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Photograph Collection

A small sample of the photographs in the collection.

Street Views

Main Street after 1911 fire (48kb)

Intersection of Main and Murray Sts 1912 (66kb)

Looking into Bingham from The Heights (79kb)

Main Street looking south (74kb)

Main Street looking north (86kb)

Main Street View (77kb)

Looking up the Mayfield Road (90kb)

Lower Main Street View across Kennebec (56kb)


Hotel built by Levi Goodrich in 1822, Bingham (52kb)

Bingham Hotel, 1910 (100kb)

Lander and Moore Stores before 1911 fire (78kb)

Cleveland Sawmill (88kb)

Dinsmore Home (198kb)

Dinsmore Store, Meat Market, Telegraph Office (60kb)

Millinery Store - Nellie Cleveland Chase's (45kb)

South Train Station (61kb)

South Train Yard (143kb)


Hauling Wood (67kb)

River Drivers (99kb)


Silver Mine in Embden / Concord (96kb)

Crossing the Kennebec from Concord in a wagon (51kb)

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