Hartwell Little Cemetery Transcriptions

Hartwell Little Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

(Also known as Toothaker or Dunlap-Owen Cemetery)

Hartwell Little Yard is on River Road on the righthand side heading towards Durham. It's just past the I-95 overpass and the CMP easement. The cemetery is set a little back from the road, with enough frontage to park easily. Looking at the front of the cemetery, the CMP easement is to the right, houses to the left. The site is wooded, fenced only at the front, and drops off at the rear. The rear third of the lot appears empty. Several years ago Boy Scouts cleaned out the cemetery, built the current fence and sign, and cleaned and righted the stones. The oldest of the 44 headstones is dated 1832, the latest is 1910.

History: Hartwell Little purchased the farm surrounding the cemetery in 1866. He lived there with his wife, Lavesta, and later, his second wife, Naomi. His granddaughter, Mabel Melissa Little, (daughter of his son Charles) died December 23,1900 and is buried in the cemetery on River Road. There is no marker. [source: Helene Bisson, great-granddaughter of Hartwell Little]
According to Wheelers' History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell, Hartwell Little was Brunswick's Legislative Representative in 1874.

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Hartwell Little Yard Transcriptions

The transcriptions below are from a Senior Service Project undertaken by Brunswick High School student DeDe Desmarais in 2001. She visited the cemetery several times to transcribe, photograph, and map the the headstones. She compared her own records to those in the Pejepscot Historical Society, Brunswick Town Clerk's Office, and the collection of Bernice Douglas. The number at the beginning of each entry corresponds to the headstone's number on the map.

We welcome submissions of photos, obituaries or biographical information.


12. Lewis s. of Alex. & Delia Alden d. Nov. 8, 1846 a. 20 y.


44. Joseph Alexander. d. June 28, 1844 a. 60 y.

45. Pamelia Alexander, w. of Joseph d. Nov. 8, 1860 a. 77 y.

No headstone, Martin Alexander [PHS records show he was a Civil War soldier]


15. George W. s. of Timothy & Mary d. Sept. 5, 1848 a. 5m. 10d.


40. Charity P. relict of Richard & daughter of Charles E. & Rebecca Toothaker, d. July 24, 1840 a. 24 y.

41. Richard D. Dearborn, d. Oct. 23, 1839 a. 27 y.
epitaph: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.


27. Hugh Dunlap, Curtis Co., Mass. Troops., Rev. War

26. Jane Dunlap, d. of Rev. Robert & Jane d. Nov. 21, 1841 a. 94 y.


No headstone, Mabel Melissa Little, granddaughter of Hartwell Little, died 1900


43. Minerva Marden, w. of William B. d. Sept. 15, 1856 a. 34 y.


22a. Abigail A. Stone, w. of Capt. Geo. H. McManus d. Sept. 1851 a. 31 y. 5 m.

22b. Alice Stone, d. of Geo. & A. A. McManus d. Nov. 30, 1851 a. 6 m.


10. Harriet Merryman, d. Mar. 2, 1882 a. 75 y.

7. Nancy Merryman, d. Feb. 15, 1892 a. 84 y.


8. Catherine, w. of Samuel C. d. Jan. 2, 1890 a. 85 y.

11. John F. Moody, d. Aug. 28, 1898 a. 67 y.

9. Samuel C. Moody, d. May 18, 1832 a. 87 y.


20c. Alvin B. child of Robert M. & Cordelia L., d. Oct. 20, 1858
18. Footstone to 20c, ABO

23. Chas. Fred Owen, d. May 28, 1906 a. 67 y. 10 m.

20a. Cordelia, w. of Robert M. Owen d. in Auburn, Me. Nov. 23, 1858 a. 31 y.
17. Footstone to 20a, CLO

48. Hannah Owen, w. of Jeremiah Owen Dec. 28, 1798 - Mar. 24, 1891

49. Jeremiah Owen, Mar. 16, 1792 - Aug. 21, 1867

47. Joseph B. Owen, s. of Jeremiah & Hannah d. Sept. 24, 1842 a. 10 y.

24. Josephine B. Owen, w. of Charles Fred Owen d. May 14, 1879 a. 34 y. 2 m.

20b. Mary A. w. of Alvin B. Owen d. Oct. 20, 1858

21. Mary Alice Owen, d. of Robert M. & Cordelia d. Apr. 2, 1852 a. 14 m.

46. Phillip Owen ,1817 - 1910

50. William S. Owen, d. Nov. 10, 1854 a. 34 y.
16. Footstone to 50, WSO

25. Willie Owen, s. of C.F. & L.A. Owen d. July 5, 1886 ae. 19

No headstone, Joseph B. Owen [PHS records show two with same name, this one: "s. of William & Sara P. Owen, d. Sept. 29, 1846"


4. George E., s. of Robert H. & Mary J. Purington d. Oct. 4, 1849 a. 2 y. 6 m. [incorrectly listed as "Harrington" in an entry in the Bernice Douglas collection.]

30. Dorcas widow of Robert Purington d. July 9, 1840 a. 80 y.
Epitaph: Oh happy you relaxed from sin and pain,
With Christ the Savior she will ever reign,
No more shall pain and sickness thee molest,
she has gone to her eternal rest

28. Capt. Joshua Purington, d. Aug. 9, 1852 a. 73 y.

29. Mary Purington, d. Dec. 4, 1848, ae. 54 yrs.
29b. Footstone, MP

31. Robert Purington, d. Aug. 1, 1833 a. 82 y.
Epitaph: Hope looks beyond the bounds of time,
When what we now deplore,
Shall rise in full immortal prime,
And bloom to fade no more


3. Eliza Royal, w. of John Royal D. June 18, 1854 a. 34 y.


32. Alice Stone, d. of Solomon & Abigail Stone d. Sept. 24, 1850 a. 18 y. 4 m.

34. Solomon Stone, d. Oct. 25, 1850 a. 59 y. 10 m.

No headstone, Abigail Brockway Stone [PHS records show: "Abigail Brockway w. of Solomon d. Mar. 22, 1834 a. 39 y."


39a. Abigail R. d. of Charles & Rebecca was drowned Dec. 4, 1836 a. 12 y. 8 m.
Epitaph: Dearest daughter thous hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal 39b. Footstone, ART

36. Charles Toothaker, d. Nov. 5, 1872 a. 80 y. 5 m.

38. Gideon Toothaker, s. of Charles & Rebecca d. at San Francisco, Calif. Dec. 3, 1851 a. 25 y.

42. Mary Toothaker, d. of Gideon & Abigail d. Jan. 10, 1845 a. 60 y.

37a. Rebecca Toothaker, w. of Charles d. July 4, 1880 a. 83 y. 9 m.
37b. Footstone, RT


5. Sarah Elizabeth d. of Ignas & Susan Wendling d. Sept. 19, 1850 a. 1 y. 7 d.

6. Joseph Henry, s. of Ignas & Susan Wendling d. June. 30, 1845 a. 2 y. 5 m. 14 d.


35. Mr. Horace Winslow s. of Prince B. & Sarah N. Winslow d. Dec. 13, 1845 a 24. Y.
Epitaph: The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away & blessed be the name of the Lord.
Oh who could mourn the spirit blest, from sorrows flowm in heaven to rest?
Grief! Sure thy name we misapply, What! Sorrow that God's children die:
Weep that soul released from clay, Soars to its own bright realm away,
Lays its dark load of sorrow down, to wear a bright immortal crown?


13. Footstone P?
14. Footstone ??
19. Footstone to 20b MAE
33. base of obelisk (obelisk missing)

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