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Town of Berwick, Maine
Cemetery Inscriptions

Berwick Seal

This information has been taken from the 1922 publication
And other Data of Burials in
Berwick, York County, Maine
To the Year 1922
by Wilbur D. Spencer
Clerk of the Town

Mr. Spencer has, in some cases, included information from the Town Records and it is so noted.
Surnames Index
The surname page was complied by the Webmaster and is a cross reference of the surnames taken from the inscriptions. It DOES NOT INCLUDE names from the INTRO.TXT or DESCRIBE.TXT files. There are names in those two files that may be for interest to historians and genealogists.

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There are many maiden names of wives included within inscriptions that are not indexed.
The file INTRO.TXT is of course the introduction from the book and includes some notes on Berwick's early settlers. It also has a list of some of resident's who participated in "the great struggle for American independence".
Locations & Descriptions
The file DESCRIBE.TXT is Mr. Spenser's list of 107 burial lots and cemeteries. He includes locations and descriptions of each. In some cases he gives surnames of families buried in these cemetaries. Some of these are cemeteries that do not have any markings on the stones.
Clark Cemetery
The file CLARK.TXT is the list from the Clark cemetery.
Evergreen Cemetery
The file EVERGREEN.TXT is the list from the Evergreen cemetery.
Lord's Cemetery
The file LORDS.TXT is the list from the Lord's cemetery.
Private Cemeteries
The file PRIVATE.TXT is the alpabetical list of all the names of those that Mr. Spencer collected that are buried on private lots. There are index numbers for each name that refer to the list in the file DESCRIBE.TXT.
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