New Brunswick: Madawaska County Census Records

Madawaska/Victoria Census Records

Below is a listing of the census records available on microfilm; they are available both at the National Archives of Canada (NAC) in Ottawa and at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) in Fredericton. Censuses are conducted every ten years (1871, 1881, etc.). Federal Privacy laws prohibit the release of certain information; the latest publicly-accessible census records are from 1901. The census records are not usually indexed; however, the following listings of the parishes (census sub-districts) may prove helpful to researchers.

Note: Victoria County was established in 1844. Madawaska county was split from it in 1873, yet its census records are still included under Victoria County in the 1881, 1891, and 1901 censuses.

1851 - Victoria County (NAC reel C-996; PANB reel F1591)

1861 - Victoria County (NAC reel C-1005; PANB reel F-1606)

Parishes covered:

1871 - District: Victoria (NAC reels C-10385 and C-10386; PANB reels F-1621 and F-1622)

Sub-districts (and schedules that are missing, incomplete, or have no entry):

1881 - District: Victoria (NAC reel C-13183; PANB reel F-1638)

Sub-districts (and number of pages of records):

1891 - District 23 - Victoria (NAC reel T-6305; PANB reel )

Sub-districts (and number of pages):

1901 - District 23 - Victoria (NAC reel T-6444; PANB reel F-10920)

Sub-districts (and number of houses in each):