Getchell Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine

Getchell Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

(Also known as Gatchell Cemetery and Old New Meadows Cemetery)

This cemetery is in East Brunswick on land that was formerly part of the Naval Air Station, now Brunswick Landing. It is very near New Meadows Cemetery.

Currently [2012], the cemetery is surrounded by a barbed wire fence. It's surrounded on all 4 sides by woods and there are several trees inside the cemetery, two of which have sunken and broken granite stones around them. The cemetery is on a piece of high ground that slopes down sharply at the rear, right and past the road at the front and overlooks a brook. Some headstones are slate; many are granite. Most of the graves with legible headstones also have initialed footstones. A great many stones are blank. Some have probably eroded over time, while others are sunken so deeply that the inscriptions may be underground. It's clear by depressions in the ground that some graves are unmarked. In 2001 there were about 26 legible headstones with dates ranging from 1771 to 1890, 25 broken, blank or partially sunken stones, and 17 footstones.

Records from the collection of Bernice Douglas written in 1939 describe it:

Situated on east side of Merriconeag Road (formerly Gatchell's Mills Road) at foot of field now owned by John Gatchell, surrounded by woods, and bounded on east by woodlot owned by Alonzo Totman. Said to have been first used when the settlers were infear of Indians and so graves were unmarked. Field stones on ground unmarked in places. Badly neglected. [handwritten note adds: said to be the burial place of 200 settlers.]

In 2011, the Pejepscot Genealogical Society prepared a site map and key of this burying place, which are gratefully posted below.

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Also see nearby New Meadows Cemetery

Getchell Cemetery Transcriptions

Below are transcriptions of headstones in Gatchell Cemetery from the collection of Bernice Douglas. Information in ( ) is part of the original transcriptions. Information within [ ] has been added by researchers.

We welcome submissions of photos, obituaries or biographical information.

(Listed in order of placement within cemetery to help show family relationships.)


Sarah H. Gatchell, died Jan. 17, 1890, Aged 82 years
"One by one our hopes grow brighter,
As we near the shining shore,
For we're now across the river,
With the loved ones gone before"
(footstone S. G.)

Thomas J. Gatchell, died Mar. 28, 1883, Aged 75 years
(footstone TJG)

Lemuel, son of Thos. J & Sarah Getchell (note "e" instead of "a"),
died Oct. 23, 1854, AEt. 9 yrs.

Arden, [possibly Aaron] son of Thomas J. & Sarah Getchell (note "e") ,
died Oct. 1, 1851, AEt. 6 mos.

William, son of Thos. J. & Sarah Gatchell,
died Dec. 1, 1841, AEt 4 yrs. 7 mos.

Swanton, son of Thos. J & Sarah Getchell (note "e") ,
died Feb. 23, 1851, AEt 20 mos.

Rebecca J., dau. of Thos. J & Sarah Getchell (note "e") ,
died Sept. 4, 1851, AEt. 16 years

Stephen, son of Thos. J & Sarah, Getchell (note "e") ,
died Oct. 11, 1854, aged 25 years

Mrs. Catherine T, wife of Francis Gatchell,
died Feb. 28, 1849

Lucinda, wife of Francis Gatchell,
died Feb. 11, 1870, aged 49 y. 8 mos (?)

Francis Gatchell,
died June 12, 1884, aged 79 yrs.


Geo. Pollard, 2 Mass. Mil. , War of 1812

Joseph Pollard (piece of zinc perforated with name and nailed to wooden stake)

Judy C. Pollard (zinc plate only)


Joseph Gatchell,
died July 30, 1866, aged 61 years
"Judge not and you shall not be judged"
(footstone, no inscription)

Mr. Wm. Getchell (note "e"),
died Sept. 21, 1842, AEt. 85
"He died in full faith"
(footstone W.G.)

Caroline G. C. (zinc plate on cedar post)


Mrs. Mary, wife of Winthrop Farrin,
Died Feb. 12, 1840, AEt. 67
(footstone M.F.)

Capt. Winthrop Farrin,
Died June 3, 1848, AEt 85 yrs. 3 mos.
(footstone, no inscription)


(Double stone)
Rachel, wife of Joseph Marriner,
died July 28, 1828, AEt. 31 yrs.
Joseph Marriner,
died Feb. 23, 1863, AEt. 71 yrs. 7 mos.
(double footstone, J.M., R.M.)
small stone: R.M. 1828

next to Rachel and Joseph Marriner is a broken stone,
and around a tree, there are 9 blank stones.

Rev Samuel Marriner,
died Mar 4, 1833, Aged 66 yrs.

Margaret [handwritten note: Mosley], wife of Samuel Marriner,
died Jan. 23, 1853 [handwritten note: aged 81 yrs]
'Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"
(Footstone, S.M., M.M.)

In memory of Mr. John Marriner
who died Dec. 18, 1822, AEt 69
(footstone, no inscription)

Mrs. Abigail, wife of John Marriner,
died May 13, 1846, AEt. 88
(footstone, no inscription)

In memory of Jedediah Marriner,
Son John Marriner Jun. & Abigail Marriner,
who died Dec. 25, 1806,
in the 21 year of his age
"Behold me on a dying bed, Remember me when I am dead"
(footstone, J.M.)

In memory of David Mariner (one "r"),
Son of John Mariner (one "r") & Abigail Mariner (one "r"),
who died Nov. 24, 1799,
in the 4th year
(footstone, no inscription)


Nathl. Walker,
died Aug. 15, 1849, AEt. 50
(footstone, no inscription)

there are 7 blank stones around a tree and behind the footstone


Here Lies ye Body of Capt. John Gatchell
Who Died May ye 10th 1771
In ye 74th Year (footer, blank & broken)

there are 5 blank stones behind the footstone

Aaron Gatchell ,
Pvt. Thomas' Mass. Mil., War of 1812,
(footstone, no inscription)

to left of headstone are 3 sunken, illegible headstones,
with 3 matching footstones to the left of Gatchell's footstone)

There are two field stones marked as follows:

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