Readfield, Maine Historical Society Newsletter Winter 1999~2000

Readfield Historical Society Newsletter
Winter 1999 ~ 2000

    This newsletter is dedicated to Margaret Long Coffin, 83, who died October 14, 1999. Margaret was a very loyal member of our society for over 10 years, holding the office of Vice President until illness took over her quality of life. She was then made an honorary lifetime member.
    We can be grateful to Margaret for the many hours she gave in having the society open, and her ability to make those who stopped in feel very welcome. Margaret was known for her cooking ability, especially her coconut custard pies. She and her husband, George, always raised a big garden and she proudly showed off her jars of canned goods when one visited her home.
    Margaret was a writer, especially of poetry, and she received several national awards for her poems. She will also be remembered for her letters to the editor, which appeared in the Kennebec Journal. Margaret was also an artist, and she was always quick to say her favorite painting was one she did of husband George. One of her paintings, of the Readfield Historical Society, holds a place of honor at that building.
    Margaret was born in Maine, moved to Texas for a while, and returned to Readfield. But her breathing problems with allergies forced the family to remove to Arizona where they lived for many years. As she grew older she wanted to move to Maine, which proves "you can take the girl out of Maine, but you can't take Maine out of the girl." Upon
return to Maine she and George made their home on Plains Road in Mt. Vernon where she spent her last days.
    Our sympathy goes out to her husband George, son Jackie, daughter Rosie, sister Edna, and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In her memory the Readfield Historical Society voted to send a donation to Kennebec Humane Society, Pet Haven Lane, Augusta, Maine 04330.

Summer 1999 visitors came from all over the country. There included Readfield residents from long ago, family genealogists, Readfield schools alumni, and townspeople with an interest in local history. Places we see in our guest book include:
From Maine ~ Manchester, Fayette, Readfield, Camden, Augusta, Livermore, Wayne, Winthrop, Belgrade, Mt. Vernon., Vasssalboro, Whitefield, Vienna, Rome, Burnham, Durham, Waterville.
From Washington ~ Addy, Renton
From Florida: LaBelle, Sarosota, Sebastian,
From Pennsylvania: Biglerville, Glenside, Winnewood,
From New Jersey: Park Ridge, Beach Haven
Annapolis, Maryland
Yonkers, New York
Killeen, Texas
Nokesville, Virginia
Boston, Massachusetts

Election of Officers

Annual Meeting was held on November 13. Elected officers are:
President and acting treasure: David Giroux
Vice President: Russell Walters
Acting Secretary: Dale Marie Clark
Curator: Evelyn  Potter
Executive Committee: David Giroux, Russell Walters, Dale Marie Clark, Arlene Getchell,
Ralph Nichols, Beverly Newton, and Evelyn Potter.

Readfield Ladies Rifle Club

 Thanks to Mary (Polly) Mason for donating a scrapbook which honors the Ladies Limited Rifle and Pistol Club of Readfield, founded in the 1960's. A display can be seen at the society the summer of 2,000.

Roland Lavallee photo taken December 1964
Front row left to right:
Barbara Fogg, Lois Saunders, Mary Tyler, Eunice Cotton, Alice Staples.
Back row left to right:
Arlene Reid, Audrey Luce, Irma Clark, Instructor John Lee, Attalie Boynton, Jessie Gay.

Proposed Change in RHS by-laws

A proposal was made at the annual meeting to change  RHS by-laws at the spring 2,000 meeting. The proposal is that meetings be held a minimum of twice a year instead of four, with annual meeting held in November and another in April or May. Members who have opinions about this proposed change, or in voting please attend the spring meeting.


Thanks to John Lord for putting the finishing touches on our porch roof, and for mowing our lawn last summer!

To those who donated in response to the wish list in our last newsletter:
Willi Irish of Livermore
Maureen Whitman of Readfield
Gale Butler of Readfield

Livermore Town History donated to RHS

Notes of Livermore by Gov. Israel Washburn has been donated to our resources by Beverly Norton Newton. This indexed 160-page town history includes genealogical notes, history of the town, stories of early settlers and more.
Thank you Beverly, for your generous support of our society!

A Reminder!

"Dues are Do" now for the year 1999-2000.
$2.50 for single, $5.00 family or $50.00 lifetime membership. Mail directly to PO Box 354 Readfield, Maine 04355

Still available for sale at RHS

Postcards of old Readfield (supplies limited) ~ $0.25 ea.
Map and descriptive tour of old Readfield ~ $1.00
1991 Bicentennial booklet of Readfield ~ $5.00
Readfield Heritage Days books 1997 - 1999 $1.00 each
Heritage Days Tee shirts 1998 & 1999 ~ $10.00 each
Reflections of Readfield book ~ $3.50 each

Elder Issac Case
Pioneer Baptist Missionary in Maine

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elder Issac Case~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Case tomb in East Readfield, Rt. 17

Elder Issac Case was born February 25, 1762 in Rehboth, Mass, son of William and Abigail Bell Case. He married Joanna Snow at Thomaston, Maine June 26, 1785, and from 1784 - 1792 he was pastor at Thomaston.  He arrived in Readfield June 17, 1792, organized a Readfield Church in a barn, and continued as its first pastor for several years. According to The Story of Maine Baptists by Walter Cook, Case "formed the Maine Baptist Missionary Society in 1804 in Readfield, which was the first statewide missionary group of Baptists in Maine." The Manchester Meetinghouse which is now located on Scribner Hill Road in Manchester was Elder Case's church, and was moved to its present location around 1839. Elder Case died on November 3, 1852 and is buried in Case~Barber Cemetery East Readfield. His tomb marks the spot where his pulpit once stood. Descendants of Case and his 8 children still reside in Readfield.
For additional information about Elder Case contact  Readfield Histoical Society

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