Heuston Cemetery Transcriptionss

Heuston Cemetery Transcriptions
Brunswick, Maine

(Also known as Chapel Yard)

Transcriptions as of 2004. Items in [] added by webmaster.

Heuston Cemetery is a traditional family burying ground belonging to the Francis Heuston family. It is situated on Old Bath Road on private property, near the Chapel of Our Saviour. The Chapel was also built on a piece of the former Heuston Farm.

Francis Heuston was a Revolutionary War veteran from Cape Cod, marriner, and successful farmer. He was widely respected in the Brunswick community.

Heuston Cemetery, unique as Brunswick's only African-American cemetery, was restored in 2002 by Michael Mulligan and his crew as Michael's Eagle Scout project.

Francis Heuston Obituary

Levi Davis

1812 - 1889

Rachel Davis

1814 1891

[Children of Levi and Rachel Davis]

Francis A., 1836 1852

Gilbert P., 1858 1893

Augustus A., 1851 1905

[Samuel Freeman]

[Died circa 1850. Mr. Freeman's grave may be one of two marked by field stones.]

Marcellus R. Gardner

April 1, 1847 Sept. 9, 1883

Francis Heuston

Died June 1, 1858, age 95

Pamelia W. Heuston

Died May 5, 1829 at age 19 years 10 months.

Mahitable Heuston

Died August 25, 1851 at age 70 years 3 months 24 days.

Elizabeth Hill

wife of William Hill
Died April 24, 1854 at age 35 years and 7 months.

Helen C. Hopkins

1847 1926

[Children of Aaron and Helen Hopkins]

Herbert, 1882 1891

Gilbert D., 1884 - 1891

Eddie M, 1892 1903

[Austin A., 1880 1954
not listed on the family monument, Mr. Hopkins was the last person buried in Heuston Cemetery.]

Amy Ann Jackson

Died Sept. 13, 1904 at age 85 years 10 months

Oriana Jackson

Died Feb. 19, 1885 at age 28 years

Ann Caroline Lewis

Died Oct. 1, 1851 at age 10 years 1 month 7 days

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