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ADLEY  Doreen Crocker  [email protected]
ADDITON  Douglas Hodgkin [email protected]
ASHLEY  Elaine ST.Onge  [email protected]
BIGELOW  [email protected]  [email protected]
BRADFORD  Max Maxfield  [email protected]
BRADFORD  [email protected]  [email protected]
BRITNELL  Carol Jack  [email protected]
CARVER  [email protected]  [email protected]
CASH  Vern Cash  [email protected]
CHICK Alane Grant [email protected]
CHROZEMPA Cathy Collins [email protected]
CLEMENT  Cheryl Kelso  [email protected]
COHOON Patti-Ann Cohoon Tanis [email protected] (updated)
CROCKETT  Terry L. Orlando  [email protected] 
DAGNEAU Irene Dagneau [email protected]
DAMON  Cheryl Kelso  [email protected]
DARLING  Cheryl Kelso  [email protected]
DEU Renee' Freeman-Dingfelder [email protected]
DONOVAN David Leslie [email protected]
DUNBAR  Jim Bissell  [email protected]
DOYLE Karen Brooks [email protected]
DURIN  [email protected]  [email protected]
DYER  Barry Merrill  [email protected]
ENTIN Jeffrey S. Entin [email protected]
FARR  Bill Farr  [email protected]
FECHNER  Renee' Freeman-Dingfelder [email protected]
FICKETT  Bill Farr  [email protected]
FEENEY Irene Dagneau [email protected]
FOSTER  Marjorie Jodoin  [email protected]
FROST  Carol Jack  [email protected]
GALUSHA  [email protected]  [email protected]
GAMMAGE  David Colby Young  [email protected]
GODDARD  Terry L. Orlando  [email protected] 
GOTT  David Colby Young  [email protected]
GRAFFAM  Carol Jack  [email protected]
HAMLIN Jeannette [email protected]
HELLENBRAND  Marjorie Jodoin  [email protected]
HERRICK  Dot Penley Danner  [email protected]
HINCKLEY  Allan D. Rathbun [email protected] 
HODGKIN  Douglas Hodgkin [email protected] 
HOLLAND Renee' Freeman-Dingfelder [email protected]
HOWARD  Rex A. Young  [email protected]
HUNTOON  David Colby Young  [email protected]
HUTCHINSON  Doreen Crocker  [email protected]
JONES  [email protected]  [email protected]
JONES  David Sylvester [email protected]
JONES  [email protected]  [email protected]
JORDAN  John Haldane  [email protected]
JUMPER Eugene A. Jumper [email protected]
KEEN  Elizabeth Keene Young  [email protected]
KEENE  Elizabeth Keene Young  [email protected]
KELLETT  Beverly Sierpina  [email protected]
KINGSLEY  Bill Bahara  [email protected]
KNIGHT  Allan D. Rathbun [email protected] 
LANE  David Sylvester  [email protected]
LEARNED Charles P. Phillips [email protected]
LEAVITT  David Sylvester  [email protected]
LAVERDIERE Irene Dagneau [email protected]
LITTLEFIELD  Cheryl Kelso  [email protected]
LINDSEY  Barbara Barooshian [email protected]
MCKENNEY  Jean McKenney  [email protected]
MCLAUGHLIN  Bill Bahara  [email protected]
MC KINNEY Karen Brooks [email protected]
MCNALLY  Elaine ST.Onge  [email protected]
MEGQUIER  Bill Farr  [email protected]
MOREAU  Annette Tomb [email protected]
NORRIS  David Sylvester  [email protected]
ORR  Allan D. Rathbun [email protected] 
OUELLETTE [email protected] [email protected]
PARSONS Alane Grant [email protected]
PENLEY / PENLY Dot Penley Danner 
Kevin King
[email protected] 
[email protected]
PERKINS  Alice Gordon  [email protected]
PLOURDE  Irene Dagneau [email protected]
POULIN Anita Poulin [email protected]
QUIGLEY Alane Grant [email protected]
PRAY Charles P. Phillips [email protected]
PRUELL  Mary Muir [email protected]
RAND  David Colby Young  [email protected]
ROGERS  Doreen Crocker  [email protected]
SHURTLEFF  Alice Gordon  [email protected]
SIMMS  Charles Millett [email protected]
SOUTHERLAND  Paul and Brenda Nichols [email protected]
SPARSAM Renee' Freeman-Dingfelder [email protected]
SPEAR  Walt Woodrow  [email protected]
STONE Charles P. Phillips [email protected]
SUTTON  Jim Sutton [email protected] 
TABER  [email protected]  [email protected]
TARR  David Colby Young  [email protected]
THURSTON  David Colby Young  [email protected]
TUCKER  Charles Millett [email protected]
VINING  Barry Merrill  [email protected]
WARE  Jean McKenney  [email protected]
WASHBURN  Alice Gordon  [email protected]
WEBBER Alane Grant [email protected]
WEEKS Charles P. Phillips [email protected]
WELCH  Jean McKenney  [email protected]
WHITNEY  David Colby Young  [email protected]
WILLIGER  Shirley Cook  [email protected]
WOODMAN  Rob Roy  [email protected]
WOODROW  Walt Woodrow  [email protected]
YEBAS Cathy Collins [email protected]
YOUNG  David Colby Young  [email protected]

Many email addresses have changed since their original owners submitted surnames years ago.
These addresses have been removed from the main list. However, if you see your name here and have a new email address then send a quick note and I'll update the entry.





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