Ham Cemetery Transcriptions, Brunswick, Maine

Ham Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

(Also known as Ham Hill Cemetery)

In the year 2002, this abandoned cemetery appears to be a pie-shaped sliver of pine woods wedged between two farms and a mobile home park. It has been vandalized withing the last 40 years, the stones being broken and placed near each other, but not set. As with many older cemeteries in Brunswick, the location is a small rise fairly near a brook. Because of the extensive damage, the stones are illegible except for Daniel Ham's slate stone and one piece that appears to be Ed. Lexey's.

In the summer of 2003 two Bowdoin College interns cut saplings and removed brush to reveal row after row of field stone-type headstones, probably from the first settlers of East Brunswick. That same fall three more Bowdoin students continued the restoration work.

Below are notes from the Maine Old Cemetery Association in the possession of the Maine Historical Society in Portland.

"Location: The Ham Cemetery is in East Brunswick to the rear of Bonnie Brook farm on Old Brunswick Road. In the 1850's the city of Bath purchased some 40 acres for use as a town burial ground. There were already some burials here and a few more took place. Because of the distance from Bath the city sold the property. It was intended to call this Evergreen Cemetery. Now all that is left are a few scattered pieces of slate and marble and a couple of footstones. Everything has been completely vandalized."

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Ham Cemetery Transcriptions

Below are transcriptions of headstones in Ham Cemetery from the collection of the Maine Old Cemetery Association.

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Elzadia, dau. of Orrin P. & Emmaline J., d. July 22, 1855 aet 5 mos.


Daniel H., son of James & Catherine, d. May 1, 1856 aet 8 mos. 15 days


Edward, d. Feb. 13, 1855 aet 49 yrs.


stone broken, unreadable, could be Daniel


Frank H., son of Geo. & Arelia, d. July 22, 1855 aet 5 mos.

There are a few unmarked fieldstones and these readable remains:

A footstone M.C.H. probably mary, w. Levi HAM

A footstone J.H.H. probably James HAM

A few scattered pieces on which can be made out, Feb. 13....aet 49 yrs., probably Edward LEXEY

* In May 1984, Elzadia's stone was found, in the woods, some 200 yards west of the cemetery site. It is in good condition. It has the following verse:

Her soul too pure for a world like this,
Has flown to realms of heavenly bliss.
Lying before our Father's throne,
Signs of Mortal care unknow.
But angels now are doomed to part,
In heavenly sorrow fill each aching heart.
To hope again in heaven to meet,
And live in love at Jesus' feet.

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