house still stands, but the store is now gone.

Inside F. I.'s store you could find almost anything you needed.
F.I. always kept an overcoat handy to throw over his shoulders when he entered the meat cooler.

The D.D. Merriman merchantile was located at Readfield Corner in what is now often referred
to as the Brisbon Block. Accoding to H.E. Mitchell's 1903 Readfield directory, Merriman
dealt in dry & fancy goods, underwear and general merchandise.
This section of  the Corner survived the great fire of 1921.

Town's women and children take a few minutes from their
shopping excursion to pose. (dmc photo)

At Readfield Depot, Nelson Gordon's store provided various sundries and staples.
Mr. Gordon was also the postmaster.

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