Goddard Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine

Goddard Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

Goddard Cemetery is a small family grave yard on the Lunt Road near the Freeport town line. There are 8 headstones and at least 12 sunken areas with no stones. The yard may be reached by mounting three flat field stone steps laid in the front of stone wall surrounding the cemetery.

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Goddard Cemetery Transcriptions


Martha E., wife of James Clark, d. February 4, 1872 AEt 32 yrs 3 mos

Walter, son of James & Martha E Clark, died Jan 30, 1880 aged 10 yrs 5 mos


Newell O. Fish, died August 31, 1898 AEt 26 yrs [may be 25 yrs]


Eliza J., wife of James Goddard, d. August 30, 1874 AEt 75 yrs 6 mos

Robert Goddard, d. July 25, 1881 AEt 80 yrs 1 mo

Abigail S, wife of Robert Goddard, died Nov 7, 1866 AEt 60 yrs 3 mos

James, son of Robert & Abigail Goddard, died Jan 7, 1866 AEt 44 yrs

Charles W [possibly Charles E], son of Robert & Abigail S Goddard, died Feb 115th, 1856 AEt 20 yrs

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