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Located in the north-western corner of New Brunswick, Madawaska County is bordered on the north by Restigouche County, on the east by Victoria County, on the west by Temiscouata County (Quebec), and on the south by Aroostook County (Maine). The genealogist researching records of the land that is now Madawaska county should understand the history of this area, and the evolution of its borders.

New Brunswick was first established in 1785 and comprised eight counties; the western part of the province, including the land that is now Madawaska county, was originally York county. In 1831, the northern part of York County became Carleton County. The parishes (similar to US townships, and used as census sub-districts) of Perth, Madawaska, and Andover were established in 1833. In 1844, Victoria County was created from the northern parts of Carleton County. The parishes of St Leonard and St Basil were established in 1850; Grand Falls, Gordon, Lorne, and Drummond were established in 1852, 1863, 1871, and 1872 (respectively). In 1873, the western half of Victoria County -- including the parishes of Madawaska, St Leonard, and St Basile -- became Madawaska County. The parishes of St Francis, St Hilaire, St Jacques, and Ste Anne were all established in Madawaska County in 1877.

Madawaska's southern border has been no less dynamic. The 1783 Treaty of Versailles, which ended the War for American Independence, stablished Maine's eastern boundary at the St. Croix River. However, neither this agreement nor the subsequent 1815 Treaty of Ghent (which ended the War of 1812) established Maine's northern and western borders, resulting in nearly a half-century of conflict (the Aroostook War) between New Brunswick and Maine. The dispute was resolved bloodlessly with the negotiation of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty (adopted in 1842), finally establishing the border between Maine and New Brunswick (and hence between the U.S. and Canada). Because of this (and of the continued shared culture), events from Aroostook County, Maine may show up in Madawaska County records, and vice versa.

Principal Towns in Madawaska County

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Principal Rivers in Madawaska County

St John, Green, Grand

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Principal Towns in Madawaska County

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Church Records in Madawaska County

Click here for the Madawaska Churches page, a list of all of the churches in Madawaska county, including an indication of which have records (mostly birth and marriage records) that have been microfilmed.

Government Resources

Madawaska/Victoria Census Records

Census records are available on microfilm both at the National Archives of Canada (NAC) in Ottawa and at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick(PANB) in Fredericton. Censuses are conducted every ten years (1871, 1881, etc.). Federal Privacy laws prohibit the release of certain information; the latest publicly-accessible census records are from 1901. The census records are not usually indexed; however, this page provides listings of the parishes (census sub-districts) that may prove helpful to researchers.

Note: Victoria County was established in 1844. Madawaska county was established in 1873, yet its census records are still included under Victoria County in the 1881, 1891, and 1901 censuses.

Note: Until 1842, there was still disagreement as to the border between Maine and New Brunswick. So, earlier US Census records for Maine include the part of what is now Madawaska County north of the St John River. A proofread transcription of these 1840 US Census records is now available on-line.

Land Records

There was a survey undertaken in 1831 of the north and south banks of the upper St. John by representatives of the State of Maine (because of US claims to the area, information on communities in what is now Madawaska Co. is included). This survey is one of land holdings, and gives details on land owners, amount of land, improvements, names of current and past owners, and is also linked to a list of the original land British land grants in the area (1790 and 1794). A transcription of this survey can be reached through:

Norm DeMerchant has provided a transcription of the records for Bounty Grain for Raising Bread Corn on New Lands 1817-1821. These records list how much grain was raised, and by whom, and includes many of the names of Victoria and Madawaska residents. The records can be found at:

Military Records

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Immigration Records

Official and unofficial sites:

Madawaska County Genealogies, Family Histories, and Diaries

These sites point to collections of data that have been generously supplied. Readers are advised that the information could contain errors.

New Brunswick Records

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Acadian and French Records

The history and geography of Madawaska county are such that there is a great influx of French/Acadian genealogy lines. Here are some sites that will help:

Genealogy/History Societies and Organisations

Société Historique de Madawaska
PO Box 474
Edmundston, NB E3V 3L1

Le Centre d'Études Madawaska
165 boul. Herbert
Edmundston, NB E3V 2S8
telephone: 506-735-8804

Le Centre d'Études Acadiennes
L'Université de Moncton
Moncton, NB
telephone: 506-858-4085

Société Historique Acadiennes
PO Box 2263, Substation A
Moncton, NB E1C 8J3

The Acadian Cultural Exchange
RFD #2 Box 99
Madawaska, ME 04756

Acadian Archives / Archives acadiennes
University of Maine at Fort Kent
25 Pleasant Street
Fort Kent ME 04743
telephone: (207) 834-7535
email: [email protected]

New Brunswick Genealogy Society
P.O. Box 3235, Station B
Fredericton, N.B.
E3A 5G9

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