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    Fayette was first settled as Starling Plantation in 1781, and became incorporated as Fayette on February 28, 1795.
    The Town of Fayette in northwestern Kennebec County, is 18 miles northwest of Augusta and 10 miles east of Livermore Falls, which lies in Androscoggin County.  Fayette is rural and a seasonal resort, with Echo Lake, Lovejoy Pond, Parker and Tilton Pond, and at least eight smaller ponds within its 29 square miles. There are almost as many seasonal residences as year-round. Several hills on side roads throughout town boast beautiful views of the countryside.
    Fayette is bordered on the north by Chesterville (Franklin County) and Mt. Vernon; east by Readfield; south by Wayne; west by East Livermore (Androscoggin County).
    The first settler, Chase Elkins, arrived in Fayette and broke ground for cultivation in 1781. His son, Chase, was the first child born here in 1784.
    There is no significant village center, and state route 17 is the main road through town. Population is about 900. One country store is located one mile over the Readfield/Fayette town line, as is the volunteer fire department. Underwood Public Libray is located near the Fayette Central School, a mile further west on route 17. There is an active Historical Society, which is associated with the Starling Grange, 3-4 miles further west of the school & library. Mail is delivered from Kents Hill Post Office, in Readfield. The town office is halfway between Readfield and Livermore, on route 17.
     Judith Rossner's book Emmeline, was written about Emmeline Bachelder, a 19th century resident of Fayette. In 1989, The American Experience on PBS television produced & aired a movie by the same name, based on Ms. Rossner's book.

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