Safety & learning Genealogy on the Internet

ABC's of Genealogy & Using the Internet

Last Updated 1 Apr 2000


First off, you need to keep your computer and your files SAFE!  Viruses and so-called worms can be received when you save a file, open a file that is sent to you for your enjoyment, or when you receive e-mail.  You've made a big dollar investment in your computer equipment and a time investment in your files.  DON'T THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!  Invest in a good "anti-virus" software program and then KEEP IT UPDATED WEEKLY, otherwise it's no good!  Here's my virus information page.


Genealogy Software Reviews   can been read here.  Find out what other people are saying about the various software programs on the market to capture all your genealogy data.


If you plan to post Queries to various places on the Internet, I would like to suggest that you find an e-mail forwarding service.  By using one of these FREE forwarding services, if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you only have to change your address in ONE place.  You don't have to notify anyone else of the change.  This is important when doing genealogy because a long lost relative may "find" you, only to hit  a brick wall again when they try to send you a message and you have changed addresses! FREE  EMAIL Forwarding Services:  Bigfoot  Rocketmail

If you don't have a computer at home, go to your local library and use theirs.  For Maine residents, this is as easy as 1-2-3, because Maine is the most wired State in the nation!  EVERY public & private library in Maine has a computer and internet access.  You can get yourself an Email address for FREE at one of the following companies.  These companies will HOLD your mail until you can get to the library and read it.
FREE EMAIL HOLDING SERVICES, if you have no computer at home:  Hotmail  Yahoo    USANet


Abby Balderman,  Coordinator for the Canaan, Maine GenWeb site, has writtten some wonderful instructions to help guide you in doing genealogy research.  Please  read her ABCs of Genealogy.

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