Fayette, Maine 1790 Census
Starling Plantation, Kennebec County

Incorporated as Fayette, Maine on February 28, 1795
1790 U.S. Census &
Some Additional Information

It is possible that settlers on this list may have lived in more than one town
without ever moving because:
Fayette set off land to:
Mt. Vernon on February 20, 1802
Wayne c1795

The following information is taken from:

Done in three sections, alphabetically arranged:
1790 Census
More Early Settlers ~ Not on Census
Soon to follow Early Settlers

Last & First Names     Number in Household            Comments____________________________

1.  Anderson, Joseph                       1-1-2-0-0
Revolutionary War Veteran, Pvt. Massachusetts Militia, Capt. Christopher Banister's Co, Col. David Wells' Regt. Enlisted May 8, 1777; discharged 7-8-1777. Marched to Ticonderoga.
Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways in Fayette May 4, 1795
Joseph d.12-4-1853
m. Lydia Smith d.4-9-1857
1.Betsey b.5-17-1788
2.Thomas b.11-1-1790
3.Lydia b.3-25-1793
4.Jane b.5-2-1797
5.David b.11-14-1801 d.9-20-1885

2.  Barnford (Bamford), James                          1-0-0-0-0
d.4-9-1847 ae.79yrs, 5mos, 20 days
m. Hannah d.9-23-1822 ae49yrs.
1.Sarah b.7-18-1797 d.11-11-1875 m.Lowell Eaton
2.Hugh b.5-19-1799 d.8-2-1800
3.John b.10-23-1801 d.10-19-1860
4.George b.11-11-1803
5.Sullivan b.2-23-1808
6.Mary b.4-23-1810
7.Jane b.5-19-1818

3.  Barry (Berry), John                                 1-0-0-0-0
wife Susanna d.8-1-1815
1.Polly b.2-16-1792
2.Elizabeth b.4-12-1794
3.Sarah b.7-18-1797
4.John b.8-1-1797 published 8-25-1819 to Anna Berry of Fayette
5.Jonathan b.9-21-1803
6.Nathan Dolly b.10-3-1807 published 8-13-1826 to Lydia Bosworth of Fayete
7.Mahala b.1-8-1811 d.7-8-1822
Married 2nd Mahala d.7-8-1822
8.Abigail b.4-4-1818
9.Emaline b.3-12-1820
10.William Moses b.2-22-1822

4.  Basse (Besse), Jabas                               1-0-0-0-0
Probably the son of  Jabe Besse Sr. who was b. 1738 Wareham, Mass. d.1808 Wayne, Maine
According to RW Vet Records, Jabez Jr. was b.Wareham, Mass 1765. d.Albion, Maine bur. Wayne, Maine Evergreen Cemetery.
Jabez is listed as 15 yrs of age at the time he served in the Continental Army.His brother, Ephraim m.a neighbor, Rebecca Manter, and went on to be an early settler in Albion where he settled near Frye on Bessey Ridge.

5.  Basse (Besse), Solomon                          1-0-0-0-0
Solomon appears on the Fayette census, though he owned lot#12 in Wayne. At the time the 1790 census was taken, the boundries betwen these two towns was not yet clearly defined. His land was listed as 28 acres and of poor quality. He paid $3.00 per acre.

6.  Batchelor, Daniel                    1-0-1-0-0
    The first settler in the north part of town, His wife did not see a white woman for 6 months after they arrived. Three women came to visit on snowshoes - Mrs. Wiggin, Mrs. Judkins from Fayette Corner and Mrs. Davis from "the Ridge." Mr. Bacheller planted orchards in his clearing, and later was able to raise 200 bushels of pears, besides large lots of apples. He also made large quantities of cider.
    Perhaps the son of Nathaniel Gilman Bacheller & wife Dorothy Currier of East Kingston, New Hampshire. Their eldest child, Daniel, was b.11-17-1765 d.9-26-1831 (accident in mill). He m.Rebecca Hilton. no children.

7.  Batchelor, Moses                        1-0-0-0-0
    Perhaps the son of Nathaniel Gilman Bacheller & wife Dorothy Currier of East Kingston, New Hampshire. Moses, their third child was b.3-2-1769 d.7-13-1844

8.  Billings, Oliver                             1-0-1-0-0
m.Lydia Anderson
1.Oliver b.3-3-1790 (?)
2.Dolla b.1-1-1792
3.Salla b.5-8-1794
4.William b.4-8-1796
5.John b.3-26-1798

9.  Brocks, Gorge                            1-3-3-0-0

10. Brown, Eliphelat                         1-0-0-0-0

11. Brown, Isaac                              1-0-0-0-0

12. Cliford (Clifford), Benjn                             1-0-0-0-0
    d.2-29-1840 Benjamin was one of the three chosen for the first Board of Selectmen in Fayette.
    m.Mary (Polly) Baldwin, b.7-6-1773 d.5-27-1826 d/o Nahum Baldwin
1.Loammi b.8-28-1794 d.3-17-1795
2.Benjamin b.6-1-1796 d.7-30-1803
3.Sally b.3-28-1798 d.12-27-1818
4.Polly b.8-12-1800 d.5-8-1816
5.Lucy b.12-7-1803
6.Benjamin b.9-29-1805 twin d.1-23-1815
7.Fanny b.9-29-1805

13. Davies (Davis), Philip                              1-0-1-0-0
1.Joseph Hilton b.2-26-1799 d.12-14-1826

14. Davies (Davis), Joseph                            1-0-0-0-0
Moderator at first town meeting on April 13, 1795. Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen.
1.Thomas b.6-27-1796
2.Sally b.11-24-179_
3.Philip b.5-20-1801 (?)
4.Martha b.8-7(?)-1806

15. Elhings (Elkins), Chase                             1-3-2-0-0
        1781-First settler in Fayette, and to break ground here for cultivation. His "rude hut" according to Fayette historian, George Underwood, was located about halfway between Oak Hill and Fayette Corner. His son, Chase, was the first white child born here on January 7,1784. In honor of this, Mr. Elkins is said to have received a prize. He is listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran, and as resident of Windham, then Fayette.
    Chase Elkins d.1-10-1826 and is buried in the cemetery adjoining the Baptist church grounds. His  gravestone has the following inscription: "He was the first man who broke the wilderness for cultivation in this town."
m.Hannah Clark
1.Josiah b.8-13-1781
2.Chase b.1-7-1784
3.Samuel b.10-13-1789 twin
4.Lydia b.10-13-1789 twin
5.Nancy Page b.12-26-1799

16. Emrson, _____

17. Emrson, Brown                            2-0-2-0-0
Emerson Brown and his brother, Jacob, came from Reading, Mass. to Hallowell, Maine near the close of the Revolution. They were both educated at Harvard University in preparation for the Congregational ministry, and it is thought Jacob's missionary work brought him to Sterling (Fayette). Jacob was 12 years older than Brown, and had a family in Reading, and his wife was from the Walton family there (Waltons also migrated to Fayette.) Emerson Brown apparantly made a clearing on Baldwn Hill and built a cabin there prior to his association with Sterling propriotors Edmund Bridge and Robert Page. With education and foresight Mr. Emerson saw the development potential in Sterling, as he observed surrounding towns and mills fast expanding. Consequently, he invested and became one of the three original proprietors in Starling Plantation. He, with Mr's Bridge and Page, purchased 7,000 acres for 1,500 pounds in speculation of selling to settlers at a profit. Before settlers had bought much property from them however, Bridge seemed to drop out of sight, and Emerson began liquidating. On 9-13-1787 Emerson sold 4,500 acres to Robert Page for 150 pounds. On Feb.1, 1788 he sold another 200 acres for 211 pounds to John Merrill of Topsham, Maine. It appears from these significant sales that Mr. Emerson was in financial difficulites. In 1792 there were various judgements found against him and writs of execution - seeming confirmation of financial problems.
    Only record of children in Fayette is Sarah b.11-7-1791

18. French, Moses                             1-0-0-0-0
m.12-18-1795 Sarah Page b.1774 d.3-1-1815
1.John Shaw b.6-14-1797
2.Polly b.2-11-1799
3.Sally b.2-3-1801 m.Senaca Britt of Paris, Maine 1827
4.Benjamin b.2-16-1804
5.Daniel b.11-7-1805
6.Hannah b.2-8-1808 twin
7.Nathan b.2-8-1808 twin
8.Joseph b.5-28-1810
9.Caleb Strong b.5-30-1813 d.2-23-1814

19. Goodin (Goodwin), Elezer                            1-1-2-0-0
    First Town Clerk in Fayette, and one of the first three to serve on Board of Selectmen. Chairman, Board of Selectman.
b.6-11-1739 Salisbury, Mass. m.Anna
1.Martha b.5-13-1781 Candia, NH d.10-2-1782
2.Mary b.10-2-1782

20. Hilkon, William                             1-2-2-0-0

21. Hubard, Francies                       1-0-3-0-0
    Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways May 4, 1795. Also chosen to work with Abijah Crane in dividing the town into districts of highways and schools. Served on Board of Selectmen, was chosen 2nd Chairman, Board of Selectman.
4 sons: John, Moses, Richard, Samuel.

22. Ingham, David                              1-1-2-0-0
m.Mary d.1-5-1797
1.Elizabeth b.4-17-1783 d.2-21___
2.Stephen b.5-17-1785
3.Mary b.8-18-1787
m2. 3-31-1797 Rebekah Butterfield
4.Esther b.2-14-1798

23. Judkins, Benjn                              1-2-3-0-0                             * Volume 3 Page 157
b.1-20-1748/9 Brentwood, NH  d.1833 Fayette, Maine s/o Joseph & Margaret (Smith) Judkins
m1. Mary Philbrook of Deerfield, NH b.6-5-1756 d.1797
m2. Nov.1832 Mrs. Mehitable Prescott of Vienna
Revoltionary War Veteran ~ Residence Deerfield, NH at time of enlistment
children of Benjamin & Mary:
1.Twin b.9-28-1782 d.9-28-1782
2.Twin b.9-28-1782 d.11-16-1782
3.Polla b.2-9-1784
4.Salla b.2-28-1786
5.John b.3-18-1788
6.Daniel b.3-4-1790
7.Rebecca b.2-2-1793
8.Peggy b.8-15-1795
9.Nancy b.8-14-1797

24. Judkins, Daniel                             1-0-0-0-0
    Suceeded Solomon Bates, as Fayette's second tavern keeper and post master.
1.Fanna b.1-10-17__
2.Asa b.3-27-17__

25. Judkins, Joel                            1-3-2-0-0
b.1757 Revolutionary War Veteran ~ Residence Sandown, NH at time of enlistment
m.Abiah Cram sister of Joseph Cram
1.Lydia b.9-9-1785
2.Joseph b.5-23-1787
3.Richard b.10-19-1788
4.David b.9-19-1790
5.Betty b.8-14-1792
6.Joel b.5-27-1794
7.Abia b.8-30-1796
8.Levi b.6-27-1798

26. Judkins, Joseph                        1-0-2-0-0
        b.4-4-1798 ae 74 yrs.
        Revolutionary War Veteran in Capt. Brown's NH Co.

27. Knowly (Knowles), John                              1-2-3-0-0
    Born in Candia, New Hampshire.m.Lydia Morse Chaplin
    According to Fayette historian, Underwood, John Knowles wife was known to be a witch. The story goes that she had the "baleful power of the evil eye," and when somebody was churning, and the butter was slow in coming, it was thought that Mrs. Knowles had bewitched the cream. A red hot horseshoe was then thrown into the churn, and a "most unearthly" scream would be heard. It was believed that the witch was so badly burned that she then suffered for several days.
    John Knowles was chosen as first town treasurer and a tythingman at second town meeting on May 4, 1795.
1.John b.3-9-1784
2.Lydia b.6-27-1786
3.David b.3-13-1788
4.Eunice b.8-17-1789
5.Lois Palmer b.5-24-1792
6.Elizabeth b.11-25-1793
7.Sarah b.4-27-1796
8.Calib Chaplin b.1-9-1799
9.Daniel b.10-16-1802

28. Knowly (Knowles), David                             1-0-2-0-0
m.Annie Mary Robie of Candia, New Hampshire d/o Ichabod Robie
David chosen as the first town constable on May 4, 1795. Moved to Corinna, Maine in 1814.
1.Sally b.12-5-1789
2.David b.10-28-1791
3.Annie b.8-30-1795
4.Malinda 10-4-1797
5.Betsey Adams b.11-27-1799
6.Ichabod Robie b.6-6-1802
7.Lowell b.11-22-1804
8.Cordelia b.10-20-1807
9.Abigail b.5-13-1810

29. Lane, Nathan                                1-0-0-0-0
m.10-1-1795 Mary Walton
1.Moses b.7-24-1796
2.Aaron b.6-26-1798
3.Mary b.5-26-1800
4.Martha b.5-30-1802

30. Lane, Ebenezer                             1-0-0-0-0
b. 1767 d.3-1855 ae 86yrs, 9mos
Settled Lot # 54 in Fayette
m.Sarah Moor
1.Arvilla Symintha b.3-20-1820
2.John b.____

31. Lane, Ephram  (Jeremiah, Andrew, William)                              3-1-3-0-0
From Lane Genealogies: Ancestry & Descendants of James Lane of Hingham, Mass & Kents Hill, Maine pg.22
b.9-30-1737 at North St., Hingham Mass. Sometime in 1770-71 he, and brother James, traveled by boat to Fort Western (Augusta), Maine, then traveled by blazed trail to Readfield, Maine. Ephraim settled on Lot#212 in Pondtown (Readfield / Winthrop) 8-12-1772. On 11-17-1771 Ephraim was drawn for juror in Winthrop, Maine. He later sold his property to James Craig, and moved to Fayette (then called Sterling) December 1789. He d.1801-02. His will was recorded 1790, probated 11-15-1803 at Kennebec County Registry of Deeds. At that time he had the following children living in Fayette: Ebenezer, John, Jeremiah, and Elijah.
1.Ebenezer b.1767 m.Sarah Moor
2.John b.___m.Mehitable____ 4children
3.Jeremiah b.b.18__m11799.Fanny Norcross m218801.Priscilla Dutton 5children
4.Elijah b.___

32. Manter, David                               1-0-0-0-0

33. Marston, Joseph                            1-0-3-0-0
m.Anna Judkins
1.Sarah b.11-20-1787
2.infant b.&d.4-4-1788
3.Nancy b.4-4-1789 m.Josiah Elkins
4.Elisha b.1-20-1792
5.Philbrick b.1-18-1794
6.Polla b.5-16-1796 m.Simon Harmon
7.Rebecca b.5-18-1798
8.David b.7-5-1800
9.Betsey b.4-7-1802
10.Louisa b.3-4-1806

34. Morse, Philip                                 1-2-6-0-0
Probably b.Newbury, Mass s/o Issac Morse, whose headstone was moved to Fayette Corner Cemetery, and wife Mary Knowles of Candia, NH, sister of John Knowles (#27 above). She d.11-1-1794
1.Jane Lunt b.8-27-1779 m.Lieut Nathanial Bacheller
2.Elizabeth b.12-18-1780
3.Lydia b.12-20-1781 m.John Palmer
4.Sarah b.10-2-1783
5.Issac b.2-25-1785 d.10-21-1791
6.Mary b.4-5-1786
7.Benjamin b.4-27-1788
8.Martha b.2-6-1791 d.4-26-1793
9.Stephen b.8-9-1792 d.10-10-1792
10.Philip b.7-9-1793
m2.10-1-1795 Irene Briggs
11.Twin b.3-31-1796 d.4-1-1796
12.Twin b.3-31-1796 d.4-1-1796
13.Samuel b.11-9-1797 d.10-23-1853
14.William b.11-23-1799
15.Irene b.7-24-1802

35. Morse, Isaac                                  1-0-2-0-0
Probably father of Philip.

36. Page, John Dearborn                                      1-1-2-0-0
b.12-6-1763 Epping, N.H. s/o John & Lydia Page
Fourth Town Clerk in Fayette.
m.Anna ____
1.William Rufus b.12-17-1784
2.Polla b.11-20-1789
3.John b.10-16-1794

37. Palmer, Benjn                                 1-0-0-0-0
b.c1764 Upton, Massachusetts
Revolutionary War Vet Capt. Benj Heywood's Co, 6th Mass Regt. Bounty receipt dated 6-4-1782. Enlistment for 3 years, age 18yrs. Stature 5' 41/2''. Complexion dark, hair dark. Occupation yeoman. Engaged for town of Grafton.

38. Pitts, Shubal                                    1-0-0-0-0

39. Richard, Jeremiah                            1-0-3-0-0
b.1762 d.8-8-1825
m.8-31-1786 Hannah Eastman Brentwood, NH
1.Hannah b.8-17-1787 Winthrop
2.Polly b.1-3-1789 Winthrop
3.Sally b.11-19-1790 Fayette
4.Jeremiah b.9-19-1792
5.Susannah b.5-27-1794
6.Edward b.9-4-1796
7.William b.4-3-1798
8.Anna b.5-27-1801
9.Betsey b.10-3-1803

40. Rowell, Daniel                                 1-0-0-0-0
    Voted at second town meeting on May 4, 1795 that Mr. Daniel Rowell's house be the public place to put up warrants and advertisements.

41. Rusel (Russell), Abal                                      2-3-3-0-0
b.1751 Westford, Mass. d.1822 Livermore Falls, Maine.
Revolutionary War Veteran ~ Residence Westford, Mass. at time of enlistment
m.11-1-1781 Sarah Bryan Frost b.6-26-1755 d/o John Bryan & Elizabeth (Penney) Trueworthy
1.Betsey b.2-12-1783
2.Sarah b.12-24-1785
3.Abel b.4-26-1788
4.Issac b.4-15-1790 in Fayette m.1822 Temperance Fuller of Readfield
5.Leonard b.5-5-1792
6.Rebekah b.5-17-1794
7.Lovina b.9-19-1797 or 99

41A. Southworth (Southard), Constant                          1-1-3-0-0

41B. Southworth (Southard), Thomas                            2-0-2-0-0

42. Sturdevent, Andrew                         1-1-3-0-0
b.1760 Wareham, Mass.d.7-10-1848 Fayette, Maine
m1.Diana Besse d.8-27-1829
Revolutionary War Veteran ~ Residence Wareham, Mass at time of enlistment. Came to Wayne about 1779.
1.William b.10-26-1786
2.Jabesh b.1-16-1788 d.5-31-1798
3.Eliza b.3-19-1789 d.1-20-1826
4.Andrew b.8-29-1791 d.9-1869
5.Patience b.7-4-1793
6.Dinah b.4-20-1795 d.3-21-1815
7.Moses b.5-4-1796 d.1-27-1865
8.Ephraim b.8-9-1797 d.5-27-1868
9.Mary b.12-17-1798 d.1-3-1867
10.Ruth b.6-6-1800 d.4-18-1886
m2.6-7-1828 Mrs. Rhoda Packard Tuck, widow of Samuel Tuck, Jr.
11. Rachel Lewis b.5-4-1829 m.Frederick Augustus Chase
12. Josiah Houghton b.3-29-1833

43. Sturdevent, Abisha                          1-0-2-0-0                                    * Volume  4- Page 270
 b.9-2-1769 Wareham, Mass.
s/o Joseph & Mary (Gibbs) Sturtevant
m.9-10-1789 Mary Billington of Wayne, Maine
11 ch b.1790-1812
Settled in Wayne at an early date.
Signed the petition to incorporate Sterling Plantation in 1794.

44. Thomas, Richard                             1-0-0-0-0

45. Tilton, David                                   3-0-0-0-0

46. Tuck, Samuel                                  1-0-0-0-0
Captain in militia.
m.7-19-1795 Nancy Watson
1.Samuel b.4-27-1796
2.Mary b.9-5-1797
3.Moses b.3-25-1799
4.Nancy b.8-31-1801 d.7-3-1802
5.Betsey b.4-20-1803
6.Nancy b.3-28-1806
7.Parker b.4-4-1808
8.Henry Dearborn b.10-29-1812

47. Tuck, John M.                                 1-0-0-0-0

48. Walton, Moses                                1-2-6-0-0
Removed from Salisbury, Massachusetts to Fayette, where they remained for four years, and then moved on to South Chesterville.
1.Hannah b.9-23-1792
2.Moses b.6-9-1794 d.6-24-1796
3.Rachel b.9-12-1796

49. Wiggens, Asa                                1-0-2-0-0
m.12-10-1778 Anna Marsh Newmarket, New Hampshire
Chosen as pound keeper at second town meeting on May 4, 1795. His barn was used as the pound.
1.Polla b.6-8-1780 Derry, NH

50. Wing, Isral                                       1-0-3-0-0
m.Hannah she d.11-20-1787
1. Hannah b.11-16-1787 d.6-4-1805
m2.1-1-1788 Lydia
2.Lydia b.8-29-1788
3.Olive b.2-8-1791
4.John b.7-5-1793 d.__27,1806
5.Martha b.1-29-1796

51. Wing, Benjn                                     1-1-3-0-0
m.Mary Perry she d.3-19-1815
1.Polly b.9-26-1798
2.Nathan b.7-1800
3.Abigail b.4-1803
4.James b.5-18-1806 d.4-6-1815

52. Wolton, Joshua                                3-2-3-0-0
b.8-27-1749 Amhearst, NH d.12-18-1828 Fayette, Maine m.Hannah Dutton Lexington, Mass.
m.Hannah b.4-21-1745 Bedford, Mass. d/o Samuel & Martha Lane Dutton she d.1-6-1829
1.Joshua, Jr. b.10-7-1770 Bedford, Mass. d.5-22-1839 East Mercer, Maine
2.David b.6-22-1773 d.10-12-1837
3.Samuel b.5-14-1776 d.3-5-1829
4.Ephraim b.8-22-1779 d.5-9-1843 Livermore, Maine
5.Rebecca b.3-21-1781 d.2-26-1868
6.Hannah (?) m.Benjamin Austin 7-27-1807

53. Wough, Robert                                1-0-0-0-0

More Early Settlers ~ Not on 1790 Fayette Census

Abbott, Steven
    Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways and tythingman at second town meeting May 4, 1795

Bacheller, Samuel
    Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways at second town meeting May 4,1795

Baldwin, Cyrus

Bates, Solomon
    First post master and tavern keeper in town. Second town clerk. Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen. Represented the town in legislature before the separation of Maine and Massachusetts. First postmaster in Fayette.

Bly, James
Bodge, Benjamin

Bodge, John
    Ran a pottery in Fayette.

Brown, Unight
Probably the same Unight Brown who came to Winthrop in 1769, and was one of the first to settle on the west side of the Mill Pond (now Maranacook Lake). He was granted Lot#64 on July 14, 1773. He married Rebecca Arnold, and family though not recorded in Winthrop is given by Winthrop historian, Thurston, as follows:
1. Rebecca m.Thomas Craig
2. Jeremiah m.4/24/1793 Polly Daily of Winthrop
3. John m1.1795 Hannah Oldham m2.1802 Abigail Peterson?
4. Dorcas m.2/2/1789 Alexander Thompson
5. Joseph died young
6. Polly m.1798 Solomon Towle
7. William b.1-1-1777 m.Polly Cochran
8. Dorothy m.1805 Rueben Ham, Jr. of Wales
9. Betsey, probably, m.1807 Luther Marrow

Clough, Merrill
    Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Crane, Abijah,Sr.
    Came to Fayette in 1793 and settled a farm. Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways May 4, 1795. Moderator at second town meeting May 4,1795. Also chosen to work with Francis Hubbard in dividing the town into districts of highways and schools. Deacon Baptist Church.
4 sons - one was Reuben who married Mary Tuck, son of Samuel Tuck. Reuben's son Boardman remained on Abijah's original farmstead.

Crane, Abijah, Jr.
    Served as chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Dow, Perley

French, Stephen
    Chosen as a hog-reef at second town meeting May 4, 1795.

Frost, William
    Owned Lot#66 in 1811, whch was part of Starling Plantation until 1795, then became part of Wayne.

Hutchinson, Ebenezer
    One of the three chosen for the first Board of Selectmen.

Jones, Sylvester
    Came to Fayette in 1802 and settled the farm owned by Leonard Lothrop in 1892. Had eight sons and one daughter.

Judkins, John
Judkins, Moses

Merrill, John
    Owned Lot#65 in 1788. Became part of Wayne in 1795

Morrill, William

Parker, Samuel
    Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Pettingill, Elisha
    Represented the town in legislature before the separation of Maine and Massachusetts.

Pettingill, Matthew
Pike, Benjamin

Smith, Charles
    Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Smith, Samuel
    Chosen as a hog-reef at second town meeting May 4,1795. Served as chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Talbot, Abner

Tilton, Richard
    Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways May 4, 1795.

Watson, Enoch
Watson, Henry

Wing, Aaron
    Owned Lot# 68 c1795. Became part of Wayne in 1795.

Wing, Elnathan

Soon to follow the earliest settlers were:

Anderson, Thomas
    Served on superintending school committee

Bacheller, Gilman Nathaniel
    Bought of Robert Waugh the place on a hill near "the Ridge", which thereafter was known as the Bacheller place. He formerly owned a mill and farm property in Kensington, NH. With proceeds from the sale of his New Hampshire property, Mr. Bacheller bought 1,500 acres in Fayette, and about 600 acres in Chesterville. He owned so much land that each of his 9 children received 200 acres, and two unmarried daughters were well provided for.
    Fifth Town Clerk in Fayette.

Bamford, William
    Came to Fayette early on and died here in 1836, leaving one son, Daniel. The farm remained in the family for generations.

Bodge, John
    Produced earthen ware at Underwood's Mills.

Bond, Rev. Mr.
    Served on superintending school committee.

Bussell, William

Chase, Israel
    One of the first settlers here. He served as representative of state legislature.

Craig, Elias Deacon
    Owned and operated a grist mill at Undewood's Mills for many years. He and Mr. Joseph Underwood were known for their sense of humor and practical jokes.

Craig, Henry
    Manufactured hats at Underwood's Mills. Served as chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Crane, Jotham
    Eighth Town Clerk in Fayette. Served as chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Dane, John
Davenport, Rufus

Drinkwater, Arthur Rev.
    Served on superintending school committee

Fellows, Isaac
    Came to Fayette about 1800 and settled a farm. His only son, Isaac N. had a son Lester R. b.1866, who remained on the Fellows farm into the 20th century.

Fellows, John

Fifield, David
    One of the earliest settlers in Fayette on "the Ridge."

Fisk, Ezra
    Sixth Town Clerk in Fayette. Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen. Served on superintending school committee. Represented the town in legislature before the separation of Maine and Massachusetts.

Fuller, Joel
Ham, Reuben

Hewett, John
    Came from Massachusetts in 1810, took land from the Plymouth Company, and settled his farm where grandson, John S.W. Hewett was still living in 1892. Served as chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Hutchinson, Asa
Josselyn, Alden
Josselyn, Harvey
Lane, James
Lane, Jeremiah
Lovejoy, John
Morrison, Montgomery
Norcross, ?
Page, Samuel

Palmer, Benjamin, Deacon at Baptist Church

Perkins, Jonathan
Raymond, Nathan
Stacy, Lewis
Stevens, Jacob
Swift, Turner

True, Edward
    Came to Fayette aout 1800, and had eight sons.

Tuck, Jesse
    Came to Fayette about 1795. His children were: Samuel, Jonathan, Madison, Mary and Nancy. His son Jonathan married Mahala Hilton. Their son, Jesse, carried on the Tuck family farm.

Tuck, Jeremiah
Tuck, John
Tuck, Joseph

Tuck, Samuel
    Represented the town in legislature before the separation of Maine and Massachusetts. Deacon at Baptist Church.

Turner, Ebenezer
    Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen.

Underwood, Joseph H.
    Born Amhest, N.H 1783. Came to Fayette as a young man.
    First to open a store at "Underwood Mills", and was active in business for over 55 years. In addition to carrying on a store, he operated a wool-carding business, cloth dressing and a tannery. It is said that his business was so extensive at one time that he had accounts open with more than 800 customers at one time. He was the first to introduce and breed the Hereford breed of cattle to any extent in Maine.
    Third Town Clerk in Fayette. Served Chairman on Board of Selectmen. Served on superintending school committee. Represented the town in legislature before the separation of Maine and Massachusetts.

Walton, David
    First to settle in the Moose Hill region. Mrs. Walton is said to have been seen walking to church, at Fayettte Corner, on Sunday, She would sometimes go on horseback, with one child in her arms, and two on horseback behind her. In the summer she would often go on foot with one child under her arm, and leading the other by hand. She sometimes would walk barefoot to conserve her shoes, and not put them on her feet until near the church door.

Walton, Rufus
Walton, Samuel
Watson, James
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Noah
Watson, Thomas
Williams, Samuel
Wing, Scott

Young, James
    Chosen as a Surveyor of Highways May 4, 1795.

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