Manchester, Maine Cemeteries


Hill Cemetery, Prescott Road

Located near the Prescott Road and Route 135 
intersection in North Manchester.
 68 individuals are listed here in alphabetical order. 
Among them are five children of William & Emily Hill age 4 yrs - 17 yrs. 
who all died between August 4 - 24, 1863.
1. Axtell, Abigail wife of Willard Axtell d.11-9-1853 ae.53yrs 23. Hall, Elizabeth D. wife of Rufus Hall d.1-10-1915 ae.89yrs,7mos 45. Hill, Mary A. dau. of William & Emily died 8-4-1863 ae.16yrs.
2. Axtell, Willard G. d.6-9-1848 ae.41yrs 24. Hall, Julia D. wife of Frank P. Hall d.12-21-1904 46. Hill, Melinda wife of Benjamin Hill d.9-15-1885 ae.45yrs,10days
3. Chamberlain, Arvilla A. wife of Alfred Chamberlain d.8-19-1855 ae.29yrs,11mos 25. Hall, Mary wife of Nathan Hall d.1-2-1871 ae.79yrs. 47. Hill, Rachel L. wife of Jephthah Hill d.12-23-1863 ae.92yrs,6mos.
4. Coy, Nathan d.2-24-1837 ae.47yrs. 26. Hall, Nathan d.12-6-1860 ae.68yrs,6mos. 48. Hill, William died 3-1-1885 ae.75yrs, 5mos. 
5.Coy, Ruth d.12-5-1877 ae.81yrs,6mos. 27. Hall, Nathan A.d.8-8-1872 ae.44yrs,8mos 49. Hill, William H. died 9-30-1907 ae.55yrs, 6mos.
6. Doyle, Ann E. dau of M.&N. Doyle d.10-19-1863 ae.31yrs. 28. Hall, Rufus G. d.4-11-1874 ae.56yrs,8mos 50. Next to Hannah J. Hill is an unreadable Hill stone d.10-13-1830 ae.24yrs. 
7. Fifield, Benjamin H. d.2-19-1900 ae.77yrs,9days 29. Hill, Adelia dau. of William & Emily died 8-24-1863 ae.14yrs, 3mos. 51. Holm, Michael d.6-7-1848 ae.56yrs.
8. Fifield, Burnham Kinsman son of Joseph & Elmina d.12-11-1841 ae.8yrs,6mos 30. Hill, Annie E. 1852-1948 52. Knowles, Elisha d.4-5-1847 ae.81yrs. On the opposite side of the lot to these stones is a similar base that may have held stones at one time. They were all enclosed by four cornerposts at one time.
9. Fifield, Charles W.osn of Joseph & Elmina d.8-11-1842 ae.13mos 31. Hill, Benjamin F. son of William & Emily died 8-17-1863 ae. 8yrs., 4mos. 53. Knowles, Margaret wife of Elisha d.2-16-1816 ae.51yrs.
10. Fifield, Cora M. dau of Hiram & Sylvina 1857-1859 32. Hill, Benjamin d.5-20-1887 ae.72yrs,1mos,10days 54. Marriner, Rachel S. wife of Hiram Marriner d.6-8-1857 ae.45yrs.
11. Fifield, Eliza A. dau of Hiram & Sylvina 1839-1897 33. Hill, Daniel S. died 7-22-1865 ae.63 yrs, 6 mos, 19 days 55. Masters, Elizabeth wife of William Masters d.12-31-1853 ae.53yrs.
12. Fifield, Frederic son of Joseph & Elmina d.12-29-1847 34. Hill, David died 11-17-1898 ae.70yrs, 3mos. 56. Prescott, Elisha Revolutionary War Marker 
d.10-10-1813 ae.58yrs.
13. Fifield, Hiram died 1-15-1880 ae.74 yrs. 35. Hill, Ellen A. dau.of William & Emily died 8-7-1863 
ae.4yrs, 5mos.
57. Prescott, Mary wife of Elisha Prescott d.6-13-1847 ae.89yrs.
14. Fifield, Joseph d.4-19-1867 ae.91yrs,2mos. 36. Hill, Emily wife of William died 3-27-1905 ae. 85yrs, 7mos. 58. Savage, Anna wife of Capt.Daniel Savage of Old Hallowell d.12-3-1826 ae.94yrs.
15. Fifield, Joseph Jr. d.11-28-1847 ae.47yrs,10mos. 37. Hill, George Howard son of William & Emily died 8-17-1863 ae.10yrs, 4mos. 59. Taylor, Albion E. (Next to Ruel) b.10-22-1843 d.3-31-1915
16. Fifield, Lovina F. wife of B.H. Fifield d.10-14-1884 ae.62yrs,2mos. 38. Hill, Hannah E. 
(buried beside Harrison) Mother 1830-1865
60. Taylor, Ruel M.(Next to Seth & Sarah) died 6-27-1839 ae.4yrs,1mos,28days
17. Fifield, Lucinda dau of Hiram & Sylvina 1842-1844 39. Hill, Hannah J.or, Anna J. d.9-8-1830 ae.23yrs.  61. Taylor, Sarah K.,wife of Seth 
Mother died 10-31-1877 ae.72yrs,8mos,5days
18. Fifield, Maria dau of Hiram & Sylvina 1836-1841 40. Hill, Harrison 
Father 1836-1917
62. Taylor, Seth 
Father died 11-8-1877 ae.77yrs,2mos,15days
19. Fifield, Mary E. Only child of Benjamin & Lovina d.4-13-1864 ae.7yrs,1mos,25days 41. Hill, Jephthah d.9-5-1845 ae.84yrs. Next to Anna's & the unreadable stones 63. Tillson, Eliza wife of Emery Tillson d.9-16-1849 ae.46yrs.
20. Fifield, Rachel A. wife of B.H.Fifield died 5-30-1904 ae.74yrs,9mos,19days 42. Hill, Jepthah son of William & Emily died 8-24-1863 ae.17 yrs, 5mos. 64. Tillson, Emery d.9-26-1887 ae.85yrs.
21. Fifield, Sylvina wife of Hiram died 1-11-1897 ae.86 yrs. 43. Hill, Martha, wife of Daniel S. Hill died 6-30-1884 
ae.77yrs, 4mos.
65. Watson, Cynthia wife of Josiah Watson,Esq. d.2-13-1841 ae.52yrs.
22. Foster, Herbert W. Maine Sgt.U.S.Marine Corps Res.WWII b.4-21-1903 d.2-27-1967  44. Hill, Mary A. wife of Benjamin Hill d.5-17-1864 ae.36yrs,8mos,2days  66. Watson, Josiah M.,Esq. d.8-9-1841 ae.52yrs.
67. Webb, Doris M. b.6-29-1915 d.after 1981 m.6-1-1934 Frank Webb
68. Webb, Frank S. b.8-7-1902 d.5-8-1976

Fifield Cemetery, Fifield Road, North Manchester (on private property)
To get to Fifield Rd. you must drive Route 17 to Worthing Rd. & Fifield is off Worthing. 
This cemetery is out of sight, on your left, and then you must walk a fair distance in off the road.
1.Fifield, Alice M. Knowlton wife of Frederick L. Fifield b.11-26-1868 d.6-10-1901 
Their infant son ,George W., b.5-28-1909 d.5-28-1901
7.Fifield, Sarah A.dau. of John & Sarah Gilman Fifield died 8-19-1904 ae.86yrs,9mos,8days 13. Wing, Charles died 2-12-1892 ae.73yrs,2mos
2.Fifield, Hulda Gilman wife of George L. Fifield died 3-4-1927 ae.93yrs,9mos,15days 8.Fifield, Sarah Gilman Wife of John Fifield 
Mother died 1-19-1870 ae.96yrs.
14. Wing, Mary F.wife of Charles Wing 9/14/1823-10/17/1908
3.Fifield, Frederick L. died 4-28-1926 ae.61yrs,7mos,1day 9.Fifield, William 
b.2-8-1813 d.5-13-1902
15. Burgess, Elizabeth Fifield wife of Gorham Burgess b.1-8-1811 d.7-2-1844
4.Fifield, Jennie B. wife of Frederick L. Fifield died 1-1-1923 ae.61yrs,9mos,10days 10. Low, J.C. died 10-22-1889 ae.83yrs,2mos 16. A stone covered with mound of soil
5.Fifield, John 
Father died 10-29-1845 ae.63yrs,3mos
11. Low, Mary wife of J.C.Low died 7-14-1882 ae.82yrs. 17. A stone covered with mound of soil
6.Fifield, John R. died 9-28-1928 ae.60yrs,8mos,7days 12. Wing, Charles H. son of Charles & Mary F. Wing died 6-6-1856 ae.6yrs,2mos

Case Cemetery, Route 17, East Readfield

This cemetery is actually in Readfield near the Manchester town line. 
I am including it here because several North Manchester settlers are buried here.
Entering the cemetery, to the right are two large flat stones with a marble slab on top, enclosed by granite pillars, which are connected with iron rods. These are the graves of Rev.Isaac Case and his wife, Joanna. The story of their lives may be read there. Their graves also mark the spot where Elder Case preached for so many years from the pulpit of the Baptist Church of Christ in Readfield. This church was built in 1793, and was later moved to North Manchester, Scribner Hill Road, where it is known today as the North Manchester Meeting House.
1.Allen, Benjamin Clifford, son of Jotham & Thankful Allen d.12-4-1812 ae.17mos. 39.Eastman, infant son of Capt. Thomas & Sarah Eastman d.7-24-1804 ae.19hrs. 77.Lyon,Loten d.9-5-1829 ae.38yrs.
2.Allen, James d.12-26-1832 ae.62yrs. 40.Eastman, Polley dau. Capt. Thomas & Sarah Eastman d.4-12-1798 ae.18mos. 78.Lyon,Mariah wife of Eliab Lyon d.2-20-1814 ae.74yrs.
3.Allen, Louisa wife of Thomas Allen d.12-28-1831 ae.31yrs. 41. Stone with no name, date only d.10-17-1856 ae.85 yrs. 79.Lyon,Squire d.4-18-1850 ae.83yrs.
4.Allen, Mary, Consort of Lemuel Allen 
d.5-15-1819 ae.32yrs.
42.Esty,Dolly Fifield dau. of Ebenezer & Mary Fifield & wife of Solomon Esty d.4-19-1874 ae.85yrs. 80.Mariner,Julia A.,wife of Hiram d.8-21-1851 ae.41yrs.
5.Allen, Mary, 2nd consort of Lemuel Allen 
d.10-18-1830 ae.49yrs.
b.4-20-1830 d.10-1-1899
81.Monk,Benjamin d.4-6-1816 ae.81yrs. 
Revoltionary War Veteran
6.Allen, Rachel, consort of Thomas Allen 
d.4-26-1794 ae.49yrs.
44.Fifield,Ebenezer d.6-3-1834 ae.83yrs. 
Revolutionary War Veteran
82.Monk,Ebenezer son of Benjamin & Ruth Monk d.8-18-1787 ae.9yrs.
7.Allen, Thomas born son of Thomas & Mary Hunt Allen at Braintree, Mass. 3-28-1740 d.Readfield 1-31-1814 
Revolutionary War Veteran
45.Fifield,Lovina wife of Joseph Fifield d.5-9-1838 ae.73yrs. 83.Monk,Keziah wife of Benjamin Monk d.9-17-1821 ae.77yrs.
8.Allen,Thomas d.12-21-1837 ae.35yrs. 46.Fifield,Mary dau.of Ebenezer & Mary Fifield d.2-3-1843 ae.56yrs. 84.Monk,Rusha dau. of Benjamin & Keziah Monk d.9-18-1787 ae.4yrs.
9.Brown,Elizabeth wife of Jacob Brown d.8-7-1837 ae.48yrs 47.Fifield,Mary wife of Ebenezer Fifield d.7-27-1839 ae.85yrs. 85.Moor,Moore,Mooers 
Caroline d.7-3-1888 ae.72yrs.
10.Brown,Henry the service of U.S. at Chatteaugua, N.Y. 11-1-1813 ae.21 yrs,7mos,7days 48.Fifield,Roxanna wife of Wyer Fifield d.9-2-1874 ae.75yrs. 86.Moore,Cyrill d.1-2-1867 ae.50yrs.
11.Brown, Jacob d.12-23-1828 ae.40 yrs,5mos 49.Fifield,Wyer d.11-16-1854 ae.74yrs. 87.Moore,Mary dau. James & Phebe Moor d.1-13-1832 ae.31 yrs.
12.Brown,Jeremiah d.3-21-1832 50.Fuller,Charles H. son of David & Lovina d.5-2-1816 ae.3yrs,7mos. Died from a kick by a horse. 88.Moore,Moses E. d.1901 ae.52yrs.
13.Burgess,Ephraim d.1832 ae.72yrs 51.Fuller, Francis d.5-28-1844 ae.93yrs. 
Revolutionary War Veteran
89.Moore,Ruth d.12-4-1854 ae.58yrs.
14.Burgess,George d.2-20-1854 ae.44yrs. 52.Fuller,Hannah consort of Mr. Francis Fuller d.10-19-1816 ae.64yrs. 90.Moore,W.H.H. d.5-26-1871 ae.33yrs.
15.Burgess,Grinlief d.3-8-1874 ae.62yrs. 53.Fuller,Lovina consort of David C. Fuller d.12-6-1812 ae.30yrs. 91.McGrath,Claricy Coy wife of James McGrath d.12-17-1828 ae.27yrs.
16.Burgess,Moses d.5-27-1856 ae.51yrs. 54.French,Arnold E. d.4-12-1834 ae.32yrs. 92.Packard,Nancy, daughter of Benjamin & Nancy Packard 
d.7-22-1810 ae.1mos,25days
17.Capen,Asenath dau. Lemuel & Michael Capen 7-8-1821 55.French,James d.3-22-1819 ae.44yrs. 93.Packard,William, son of Benjamin Packard 
d.8-13-1818 ae.5yrs.
18.Capen,Eliza A.d.10-7-1884 ae.54yrs. 56.French,Milly wife of James French d.1818 ae.38yrs. 94.Perkins,Louisa Case dau.E.S.Case, wife of Abe L. Perkins. Followed her sister 4-2-1885 ae.30yrs,10mos,20days
19.Capen,Eunice dau.Lemuel & Michael Capen d.7-8-1821 57.Gage,Aunt 
No dates 
Probably wife of John
95.Prescot,Joanna dau. Josiah & Susan Prescott d.9-16-1812 ae.21 mos.
20.Capen,Hadassah wife of Ahasuerus Capen 
b.4-5-1807 d.8-24-1880
58.Gage,Shubel ,Jean & John 
No dates 
Probably children of John
96.Putnam,Alden, son of Christopher C.& Sophia M. Putnam d.8-22-1858 ae.1mos.20days
21.Capen,Lemuel, Deacon d.4-17-1839 ae.74yrs.,6mos. 59.Gage,John,Capt. died 5-8-1807 ae.61yrs. Revoltionary War Veteran 97.Richards,Plyna,son of William & Joanna d.9-24-1797 ae.4yrs.
22.Capen,Michael Mrs. d.5-16-1839 ae.74yrs. 60.Georden,Olive,daughter of Jonathan & Hannah Georden d.8-10-1818 ae.9yrs 98.Robinson,Silvina 
dau. Jesse Robinson of Hallowell d.1-31-1805 ae.7yrs,4mos.
23.Carr,Benjamin,Jr. d.6-24-1838 ae.50yrs. 61.Hadley,Garrison 
wife of Jesse Robinson of Hallowell d.7-6-1804 ae.32yrs.
24.Carr,Eunice C. wife of Benjamin Carr d.6-24-1870 ae.79yrs. 62.Hadley,Olivia 
100.Smith,Caroline d.2-18-1806 ae.7mos. daughter of Jacob Smith,Esq. who died at Epping 6-21-1808 ae.37yrs.& his wife Deborah
25.Case,Elisha S d.9-1-1894 ae.84yrs,9mos,4days 63.Ham,Joseph d.7-26-1848 ae.71yrs. 101.Smith,William W. son of Persons Smith d.3-12-1814 ae.10mos.
26.Case,Isaac died 11-3-1852 ae.92yrs. 64.Ham,Martha dau. Joseph & Joannah Ham d.8-29-1838 ae.29yrs. 102.Stevens,Jacob d.12-21-1840 ae.72yrs.
27.Case,Joanna died 8-3-1847 ae.80yrs. 65.Ham,Patty consort of Joseph Ham who died 10-21-1807 103.Stevens,Joseph only son of Jacob & Mary Stevens d.1-24-1837 ae.29yrs.
28.Case,Mary dau.E.S.Case. "She fell asleep" 4-2-1871 ae.15yrs,5mos,1day 66.Harris,Mariah d.8-28-1841 ae.26yrs.9mos.wife of John D. Harris 104.Stevens,Mary, widow of Jacob widow of Jacob Stevens of Salisbury d.4-9-1811 ae.76yrs.
29.Coy,Daniel d.10-5-1849 ae.82yrs. 67.Horscroft,Harriet,wife of Henry Horscroft d.7-26-1854 ae.30yrs,6mos 105.Stevens,Mary,Mrs. d.7-29-1836 ae.66yrs.
30.Coy,Huldah dau.Daniel & Apphia d.1-9-1830 ae.27yrs. 68.Howes,Hannah consort of Isaac Howes d.11-11-1810 ae.72yrs. 106.Taylor,Laben L. drowned 6-19-1880 ae.17yrs.
31.Coy,Mercy d.3-25-1824 
ae.32 yrs.
69.Howes,Issac d.3-20-1815 ae.86yrs. 107.Taylor,Rachel, wife of James Taylor d.8-19-1827 ae.75yrs.
32.Coy,Sally d.1-9-1825 ae.25yrs. 70.Huston,Clark, son of John & Abigail Huston d.3-29-1805, ae.11yrs. 108.Taylor,William C. osn of William & S.Taylor d.12-18-1813 ae.3yrs,6mos
33.Coy,Sullivan d.2-4-1827 ae.21yrs. 71.Jewett,Sarah Mrs. wife of John Jewett d.5-8-1824 ae.67yrs. 109.Thomas,Elizabeth, (probably a Brown)wife of William Thomas d.6-29-1831 ae.43yrs.
34.Day,John d.10-12-1820 ae.70yrs. 72.Knowles,Warren osn of William Knowles d.10-4-1801 ae.19mos. 110.Thomas,Elder Nathan d.10-11-1834 ae.76yrs.
Another old granite stone in this proximity with initials T.W.
73.Lane,Elvira M. Carr wife of Orson Lane d.1-17-1850 ae.24yrs. Stone erected by her mother. 111.Thomas,Henry B., son of William & Elizabeth Thomas d.10-17-1821 ae.6yrs.7mos.20days
36.Diplock,Michael son of Samuel & Eliza Diplock d.5-28-1855 ae.19yrs,6mos. 74.Lyon,Eldridge son of Tabor L. Lyon d.3-17-1818 ae.2yrs 112.Winslow,Charles son of Heman & Rebekah Winslow d.10-5-1806 ae.5mos. A small stone beside this one with nothing written on it.
37.Diplock,Samuel d.4-9-1863 ae.59yrs,2mos. 75.Lyon,Eliab d.1814 ae.79yrs. 
Revolutionary War Veteran
113. Two old slate stones with initials and dates: 
E.L.1814 and M.L. 1814
38.Eastman, twins children of Capt. Thomas & Sarah Eastman d.2-1-1812 ae.9hrs. 76.Lyon,Elizabeth wife of Squire Lyon d.1832 ae.65 yrs. 114. A small variegated stone, but tall with initials L.L. 1820
38A.No name Initials only B.H. 76A. Small slate stone with no name, but initials M.H. 115.A small stone with initials R.F.
38B. Stone with initials M.D.  76B. Footstone W.K. 1821  115A. No name but initials C.W.1806

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