with additional information

Some of the settlers on this list lived in more than one town without ever moving because
Mt. Vernon annexed land to and from surrounding towns as follows:
From Fayette 2/20/1802
From Plantation of Goshen (Vienna) 2/20/1802
From Rome 6/14/1814
From Vienna 1/28/1826
From Readfield 2/13/1845
From Belgrade 7/16/1846
From Vienna 3/11/1853
Set off land to Readfield 2/25/1825
Set off land to Readfield 2/13/1845

The following information is taken from the 1790 Census of Maine.
* Notation is made on families that appear in: Maine Families in 1790 Vols 1-5,
Maine Genealogical Society, Picton Press, Camden, Maine
Names are spelled here exactly as appear on the census records.
Correct or current spelling is included under additional information where known.
Early settlers who do not appear on 1790 census are listed in red!

1. MOORS, Timothy
2. TAYLER, Wilebey
3. FRENCH, Levi
4. BLAKE, Robert 
(Jedidiah 10, Israel 9, Timothy 8, Jasper 7, Jasper 6, Jasper 5, Peter 4, Jasper 3, Peter 2, Peter 1) 

*Vol.4 Pg.25

Thank you to  Mary Beth  for the following information:
1. Maine Families in 1790
2 Military File-Revolutionary War. 
3 Descendants of Jasper Blake1980,65 

Robert BLAKE 
b. 12-27-1752 Epping, NH 
d. 3-22-1841 in Fayette,ME. 
m. 2-4-1776 Epping, NH 
Martha DUDLEY d/o Joseph DUDLEY & Hannah LEAVITT. 
Martha b.3-4-1757 Brentwood, NH, 
d.3-13-1844 Mt Vernon, ME.
Military: Rev war
Occupation: Tailor
1. Dudley b.2-19-1777 Epping, NH 
d.8-31-1819 Bermuda. 
m. Hannah PAGE 1802 she b.
2-10-1782 Winthrop, d.10-17-1865
Winthrop, ME.
More About Hannah Page:
Burial: Robinson Yard Cemetery, 
Mt Vernon, ME
2. Samuel Ordway b.1-14-1778  Epping, NH 
d.1-1833 Augusta, 
m.1804 Epping, NH 
Mehitable LYFORD she b.c1785
she d.2-29-1836.
3. Pamela b.12-25-1780 Epping,NH; 
d.4-10-1843 Mt Vernon, ME. 
m.9-1797 Epping, NH. David PAGE
4. Clymena b.12-25-1780 Epping, NH d.10-2-1860 Mt Vernon, ME. 
he b.5-25-1775 Mt Vernon, ME 
he d.1-26-1842 Mt Vernon, ME.
5. Melinda b.5-11-1784 Mt Vernon,ME
d.Fayette, ME. 
m.1801 Fayette, ME Ezra FISKE 
he b.4-2-1776 Amherst, NH.
6. Melentha b.7-25-1785 Mt Vernon 
d.1-23-1872 Farmington,ME. 
m1-22-1806 Epping, NH. 
7. Gilman b.7-17-1787 Mt Vernon, ME d.9-17-1788 Mt Vernon, ME.
8.Dorinda (Source: Picture of Grave.), b.8-8- 1789 Mt Vernon, ME 
d.2-20-1880 Elk River, Sherburne Co., MN. 
m. 6-14-1817 Mt Vernon, ME 
he b.5-11-1793 Chatham, MA 
he d. 9-11-1876 Elk River, MN. 
1. The Nickerson  Family- Part 4, 387 2. Picture of Grave. 
3. Military File-War of 1812 
More About Dorinda BLAKE:
Burial: Vernon Cemetery, Elk River,MN
More About Ephraim NICKERSON:
Burial: Vernon Cemetery, Elk River,MN
Medical Information:Light hair, blue eyes
Military service: Sgt War Of 1812
Occupation: Farmer
Marriage Notes:
Dorinda BLAKE & Ephraim NICKERSON from   lbm@gwi.net (Laurie McQuarrie)
"I have a small scrap of paper (original) that on one side says:
"Certificate of marriage of E. Nickerson & D. Blake"
On the reverse:
"1818, 14 June.  I joined in Marriage Mr. Ephraim Nickerson to Miss Dorenda Blake both of Mount Vernon.
Ezra Fiske"
Added below in same handwriting:
"1819 10, October - John Berry Jr. with Anna Berry of Fayette 17 Nov  Reuben Crane with Mary Tuck - Fayette"
9. Miranda b.4-26-1791 Mt Vernon 
d.1-06-1850 Farmingtom,ME. 
m.1-30-1812 Henry Johnson 
he b.10-13-1789 Martha Vineyard, MA he d. 7-31-1861.
10. Robert b.8-2-1793 Mt Vernon, ME d. 7-6-1875 Frankfort, ClintonCo.,IN. 
m1.Hannah PAGE 10-2-1816 
she b.2-26-1795 Epping, NH 
she d 4-9-1849 Salem, Franklin Co,ME m2.Rachel EMERSON Aft1849 
she b. Abt.1800
she d. 1-9-1862. 
m3.sft 1862 Hannah KNIGHT HIGGINS
she b. 3-3-1807
she d.2-02-1873 
Frankfort,Clinton Co.,  IN
More About Hannah Page:
Burial: Mount Abram Cemetery, Salem, Franklin Co., ME
More About Rachel Emerson:
Burial: Mount Abram Cemetery, Salem, Franklin Co., ME
11. Lovina b.2-22-1797 
Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME 
d. 3-13-1843 
Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME. 
m. 3-8-1816 Epping, NH  John BLAKE
he b.8-24-1791.
More About Lovina Blake:
Burial: West Mt Vernon Cemetery, Kennebec Co., ME
12. Gilman b.4-15-1799 
Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME 
d. 9-15-1800 
Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME. 

Epping, New Hampshire
5. THOMAS, Nathan Embodied in First Particular Baptist Church 8/8/1799, with Elizabeth Thomas, at the home of Wm Whittier
6. FRENCH, David
7. TAYLER, Phinhas
8. HIGINS, Seth
9. LATIN, Ephraim Leighton
10. STEVENS, John
11. LATIN, Moses Leighton
12. ROGGERS, John b. 1756 Rochester, NH 
d. 1849 Mt. Vernon 
m. 1784 Rome to Mary (Polly) 
r. 1818 Cornville
Rochester, NH
13. COLBATH, Iamuel
14. KILBATH, Patrick
15. HUCHINGS, John
16. SMITH, James
17. PAUL, Simeon Pearl 
b.1740 d.Edgecomb aft.1806 
m1.Mary  m2.Abigail Gove of Egdecomb 8/7/1806 
Edgecomb, Maine
18. PAUL, Silas Pearl 
b.1763 d.1858 Mt. Vernon 
m.bef.1799 Phebe___ 
1. Sylvina b.___ d.___ 
m.1831 John Smith III 
2. Benjamen b.1799 d.1848 
m. Lois Creasey 
3. Josiah b.1802 d.1863 
m. 1822 Sally Stain 
4. James b.1803 d.___ 
m. 1824 Polly Levit 
5. Betsey b.1808 d.1889 
m. 1824 Sumner Cole, Sr.
Edgecomb, Maine
19. BLAKE, Paul  *Vol.4 Pg.25 Served on first board of Selectmen; Building Comm for new meeting house 1799; auctioneered the pews in house when finished in 1800. Epping, New Hampshire
20. INGHAM, David
21. BOOCKS, Gorge
22. BISHOP, Esquire, Jr. b.1759 Rehoboth, Mass. 
Purchased 40 acres for $25.00 3/1798 at head of Minnehonk Pond. Minnehonk was first called Bishop Pond. Remained in Bishop family until 1928. Hibbard house 1998.
Rehoboth, Mass. 
Winthrop, Maine
23. LATEN, Solomon Leighton 
1802 Deeded ownership of settlers lot #156
24. LATON, Andrew Leighton
25. LATON, David Leighton
26. LATAN, John Leighton
27. LATAN, Benj. Leighton 
1802 Deeded ownership of settlers lot #155
28. LATAN, Ephram 
*Vol.1 Pg.177
Leighton Edgecomb, Maine
29. BEAN, John b.1759 Poplin, N.H. 
Resided Poplin 
Came to Mt Vernon c1770 
d.1831 Mt. Vernon 
m.1786 Polly Kimball 
3 ch. 
Granted 200 acre lot #179 in 1800
30. BEAN, Neele
31. BEAN, Josiah *Vol.2 Pg.21 b.1759 Poplin, N.H. 
Resided in Poplin 
d.1835 Mt. Vernon 
bur. Bean Cemetery Mt Vernon 
m.1789 Louisa Emerson 
Moved to Mt. Vernon c.1770 
Poplin, New Hampshire
32. BEAN, Edward
33. BROWN, Nathan Buried in Bean Cemetery with wife, Sarah
34. KEERLS, Enoch
35. WEELS, Joshua Wells 
b.1755 Raymond, NH 
d.1837 Mt. Vernon 
Wells Hill is located east of Mt. Vernon Village. 
Raymond, NH
36. WEELS, James Wells
37. WIGGINS, Nicholas Wiggins family made brick for the buildings at Mt. Vernon village
38. ROBINSON, John Capt. 
Served on building comm for new meeting house 1799. Kept a tavern.
39. DOLLAR, Richard Dolloff
40. PHILBROCK, Benj. Purchased 100 acres, part of lot #70 in 1798. First postmaster in South Mt. Vernon 7/1/1801. Innkeeper from 1800 until 1812 at time of death. Wife, known as Aunt Betty, continued to keep tavern for many years at "Aunt Betty's Corner".
41. ALLAN, Nathaniel
42. PHILBROCK, Joseph m. 1/3/1782 Mary Bishop, dau of Squire Bishop & Patience (Titus) Bishop.
43. DANILES, Reuben
44. KANE, Reuben
45. KILLEY, William
46. LATAN, James Leighton
47. BROWN, Samuel
48. PHILBROCK, Stephen
49. SCRIBNER, Stephen b.1759 Brentwood, NH 
d.1836 Mt. Vernon 
m. Abigail 
r. Sandwich, NH 
Innkeeper. 8th & 9th town meetings were held at his inn.
Brentwood, NH
50. ESLMAN, Benj. Eastman 
First town meeting held at his inn 7/1792. He paid $77.00 for pew #1 in the new meeting house 1800. Innholder 1796-97.
51. LADD, John
52. RANDS, Daniel
53. LADD, Nathaniel One of the earliest settlers.
54. CAOLS, John
55. KIDDEN, Richard
56. EMERSON, Samuel
57. ROW, Stephen
58. PHILBROCK, Nathaniel Operated a grist mill at head of Bishop (Minnehonk) Pond c1800. Not in operation after 1830. Hopkins Stream was originally called Philbrick Stream. He & son were innkeepers until 1850
59. PHILBROCK, Caleb
60. GORDON, Daniel
61. GORDON, Samuel
62. LYON, Mary
63. FOLSOM, Trustom
64. FOLSOM, John
65. BEAN, Joab
66. GILMAN, Nathaniel
67. GILMAN, Nathaniel, Jr. d. 10/20/1851 m. Betsey___ 
1.Polly b.1790 m.Peter Beede of Phillips, ME; 
2.Gorham b.1792 d.9/14/1800; 3.Elizabeth b.1796 d.1796; 4.Charlotte b.1798 d.9/19/1800; 5.Eliza b. ____d.9/4/1800; 
6.Betsey b. 1800 m. Capt. John Chandler of Belgrade, ME; 7.Gorham b.1802; 
8.Roxanna b.18__
68. CRAM, Samuel
69. CRAM, Samuel, Jr. b. 1763 Raymond, N.H. 
d. 1852 Mt. Vernon 
m. Susannah____
Raymond, N.H.
70. SMITH, Liddah
71. CRAM, Timothy
72. DUDLEY, Nathaniel Chosen as 1st Representative to General Court 1792. On building Committee for new meeting house 1799. m. Anna___ 
1. Edmund b.1784 
2. Betsey b. 1786 
3. Mary b. 1787 d.1791 
4. Nathaniel b.1789 d.1790 
5. Anna b.1790 
6. Mary b.1792 d.1792 
7. Avena b.1793 
8. Sarah b.1795 
9. John Gilman b.1797 
10.Nathaniel b.1799 
11.John Gilman b.1806
73. FOLSOM, Nathaniel d. 1828 Mt. Vernon 
m. Susanna____
Deerfield, N.H.
74. PHILBROK, Nathaniel
75. FOLSOM, Benj. b. 1730 Stratham, N.H. 
d.1815 Mt. Vernon 
m. Mary____
Stratham, N.H.
76. FOLSOM, Peter
77. STAIR, John Stain 
m. Rebecca 
1792 received a grant of 200 acres Lot#165 
Also, Lots #376 in Readfield and # 380 in Mt. Vernon 
Said to have come from Germany 
78. FOLSOM, Nathaniel, Jr.
79. PHILBROCK, Tites
81. STEVENS,  Ebnezer
82. DUDLEY, John m1. Philena Stain 
m2. Susanna Smith 
1. John b.1773 
2. Caleb b. 1779 
3. James b. 1782 
4. Gilman b.1788 
5. Eliza b.1791
83. DUDLEY, Daniel
84. BATCHELOR, William
85. HILLS, John
86. RADE, John ? Read
87. RADE, Amos
88. HILLS, Joseph
89. MARSTON, Theodore b.1755 North Hampton, N.H. 
d.1830 Mt. Vernon 
Farm was near the cemetery on the Fogg Rd. near Readfield line. Later owned by Edwin Johnson. During "1816 and froze to death" when food was very scarce, Mr. Marston gave his corn to the poor, on credit, before he would take money from those who could afford to buy it elsewhere.
North Hampton, N.H.
90. LADD, Josses Thank you to  Mary Beth  for the following information:
Revolutionary War Veteran
Joses Ladd b.1758 Deerfield, Rockingham Co., NH s/o Daniel Ladd & Susannah Dow. 
m. Rachel FIFIELD b.10-16-1785 Deerfield, Rockingham Co., NH.
d/o Stephen Fifield & Susannah 
d. 10-09-1850. 
Ch Joses Ladd & Rachel Fifield: 
1.  Joseph Ladd, born 1-14-1786 Deerfield, Rockingham Co., NH 
m. Sarah Hamlin 6-30-1811 Augusta, Kennebec Co., ME 
b.3-31-1789 in Augusta, Kennebec Co., ME.
2. Betsey Ladd, b. 6-23-1789 
m. James Smith.
3. Polly Ladd b.7-13-1790 Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME; d.5-14-1855; 
m. Daniel Towle 2-06-1808 Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME; born c1786 in Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME.
4. Rhoda Ladd b.4-03-1792 Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME; 
d.5-29-1844 Avon, Franklin Co., ME; m. Samuel Sprague 1- 20-1811 Avon, Franklin Co., ME; 
b.2-02-1789 in Avon, Franklin Co. ME; d.4-18-1845 Avon, Franklin Co., ME.
5.Daniel Ladd b.8-27-1793; 
m.Rachel Richards.
6. Jesse Eaton Ladd b.10-10-1795; 
m. Sophronia Worthley 9-11-1823.
7.Asenath Ladd b.12-13-1799; 
m. Elijah Howland.
8.Lucinda Priscilla Ladd b.12-20-1801  Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co.,ME; 
d.2-15-1878 Linneus, Aroostook Co.,  ME; 
m. Thomas Nickerson 3-11-1819 Mt Vernon, Kennebec Co., ME.
9. Stephen Ladd b.11-27-1804; 
m. Melinda French 1828.
10.  Joannah Ladd b.11-27-1804; 
m. Joseph French 20-08-1826.
11. Susannah Ladd b.8-22-1807; 
m. Edward French 10-08-1826. 
Deerfield, Rockingham Co., NH
91. PRISCOTT, Jonathan A blacksmith and landholder
92. EATON, Jesse 1796  purchased 10 acres, part of lot#17, from Jonathan Prescott.
93. RADE, Joshua
94. MORSE, Andrew
95. SMITH, Wolden
96. SMITH, Moses
97. HILLS, Robert
98. BARTLET, Timothy
99. GILMAN, Samuel 
*Vol.3 Pg.87
First trader in town. 
m.Elizabeth Dudley 
1.Dorothy b.1773 
2. Sarah b.1775 
3. Stephen b.1777 
4. Mary b.1779 
5. Joseph b.1781 m. Rachel Flanders of Cornville 
6. John b.1784 
7. Samuel b.1786 
8. Joanna b.1788 
9. Susanna b.11/10/1790 m. John Greeley of Readfield 
10. Elizabeth b.11/10/1790 m. Elijah Clough of Readfield 
11. Sophia b.1793 
12. Beta b.1795
Kingston, New Hampshire
100. HALL, Josiah 
*Vol.4 Pg.111
b. Wrentham, Mass. 1743 Residing in Mt. Vernon in 1782 Wrentham, Massachusetts
101. HALL, Nathan
102. HALL, Allen
103. PAGE, James, Jr.
104. SMITH, Samuel
105. PAGE, Chase 
*Vol.3 Pg.204
Kensington, New Hampshire
106. PAGE, Abraham 
*Vol.3 Pg.203
Kensington, New Hampshire
107. WILLIAMS, Obediah
108. BISBEE, Benj.
109. MOSHER, Elisha
110. LAMBORD, James
111. SAWTELL, Hezekiah
112. TOWLE, Francies
113. PAGE, John
114. ELSE, Robert
115. VARNAM, Stevan
116. SNOW, Philip
117. CLARK, Sherebah
118. LINCELL, Lamuel
119. TOWSANDEN, Robert
120. LINCELL, Joseph
121. RIGHT, Asa
122. TILDEN, Elisha
123. ROWE, Stephen
124. CROWELL, Ezekiel
125.WIMAN, Jonathan Wyman
126. WIMAN, Simon Wyman
127. CANE, _____
128. TILTON, Cornelias 
*Vol.4 Pg.282
Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
129. SPRINGER, Job
130.PAGE, Jesse
131. KIMBALL, Andrew
132. WIMAN, James Wyman
133. LENEL, Joseph
134. TOWNSAND, Robart
135. LENEL, Samuel
136. SNOW, Philip 
*Vol.3 Pg.259
Dunstable, New Hampshire
137. SARTWELL, Hezekiah
138. LOMBART, James
139. MOSIER, Elisha 
*Vol.4 Pg.190
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
140. HALL, Samuel
141. HALL, Aaron
142. ELLIS, John
143. BLAKE, Nath'l 
*Vol.4 Pg.24
Hallowell, Maine
144. HAMELTON, John
145. WHITE, John
146. HOWLAND, William
147. RANKENS, John 
*Vol.3 Pg.231
Dover, New Hampshire
148. BRANDT, Daniel
149. JEWELL, Jacob 
*Vol.2 Pg.156
Elected to building committee for building of new meeting house 1799. Embodied into 1st Particular Baptist Church 8/8/1799 at a meeting at Wm. Whittier's house. Weare, New Hampshire
150. RAND, Rueben Yeoman 
Purchased part of lot#67 for 90 pounds in 1795. Blacksmith. Paid $61.00 for a pew in the new meeting house in 1800.
151. GILMAN, Ezekiel m. Molly___ 
1.James b.1781 
2.Mehitable b.1783 
3.Warren b.1785 
4.Philnet b.1788 
5.Robinson b.1791
152. GREELEY, Noah b. Kingston, N.H. 1757 Resided Brentwood, N.H. d.Mt. Vernon 1836 m.1783 Hannah Morrill 13ch 
Soldier in Revolutionary War. Served at Valley Forge with General Washington & named Mt. Vernon in honor of Washington's home. Built the dam at head of Torsey Pond, which was called Greeley Pond in his honor for a time. Also built the dam on Taylor Pond in West Mt. Vernon by "the chimney". Lived in large house on corner of Route 41 & Ithial Gordon Road. 
Kingston, New Hampshire
153. LADD, William Yeoman 
Purchased 40 acres, part of Lot#17 from Jonathan Prescott for 60 pounds. 
154. QUIMBY, Samuel Dr. b.9-23-1770 Sandwich NH 
d.6-5-1851 Mt.Vernon 
Came to Mt. Vernon c1792. It is said that he came on horseback and owned nothing except his horse & saddle & what he could carry in his saddle bags. He was Mt. Vernon's first physician. Member of Baptist church. Owned grist mills in Mt. Vernon for over 30 yrs. His home still stands on North Road from Readfield, a large home, recently restored,  with beautiful architecture. It is said that a patient who could not afford to pay him constructed the architectural details in exchange for services. 
Buried Bean Cemetery 
m.2-3-1795 Lydia Currier 
d.12-4-1854 Mt.Vernon 
ch: born at Mt. Vernon 
1. Mary (Polly) b.7-9-1797 m.John Bean 
2. Benjamin b.1799 d.1801 
3. Samuel Jr. b.1801 d.1816 
4. Dorotha b.1803 d.1804 
5. Lydia b. 2-14-1806 
m. John Larkin
6. Abigail b.1809 d.1810 
7. Tamson G. b.1814 d.1901 
m.Randall Currier 
Sandwich, New Hampshire
155. COBB, Peltiah
156. CRESSEY, Caleb ? Newcastle, Maine
157. CURRIER, Joseph d.Mt.Vernon 1/28/1817 
m.Elizabeth Tweed of York,ME 
10 ch.
1. Samuel b.1777 
2. Timothy b.1789 m. Eliza Ballard 1816 7ch To Farmington 1815 
? other 8 ch
Deerfield, New Hampshire
158. LOMBARD, Prince Mariner 
Granted 200 acres Lot#116 in 1802
Barnstable, Massachusetts
159. FOLSOM, Peter ? Stratham, Mass.
160. ROBINSON, Nicholas Home on Readfield Rd. owned by Fred & Jan Webber in 1998. This house is said to have been an inn early on.
161. DUDLEY, Stephen Granted Lot#52 1802
162. DUDLEY, Benjamin Blacksmith 
m1.Elizabeth Smith 
m2.Mrs. Sarah Tucker 
1. James m.Lucinda Whittier 
2. Sally m. Elias Sherburne 
3. Rev. Thos. Jefferson m.Louinda Fifield 
4. Polly m. James Neale 
5. Joseph 
His father, Joseph, came to Readfield/Mt.Vernon about 1778, but returned to Raymond after his first wife, Deborah Bean Dudley, died c1780.
Raymond, New Hampshire
163. ATKINS, Charles b.Chatham, Mass.1/25/1747 d.3/20/1817 Mt. Vernon 
buried Readfield 
m.Ruth___b.1/2/1755 d.8/17/1838 
10 children
Chatham Eastham & Provincetown, Massachusetts
164. BASFORD, Moses Paid 61 pounds at auction for pews in the new meeting house in 1800.
165. WHITTIER, John Kept earliest tavern on a hill east of the pond. He was adm. to 1st Particular Baptist Church 8/8/1799 at meeting in the home of William Whittier.
166. WHITTIER, William b.1752 Salisbury, MA 
r. Readfield prior to Mt. Vernon 
d. 1814 Mt. Vernon 
m. Elizabeth 
Yeoman, Sawmill Operator 
Purchased Lot#161, 210 acres in Mt. Vernon, 1795. 
Also, adjoining Lot#76, 200 acres, in Wyman Plantation (Vienna). Settled first in East Readfield. Building Comm for Meeting House 1799. Meetng of First Particular Baptist Church at his home on 8/8/1799 at which time several Mt. Vernon residents joined this order. 
House is that of Albert & Emily Cole in 1998
Salisbury, MA
167. WILLIAMS, John Ran the sawmill at the village previously owned by Wm Whittier. He & sons took over the fulling and cloth dressing factory building in 1855, and changed it to a wood working factory, making carriages. They were the first carriage makers in Mt. Vernon. 
Sons: Charles & Cyrus
168. BLUNT, Andrew Revolutionary War Soldier Mass.
169. CHESLEY, Sawyer b.1752 Residing Rome in 1819 d.1823 Mt. Vernon bur. Rome m.Polly____ Durham, N.H.
170. FRENCH, Obidiah b.1758 d.1839 Mt.Vernon New Hampshire
171. JONES, James b.1756 
Residing Somerset County 1794; Chateaugay, N.Y. 1818; Madison 1819; Hallowell 1820 
d.1829 Mt. Vernon 
who was residing Madison 1838
Ashby, Mass.
172. ALLEN, John b.1759 
Residing Mt. Vernon 1788 
d.Vienna 1845 
Edgecomb, Maine
173. WELLS, Henry Capt. bur. Mt. Vernon
174. THING, Levi b.1761 Brentwood, NH 
r. Mt Vernon 1794 
r.Hallowell 1802 
d. 1832 
m. Susanna
Brentwood, NH
175. SMITH, Laban (or Saban) b. 1759 d. 1843 Mt. Vernon
176. PRESCOTT, Jonathan b.1757 Brentwood, NH 
d.1814 Mt. Vernon 
m. Catherine 
son r. Corinna 1850
Brentwood, NH
177. POOL, Samuel r. Casco Bay & Falmouth 
d. Mt Vernon 1846 or Minot 1850
m. Abiah
178. RICE, Nathaniel m. N.H. Jane Swazey a native of Conn. 
3 sons: 
1)  John Hovey Rice
b.2/5/1816 Mt.Vernon 
d. 3/14/1911 Chicago, Ill. 
2) Richard K. 
3) Peabody H. 
Nathaniel's brother, Richard. built a fulling & cloth dressing mill  in Mt. V. Nathaniel took over this business, succeeded by his son Peabody in 1829. Peabody formed a partnership with James Hanna from Providence, R.I.& they built a brick mill, and put in cards & a picker.
Meredith, N.H.

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