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Berwick is located in the located in the southwestern part of York County Maine. It is bordered on the west by the cities of Somersworth and Rochester NH. York County is the southern most county in Maine.

It is very common when researching people in Berwick to find that it is necessary to cross the Salmon Falls river and continue in Strafford County NH.

As an aid to those that are unfamiliar with Berwick please note that today So. Berwick and No. Berwick are separate towns from Berwick.
When Berwick first became a Town in 1713 it included the area that is today No. Berwick and So. Berwick.

The 1790 US Census of Berwick includes the current towns of Berwick, No. Berwick and S. Berwick.
Berwick's first white settler was Ambrose Gibbens who settled in Newichawannock near Quampsagaw Falls, the head of the Piscataqua River in 1631.
In 1647 Kittery became Incorporated as the first town in Maine, which was a Province of Massachusetts. Old Kittery included what is today the towns of Kittery, Eliot, So. Berwick, North Berwick and Berwick
On June 6, 1713 Berwick's petition to become a separate town was approved and Berwick became the 9th town in Maine.

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